Random Thoughts of a Fascist Hyena

When the Kissing Had to Stop was a political fiction novel published by the British/American writer Constantine FitzGibbon in 1960, in the darkest days of the Cold War, the days of megatons, throw-weight, missile superiority, and mutual assured destruction; the days of “running dogs of US imperialism”, “bourgeois lackeys”, and, as the Soviets described West Berlin, “that cesspit of fascist revanchism” (definitely my favorite).

At the time, nuclear disarmament was all the rage in progressive circles, and a mass movement in Britain, the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND), which advocated unilateral nuclear disarmament for Britain, had a good deal of public support. It was a force to be reckoned with in the Labor Party, indeed it almost captured it at one time, and, naturally it was riddled with communists who were pushing the Soviet line. Of course, the Soviet Union was all in favor of unilateral disarmament for Britain!

The plot of When the Kissing Had to Stop runs something like this. There is the usual cast of characters: the ditzy upper class do-gooders, witty actresses, ambitious schemers from the leftist unions, student mobs, and, of course, the caring intellectuals “working for peace”. A left-wing government assumes power and society decays, and Britain has become (as one reviewer said),

“…a diseased island where the police have turned leathery and brutal, juvenile delinquency has flowered into public perversions and the uncontrollable rule of crime. The H-bomb agitators trick the government into defeat. The white-haired do-gooders and the steely climbers take over and, slowly, step by step, surrender honour and the ancient sovereignty to a Russia that plans, with a preternatural wisdom, each step and cynically takes advantage of each high-minded act of stupidity and treachery….It ends in a night time of brutality [as the Soviet military occupies the country] that is made the more appalling by the green fields and the country houses… The charming people are all swept away.” And so on.

The book created a huge furor. Shrieks of protest came from the left, the CND, the unions and even the British Communist Party, who claimed that they, too, were patriotic Britons. FitzGibbon was decried as a right-wing extremist, a reactionary, and a “fascist hyena” by the communists. Far from being insulted by that, he relished it, and threw it back in their faces by publishing, a few years later, a book of short essays entitled Random Thoughts of a Fascist Hyena.

That book contains a highly illuminating chapter, “Unilateralism and All That”, which discusses the leftist reactions to the novel, the nuclear disarmament movement, and takes to task prominent leftists of the day like Betrand Russell and Sir Herbert Read, the self-professed anarchist art critic. It is an analysis of what we call nowadays the progressive mindset, and it is remarkable how little the left has changed in the intervening half century.

CND and others of the left championed the causes of “civil disobedience” to achieve the political goals they could not achieve through the ballot box. Their claim, so familiar to us all, of a “higher moral authority” outweighed any commitments to parties and elections, entitled them to disrupt society and to break the law. FitzGibbon continues…

“…when, in the past century, parliamentary democracy has been destroyed in the great Eurpean nation-states this has usually been done by, and in the interests of, a movement that claims to be above the political parties and to speak for the nation as a whole: Bonapartism in 1851, Bolshevism in 1917, Fascism in 1922, ….I would point out further that these are precisely the claims the nuclear disarmers are repeatedly making for themselves: they are simultaneously above party and yet would wreck the Labour Party to achieve their ends. They are, in fact, a bewegung.

That they are a purely negative bewegung, even more devoid of constructive or falsely constructive ideas than those others, is neither here nor there. The job of mass-movements is always to silence democratic dialogue. Once that has been done, a monologue always follows the transitory cacophony.”

How remarkably similar to the aspiring movements of today, the anti-White racists in Black Lives Matter, the crazed students in Antifa, the street mobs of radical Islam, which, although only minor pustules on the body politic at the moment, could create greater havoc if given the opportunity by our weak and flaccid leaders.

The silencing of democratic dialogue that FitzGibbon refers to in the 1960s is today brought about by the claim that any frank discussion of problems, real problems that is, not the fake problems that so concern the Fake News Media, is “divisive”. Or “hate speech”. Or any other fake word that is solely designed to intimidate and suppress discussion. Moreover, the rather comical and civilized “civil disobedience” of the 60s, which involved little more than sitting down in front of traffic in Trafalgar Square [“Come along, sir, time to go home for a nice cup of tea” as a friendly policeman would say], has transmorgrified into violent mobs assaulting right-wing speakers, shouting down university lecturers, and even shooting Republican Congressmen in the US.

“…The recourse to direct action, even if it merely takes the form of police-baiting, sets a very unpleasant precedent. Any minority may think it knows the right answers and that the majority, and the political parties, are wrong. But to attempt, by force, to compel the acceptance of that view is the first step towards tyranny.”

How far we have come along that dangerous road today. Indeed, many Western governments are aiding the leftist mobs by refusing to enforce the law on our streets and in our colleges. Many universities have been taken over by these aspiring tyrants, particularly in the US, UK and Canada, and so far precious little has been done about it. In Canada, it is now up to brave graduate students and a few professors who still value our educational institutions, to carry the flag. The foppish nonentity of a Prime Minister and his execrable “Liberal” Party remain silent.

Although he was no Orwell, FitzGibbon had a keen sense of what the left was all about. Under the guise of “caring” and “love” lay the all-too-real spite and envy, forces that are so obvious in the left today. In the essay The Future of the Extreme Left, …

“Perhaps never have a group of soi-disant intellectuals been more totally wrong, and been proved more totally wrong, than the British dotty Left as 1962 nears its end….Only the other day, forty of them, all, in theory, members of that Labour Party which the dotty Left has succeeded in castrating—to the immense regret of all clear-thinking democrats—were writing the usual nonsensical screed to The Times, while their ancient mascot, Lord Russell, praises the Chinese for their moderation in invading India. What rubbish will think up next?”

If he were around today, FitzGibbon could have a field day with the disaster that is the current British Labour Party under Corbyn—a reincarnation of the dotty Left of the sixties.

Was it Mark Twain who said, “History may not repeat itself, but at least it rhymes”?

Rebel Yell

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Don Laird

Hello all, you little monkeys you…..

I have never been fond of the taste of boot polish and mutual admiration societies fill me with the urge to defecate, but this said, I did enjoy the latest yell of the Rebel, with one exception however,

……”But to attempt, by force, to compel the acceptance of that view is the first step towards tyranny”…….

I would differ, in the case of the United States, this is the first step toward civil war. Not tyranny, but civil war. And while what follows differs from some of what I write when I excoriate my fellow countrymen for their cowardice in the face of the Marxists and the Muslims, in this case I make a hopeful exception.

There is too much communicative connectivity in our world today. We are too aware of what is happening across our country. Word spreads like wildfire. We are too educated, too enlightened. There are too many guns, billions of rounds of ammunition, tens of millions of patriotic conservative Americans who love their freedoms, love their wives and husbands, love their children and who love and would die for their country. They are not boastful, they are quiet, they have been quiet, but if the last election is any indication, the Left should be very careful how hard it pushes. Very careful.

A few months ago I was diddling around with a pen and some paper, wasting time don’t cha you know, and I wrote a few paragraphs. It’s a bit of a long one, but, in the form of an “open letter” it touches on the dangers we face in Canada and the United States today.

It was written as an “Open Letter” to Dr. Kellie Leitch.

Its not polished, its rather bumpy, and I made notes after I sent it that would add another 10,000 words, but I ran out of patience and didn’t bother, it will no doubt drive the canons of syntax and punctuation to skin picking distraction……..but if you pour a cup of coffee, or a very large glass of brandy, and then with grit teeth, wade in up past your testicles, it makes for an interesting read……or maybe not (no, I’m not fishing for compliments)

Dear Rebel Yell, pay particular attention to the section on “The Crucible of Vigilantism”,

Sincerely, Don Laird

The Letter…….

March 18, 2017

Hon. Dr. Kellie Leitch
Member of Parliament, Simcoe-Grey
House of Commons
Ottawa, Ontario
Canada K1A 0A6



Dear Dr. Kellie Leitch,

The subject matter of this letter will require some concentration, it is rather lengthy but is necessarily so. I trust you will make the time and give careful consideration to my concerns and then act on my requests.

I am writing in regards to the extremely serious issues that are developing both at our unguarded international border with the United States of America and through our border crossing infrastructure at airports and highways. These issues threaten not only the lives and safety of Canadians but also are a direct threat to the national security and sovereignty of Canada as a nation.

Listed below are a number, just a few, of the more prominent facets of what will surely result in the destabilization of Canada as a nation, with the associated and inevitable catastrophic effects on our economy, our crimes rates, the stability of our communities and the erosion or complete decimation of our Canadian culture and traditions.

These same corrosive, derelict and corrupt political and bureaucratic policies and practices have now been playing out across Europe for the past three decades and more recently, with breathtaking speed and unprecedented intensity, for the past three years.

While the Mainstream Media like CBC, BBC, GLOBAL NEWS and CTV, to name a prominent few, have been resolute in their refusal to provide Canadians and Western countries in general with an unfiltered and objective assessment of current global events, Canadians are gaining, through the uncensored internet, a very clear and profoundly disturbing picture of the disastrous effects of mass migration of illegal/economic migrants as they flood into Europe.

Those effects include but are not limited to; significant deterioration of national security and sovereignty, exploding waves of violent crime, mass sexual assaults and rapes and the collapsing of local government budgets as hundreds of millions of dollars are spent on migrants. There are also the endless attacks on local culture and traditions through migrant/refugee threats of violence or their manifest naked violence and criminal acts of murder, assault, arson and vandalism committed against the local host populations.

All of this has now, in the face of both government and law enforcement impotence and their wilful and outright refusal to address these catastrophic events, given rise to the formation of citizens groups who are now arming themselves and engaging in their own self defence.

The situation across Europe is so bad that many senior military commanders, such as the Chief of Defence Staff in Switzerland, have taken the extraordinary step of warning the local Swiss citizenry to arm themselves and prepare for what the Swiss CDS believes will be a long and wide ranging European civil war. This very prudent act of warning citizens has been mirrored in many countries including Belgium, Austria, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia.

In fact, recently, migrant/refugee crimes waves have exploded across Sweden to the point where the local Swedish police officers in many towns have warned citizens, specifically women and children, not to go out in the evening as they can no longer protect those women and children from roving bands of migrant Middle Eastern and African males who spend their nights committing a wide range of extremely violent and vicious crimes against the persons and property of the local populace. In fact, Sweden, with over 55 migrant No-Go-Zones identified by Swedish law enforcement, have reactivated the national military draft as they have stated that without the draft they are unable to maintain both Swedish law and order and meet what they believe will be a European civil war.

All of this and much more results from the suicidal Marxist government polices that have allowed, in fact, openly and aggressively encouraged the mass migration of millions of unvetted, criminal and defective migrants to flood into Europe.

Now we in Canada are witnessing the very suicidal Marxist polices responsible for the chaos in Europe being enacted by not only the Trudeau government, but incredibly, with the Conservative Party as well. Some of these polices are listed below.

The Trudeau government is purposely allowing tens of thousands of persons to gain access to Canada without a proper system of vetting that will thoroughly identify and eliminate potential threats from gaining access to Canada. Many of these migrants have been actively involved in terrorist activities throughout the Middle East and have, in some cases, committed horrific war crimes. In numerous cases Muslim migrant males have been seen on Facebook holding severed heads or actually severing the heads of children, only to have those same Muslim migrant males photographed days later wandering the streets of European cities wearing t-shirts emblazoned with slogans calling for world peace. It’s utter insanity.

The Trudeau government is aware that many of these migrants, falsely represented to Canadians as “refugees”, were not in fact refugees, but were living comfortable and very safe lives in Muslim countries like Jordan and Lebanon. They were approached by Canadian bureaucrats who were sent to the Middle East by the Trudeau government and essentially cajoled and coaxed into coming to Canada with promises of citizenship, immediate employment, decades worth of welfare subsistence, and limitless free healthcare and education. In fact, now the Trudeau government, with the immediate and enthusiastic cooperation of many Canadian universities and colleges, are eliminating Canadian students from student scholarship, bursary, grant and subsidy programs as well as removing these same students from the waiting lists for residential accommodation. In the Canadian students place the Trudeau government, with the full cooperation of the university and college administrators, are placing hundreds of unskilled, uneducated, unqualified and illiterate migrants. It is an outrage that borders on criminality.

The Trudeau government has openly stated to migrants that, essentially, Canada has no borders and that all persons, regardless of criminality, illiteracy, sickness, or corrupt background will be not only openly and enthusiastically be admitted to Canada, but their needs, all of their needs and desires, will be fully subsidized by municipal, provincial and federal Canadian governments. This has resulted in migrants flooding across Africa, though South America, across Mexico and the United States and landing in Canada. These are clearly not refugees fleeing a war zone but economic migrants seeking unquestioned and unvetted accommodation in a lucrative welfare state where the remainder of their lives will be subsidized by the Canadian taxpayer.

The Trudeau government, relevant to their dissolution of Canada’s borders, have clearly instructed the RCMP and Canada’s Border Services to ignore Canada’s criminal code and to act as little more than bellboys and valets to criminal migrants, assisting them with their baggage as they illegally cross Canada’s borders. Many photographs are now flooding the internet illustrating the RCMP and Border Services welcoming criminals into Canada with open arms. It is madness on an unprecedented scale.

The Trudeau government is aware that the vast majority of the migrants now flooding into Canada are in fact “shopping for welfare” . This is the same tactic being used by the hundreds of thousands of Middle Eastern and African migrants as they bypass the countries that they are, pursuant to the European Schengen Agreement, required to claim refugee status in, and move on to countries with very generous welfare programs. For example, these migrants land in Italy, Greece and Spain and immediately migrate towards France, Germany, Norway, Denmark, England and Sweden. So too in Canada, where these migrants move across Africa and through countries where they would be very safe, move through very safe South American countries including Mexico, then they avoid the detailed and rigorous American vetting and deportation process and are fleeing to Canada. It has made an absolute mockery of our laws and our immigration system.

The Trudeau government knows full well, as do many of the Leftist European governments, that migrants will vote for the political party that gives them the most state subsidies, the most preferential treatment, the most accommodation for their every demand and desires and the most ignorance of their criminality. As such that is exactly what the Trudeau government is doing as they welcome and cater to the every whim of these unskilled, illiterate, hostile and unqualified migrants while ignoring the criminality and confrontational aggression of the same. This is vote-buying pure and simple.

The Trudeau government are refusing to provide answers to the questions of not only members of Parliament but Canada’s citizens as well as to this entire migrant vetting process and the cost of the same. Instead the Trudeau government are hiding behind legislation and telling Canadian’s that the facts, figures are subject to censorship pursuant to exigent national security protections. It is simply a smokescreen to hide a wide ranging Trudeau immigration policy that is deeply corrupt and borderline criminal.

The Trudeau government, through the outright lies and manipulative machinations of the federal ministers of Public Safety and Immigration, Ralph Goodale and John McCallum, now Ahmed Hussen, have played the Canadian public for fools as in their attempt to keep an election promise they never should have made they have flooded Canada with almost 38,000 unskilled, unqualified, illiterate, and hostile Muslims. The cost of this exercise in politically correct lunacy has, at the low end of 25,000$ per person, cost Canadians 950,000,000$. That is almost a billion dollars and there is absolutely no end in sight. Incredibly, that 950 million dollars would have put a state of the art water and waste treatment facility with two trained technicians on each of 190 Indian reserves in Canada. The reality and what the Trudeau government is not telling Canadians is that the majority of these 38,000 Muslims, with thousands more to come, like millions of Muslim migrants all across Europe, will spend their entire lives on welfare with the Canadian taxpayer spending literally billions on their subsistence and health care needs. This is insanity on an unprecedented scale.

The Trudeau government is acutely aware of the complete inability of the RCMP and CSIS to properly vet the backgrounds of the migrants as the law enforcement and intelligence infrastructure in not only Canada but in the United States as well, have no informational intelligence databases with which to corroborate the backgrounds and stories of the migrants.

In fact, in the fall of 2015, relevant to issues relating to mass immigration of refugees from Africa and the Middle East, Mr. Nick Rasmussen, director of the US National Counter Terrorism Center, and Mr. James Comey, director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, testified before the US Committee on Homeland Security. Congressman Bennie Thompson pointedly asked Mr. Rasmussen and Mr. Comey what mechanisms they had at their disposal to vet the Syrian migrants claims. The response, under sworn oath and the penalty of perjury, from Rasmussen and Comey was candid, direct and stunning; “we have nothing with which to vet Syrian claims”. Rasmussen and Comey told the Committee on Homeland Security that they had dealt extensively with the Iraqis and some other groups but had absolutely no intelligence on the Syrians. It was a stunning admission that required guts and honesty and one that would certainly stick in the throats and choke the RCMP and CSIS.

Canada’s law enforcement and intelligence agencies, primarily the RCMP and CSIS, relevant to issues of terrorism, national security and refugee/migrant screening, are very clearly lying to Canadians. If the FBI, one of the world’s most respected, professional, competent and prolific law enforcement agencies, in cooperative conjunction with international intelligence agencies like the Mossad, Interpol, Scotland Yard and MI6, are all unable to vet the claims of Syrian migrants, how is it possible that the RCMP and CSIS, with a reputation for bumbling incompetence and chronic negligence that precedes them considerably, able to vet Syrian claims? The fact is that the RCMP and CSIS are completely incapable of vetting any claims and are lying to Canada’s politicians and citizens. In fact it was before Canada’s Standing Senate Committee on National Security and Defence that in the face of pointed questions from the committee members relevant to the threat unvetted refugees and migrants posed to Canadians, RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson and CSIS Director Michel Coulombe repeatedly, and with their characteristic straight faces, lied through their teeth.

The lies of the RCMP and CSIS, very clearly criminal and corrupt, will, sooner or later, result in the deaths of many Canadians and lead us to the state of chaos and anarchy that currently threatens to swallow Europe in a bloody civil war. This must be stopped.

Marxism, treason, sedition and the emergence of an Islamic fifth column in Canada.

As evident in Europe and more recently in the United States, there are politicians and members of the judiciary who are very clearly using democratic and judicial process to destroy Western governments from within. This political activism takes many forms, from the ignorance of criminality, to the dismantling of an immigration system and ignorance of immigration laws, to the immediate capitulation to the every demand and desire of Muslim individuals and activist groups, to the implementation of parallel legal systems like Sharia Law as a beachhead with the end game of the use of the same to eradicate the Western common-law system. Much of this very aggressive Islamic political activism mirrors that seen in Europe and has, very justifiably, alarmed Canadians. The Trudeau government’s response to the legitimate concerns of Canadians has been to move toward the criminalization of any criticism of Islamic/Muslim aggression through the implementation of the Islamophobia motion, M103.

This Islamic fifth column has now moved out into the open in Canada and is actively involved in attacking and destroying Canada’s foundational culture and traditions through the use of lawfare and aggressive, threatening activism aimed at all levels of Canada’s educational, judicial, law enforcement and political infrastructure. Many of these Muslim activists and Islamic groups are directly connected to, and take the direction either directly from the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood or groups directly controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood. Many of these groups are in positions of considerable influence of educational administrators and government and they include the National Council of Canadian Muslims (formerly CAIR-CAN), the Islamic Circle of North America, the Islamic Society of North America, Muslim Association of Canada, the Muslim Students Association and the Muslim Students Union, to name a few. One facet of this activism is now the creation of Muslim prayer rooms in many Canadian schools and the forcing of school cafeterias’ to adopt a “Halal” certified only school menu. In fact, relevant to the Syrian migrants that have come to Canada recently there have been numerous incidents of violent assault and threatening aggressive intimidation of non-Muslim students by the refugees. This violence and intimidation is routinely ignored and covered up by school officials.

The Islamic activism in Europe, Canada and the United States is receiving a tremendous amount of support and assistance all levels of the Judiciary. As we have seen across Europe, non-Muslim persons who speak out against not only Muslim political activism but acts of Muslims criminality and mass murder are vilified by local politicians and dragged before courts or human rights tribunals. It is before these courts and tribunals that citizens with reasonable and justifiable complaints and concerns are crucified for not only their objections but for simply speaking the truth. This condition is what the Islamic activism has desired all along, this is the criminalization of any criticism of Islam and Muslims regardless of how truthful and justified that criticism is. This is Islamic Sharia Law.

Judicial overreach, also known as judicial activism, has now stepped out into the open in Canada and the United States. In Canada we are now seeing lower court levels in all provinces allying themselves with Muslim demands. We have recently seen the activism of a Canadian federal court judge, Madam Justice June Ross, of the Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench, release without justification, the convicted terrorist and murderer, Omar Khadr, into and amongst unsuspecting Canadians. This is very disturbing.

In the United States recently, President Donald Trump issued two executive orders, pursuant to 8 US Code 1182. These executive orders banned immigration and travel from seven Muslim countries. These bans relate directly to President Trump exercising the powers of the office of the President of the United States and in so doing, meeting his obligation to protect the national security of the United States. The bans were met with wide ranging protest orchestrated by the Marxist Media and Islamist and Democrat activists. These bans were overturned by two US federal court judges, Judge James Robart and Judge Derrick Watson respectively.

In the case of Judge Robart’s decision it was appealed to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. The 9th Circuit are notorious for their Marxism and Democrat alliances and as expected unanimously upheld the decision of Judge Robart with leave to appeal to the Supreme Court of the United States.

In the case of Judge Watson in Hawaii, incredibly, the good Judge manage to produce a 43 page written decision within 2 hours after hearing the presentations of the lawyers for the respondent and the appellant. The applicant in the case before Judge Watson is an activist Muslim Imam with direct ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and whose objection was that President Trumps’ ban prevented him from bringing his friends and associates, Muslim foreign nationals with absolutely no previous connection to the United States, into the United States. Essentially this ruling by Judge Watson, an Obama appointed judge (2012), extends the constitutional and legislative protections of the United States of America to every foreign person, foreign government and foreign organization in the world. Nowhere in Judge Watson’s decision was there a shred of constitutional, legislative or case law reference used to support his decision. This is quite clearly judicial activism that borders dangerously close to treason. It is worthy of note that two days before Judge Watson heard the case, he had lunch with Barack Obama.

In Canada an Islamic fifth column has emerged in the federal government. This takes the form of certain members of Parliament in Canada who have stepped out into the light of day and brought their Muslim activism into full view. These members of Parliament are Muslims with the exception of Amargeet Sohi (Indian national). They are; Iqra Khalid, Omar Alghabra, Maryam Mosef and Amargeet Sohi. All four actively support the advancement of orthodox Islam in Canada. All four support and actively promote the criminalization of the slightest criticism, for any reason, on any occasion, of Islam and Muslims. This support is reflected in the creation of Iqra Khalids’ Motion M103. Not only does Iqra Khalid vigorously support the criminalization of any criticism of Islam and Muslims she also supports the eradication of Canada’s common-law system and the replacement of the same with Sharia Law. Virtually the same active promotion of Sharia Law can be said of Monsef, Alghabra and Sohi. All four are directly connected to the Muslim Brotherhood and fully and actively support not only the Muslim Brotherhood but all of the Muslim groups in Canada that are controlled by the Brotherhood.

In Amargeet Sohi’s case he infamously, while on the Edmonton City Council, opposed an advertising campaign on Edmonton city transit buses that offered young Muslim girls help if they felt their lives were in danger from family members. Sohi was successful in having the advertising removed from the buses and infamously stated that all cultures and religions promoted forced marriages and the honor killing of women. As the political ideologies of Omar Alghabra, Amargeet Sohi, Maryam Monsef and Iqra Khalid are grounded in treason and sedition, with an eye to the subversion of Canada, and as Muslims, their allegiance is only to Islam, they are very clearly, and must be considered nothing less than, a serious and dangerous threat to the national security and sovereignty of Canada.

Of course leadership plays an important role in the conduct of any political party and the Liberal Party of Canada is no different. Prime Minster Justin Trudeau has an affection for Islam that borders on Islamophilia. At every turn he ignores the barbarism and savagery of Islam and mitigates the acts of Islamic terrorism. When Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent and Corporal Nathan Cirillo were slaughtered on Canadian soil by Muslims, Prime Minister Trudeau, much like his idol and mentor Barack Obama, couldn’t bring himself to call this act of Muslim terrorism an act of Muslim terrorism. In fact several years ago when the Conservative government of Stephen Harper sought to criminalize female genital mutilation, calling it barbaric and savage, Justin Trudeau balked and refused to call the mutilation of a little girls’ vagina barbaric and savage, instead referring to it as cultural diversity.

So it is no wonder that Iqra Khalid has made Prime Minister Trudeau incredibly proud of her, as she attempts to criminalize free speech and the criticism of Muslims and Islam. Soon, as Justin Trudeau and the entirety of the Liberal and NDP parties wish, to call the mutilation of a child’s vagina or the honour killing of a woman, barbaric and savage, will be classified as a hate-crime. To criticize the Muslim Toronto 18 who planned to massacre Canadian members of Parliament will be a hate-crime. To criticize Mohammad Shafia for slaughtering his 3 daughters and his wife for offending his Muslim honour will be a hate-crime. To criticize the Muslim gangs of Rotherham, England, who tortured, raped and pimped over 1400 non-Muslim British girls for over 10 years, with some of these girls, as young as 10 years old, and being raped and sodomized by 30 to 40 grunting, drooling Muslim men a night, will be a hate-crime. To criticize the Pakistani Muslim father who strangled his daughter Aqza Parvez to death with her Hijab for refusing to wear her Hijab, will be a hate-crime. To state that the prophet Muhammad was a brutal pedophile because he married a wife, Aisha, at 6 years of age, and “consummated” the marriage with her at the age of 9, will be a hate-crime. To publicly quote the verifiable statistics that inbreeding and first-cousin marriage is rampant in the Muslim world, will be a hate-crime. To state that the grotesque, almost systemic, sexual abuse of little Muslim boys in Pakistan, Afghanistan and many other Muslim countries, is an integral part of their Islamic culture, will be a hate-crime. In other words, to speak the truth about the miserable failure that Islam has been for over 1400 years will be, under Islamic Sharia blasphemy law (Islamophobia Motion M103), a hate-crime. It’s sheer, unadulterated delusional lunacy.

Within Canada’s law profession can be found considerable support for the eradication of Canada’s borders, our immigration laws and our opposition to the Islamization of Canada’s political and judicial infrastructure. However in spite of that subversion, it wasn’t until recently that lawyers came out and openly advocated criminal conduct. This can be found in the actions of lawyers Bashir Khan and Eric Taillefer. Both are immigration lawyers and have become quite vocal in the last few months providing enthusiastic public avocation of the criminal conduct of persons who have, or are, considering entering Canada illegally. Both lawyers make a handsome living in the field of immigration law. Bashir Khan, a Muslim immigrant, having a vested interest in criminals crossing Canada’s borders owing to his employment with the Manitoba Interfaith Immigration Council Inc, regularly drives a van down to the border area around Emerson, Manitoba, where he collects another van load of border-jumpers, essentially where Bashir Khan collects another government funded paycheck.

The weaponization of mass migration from Africa and the Middle East.

What Canada is facing now, as our borders are ignored and our national security and sovereignty is attacked, is only the very beginning and if not stopped, will only end in the absolute chaos that now threatens to consume Europe in its entirety. We cannot allow this to happen.

While Canada has always welcomed immigrants and refugees. We have done so keeping in mind a commonsense approach to the self preservation of Canada and her citizens. We have done so with an eye to what is best for Canada. We have done so with an eye to the newcomers being law abiding citizens who bring skills and contribution of worth to Canada and who seek to assimilate into Canadian culture and population. And while these newcomers are not asked to leave their original culture or customs behind, they have been made to understand acutely that they, first, foremost and forever, are to be Canadians and that Canadian culture, traditions, morals and ethics, all resting on a foundation of Judaeo-Christianity, comes first, foremost and forever. Period, Full Stop.

This commonsense, this self preservation, this administration of our country’s immigration system with an eye to enhancing our strength as a nation, with an eye to building on our success as an enlightened, capitalist, democratic and secular civilized society, with an eye to the maintenance of law, order and peaceful social cohesion, with an eye to the preservation of Canada’s foundational culture and traditions, has, with the fanatical implementation of the lunatic and cancerous Marxist policy of multiculturalism, been utterly destroyed.

Now Canada’s immigration policies are nothing more than exercises in societal and cultural suicide. Our current federal government, and its bureaucratic infrastructure, is little more than a collection of self-loathing, politically correct, Marxist, white-guilt junkies who now travel the world in search of humanity’s lowest common denominator with which to decimate the foundational culture and traditions that have made Canada the success she is. Now the conventional immigration lines and exploding ranks of criminal border-jumpers invading Canada teem with the illiterate, the uneducated, the unskilled, the lazy, the troublemakers, the criminal, the chronically sick, the seriously disabled, the terminally ill, the mentally ill, the violent and in the case of the Muslim, with many of those who, being in the absolute minority, seek total and grinding, supremacist dominance over the entirety of Canada.

Witness now, with absolutely no precedent, the Trudeau government, purposely excluding all other groups, allowing the mass immigration of Muslims into Canada. In fact, in spite of the atrocities committed against tens of thousands of Middle Eastern and African Christians, the Trudeau government, like many European governments, allowed, virtually encouraged, the slaughter of Christians to happen on an industrial scale, all while allowing the Muslim to comprise almost 99 percent of the refugees/migrants taken in. As a direct result of this supremacist Islamic policy, tens of thousands of Christian and Yazidi women, children and men were slaughtered wholesale. I know this for a fact as I have watched the killings myself, I have heard the dying screams, I have heard the pitiful and wretched victims begging for mercy only to be silenced by a knife blade or a gunshot that was followed by uproarious laughter and cries and hoots of “Allah Ackbar”. I have watched Christian and Yazidi women and children beheaded, shot, stabbed, tortured, mutilated and crucified. I have watched helpless women, begging for their lives, raped, ravaged and torn to pieces by packs of Muslim men. I have seen the bodies of the Yazidis and Christians filling the mass graves and watched as dogs feasted on their rotting flesh. Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party have blood on their hands. A lot of blood. Rivers of blood.

While mass migration of populations and the decimation of borders and national identity feeds the desires of those who promote globalism it also serves the agenda of those who seek to destroy all forms of Western culture and Western civilized, democratic societal infrastructure and replace the same with an Islamic Caliphate.

However, those who pointed to the naked emperor, those who asserted over the last four decades that Islam was on the march to an end of global Islamic domination were dismissed as Islamophobes and delusional hate-mongers. It wasn’t until these last few weeks and over the last two years that the Muslim veil was dropped and the world could actually see in detail that what we had suspected Islam was up to all these years was coming to fruition and coming like a runaway freight train.

Historically speaking, the use of water as a military weapon, owing to its efficacy, goes back thousands of years. From Cyrus the Great capturing Babylon by diverting a lake, to Hulagu who sacked Baghdad and used the flood waters of the Tigris to capture enemy horsemen, to the Germans opening Netherland dikes to stop the Allied advance, and more recently in 2014 with Daesh fighters using the waters of the Nuaimiyah Dam in Iraq in their attack on well entrenched Iraqi soldiers. Essentially, using water, using floods as a tactical military weapon works and in most cases its works well and while people are not liquid, they behave physically with the same tactical result. When put in to motion in the hundreds of thousands, just like water, a flood of humanity overwhelms, they cause panic, they collapse existing infrastructure, they wipe out resources, they cause mass distraction and they create a perceived, and sometimes real, need for the state to step in an invoke an exigent “state of emergency” thereby changing the role of governance from one of democratic bureaucratic administration to one of totalitarian military and law enforcement rule.

The loose alliance between the Marxists, the Globalists and the Islamists began to lay the groundwork for blowing the Middle Eastern African dam that held back millions of people as far back as 1990. American involvement in this spoken to by General Wesley Clark as he detailed the “7 in 5” plan that was set into motion in late 2001.

The fuse to the charge that was set to blow the Middle Eastern dam was sputtering and fizzing in 2009. It came to life in late 2010 and the charge detonated with the tragic death of a Tunisian vegetable merchant who publicly self-immolated as a protest against the harassment he had suffered at the hands of local officials. In the hours after Mohamed Bouazizi torched himself, riots exploded across the Middle East and North Africa. The Arab Spring was now spreading like wildfire.

A series of coup d’etat commenced in earnest with the removal of Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak, then the assassination of Muammar Qaddafi, resulting in the last obstacles in North Africa that protected Europe, Egypt and Libya respectively, being destroyed. The Muslim Brotherhood assumed power in Egypt without hardly firing an angry shot. Then commenced the toppling of a few other minor West friendly dictators with mass rioting, looting and killing. All of this followed by the explosion of the long simmering civil war in Syria and Iraq as Daesh emerged. The dam was crumbling.

Just like the baddies in an old western movie who are going to stampede a herd of cattle down Main street to distract from the bank that’s being robbed, the herd of Middle Eastern and North African Muslim humanity, already panicked and jittery, was stampeded into Turkey, Lebanon, Jordon and across the Mediterranean into Italy, Greece and Spain. A virtual marine conveyor belt of ships of every shape and size, all funded by Marxist NGO’s and George Soros, worked 24 hours a day, 30 days of the month, feverishly bringing tens of thousands of Muslims and Africans from Libya and other countries over to Italy, Spain and Greece. This was all done in concert with the mass media and internet broadcasting of a “now or never European immigration opportunity” across most of Africa resulting in an unprecedented deluge of humanity, largely economic migrants with a very tiny percentage of legitimate war refugees, flooding into Europe.

To most, with the mass propaganda and censorship of Marxist Mainstream Media, it appeared to be a human catastrophe, a tragic happenstance, but to those who watched carefully and looked for the cracks and signs, it was symphony of mass distraction designed to destroy the West, collapse all levels of governance, create mass panic, civil unrest and usher in a global totalitarian governance, a cooperative affair between the Marxists and the Muslims. And it worked, it worked brilliantly. Metaphorically speaking, if it were an actual symphony it was Leonard Bernstein’s finest hour.

This brings me to the weaponization of mass migration in support of an Islamic Caliphate to rule over Europe and the West. As I have said, what we suspected, what those who looked very carefully for the telltale signs of the groundwork being prepared knew without a doubt, became very clear in late 2014 and absolutely crystal in 2015.

One of the cracks can be found in the conduct of Saudi Arabia. The five richest countries in the Middle East, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia are, collectively, worth well over 10 trillion dollars. Saudi Arabia has a tent city in Mecca, standing completely empty 11 months of the year, that can accommodate a stunning 3.5 million people. (Google “tent city Mecca”) This is no ordinary tent city, its one that has hot and cold running water, air conditioning, kitchen and waste facilities and medical centres. Yet in spite of all this money, in spite of all these accommodations, these Arabs stood by, intent on the Islamification of the West, and watched as hundreds of thousands of Muslims were stampeded into Europe and North America. In fact these five filthy rich Arab Muslim countries didn’t take in one-single-refugee. Not one. It was an act of war and it succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. It was an act of war that only required the liquidation of tens of thousands of their tribal enemies to get it rolling. It was an act of war and not a single shot was fired in Europe. The Saudi’s, in celebration of their victory, and to distract from their 3.5 million empty beds in the Mecca tent city, made Angela Merkel an offer she couldn’t refuse: they offered to build 200 mosques across Germany.

Of course even with the empty tent city in Mecca and all the Islamic dots that have been connected, there are still those who would deny that the stampede of Muslims into Europe was orchestrated. But with what happened in Ankara, Turkey last week there should be no doubt in anyone’s mind that mass migration is being used as a weapon to collapse and destroy the West and Islamify what remains of those countries.

Across Europe, in every country, in every major city, there are thousands of Turk nationals. They are overtly Muslim. They refuse to assimilate. They have created Turkish enclaves in every city, enclaves where non-Muslims, non-Turks are met with subtle aggression and or open violence. These Turks openly and very clearly state their intention to dominate the local political infrastructure with the goal of destroying all existing non-Muslim, non-Turk cultures and customs. This has not happened by accident. This has been the result of direct command and control of Turkish nationals in Europe by Turkey’s government in Ankara.

In the last few weeks the Muslim veil dropped and true Turkish character and intent was laid bare for the world to see. Turkish cabinet ministers wanted to travel throughout Europe and the Netherlands in order to promote different political parties during Turkish elections. Many countries, notably the Netherlands, refused to allow this political activity and barred the Turkish cabinet ministers from entering the Netherlands. This enraged President Erdogan who immediately issued a series of threats to destroy the Netherlands.

The first Turk threats related to riots and civil unrest in the Netherlands conducted by Turkish nationals who live in those countries. True to form, mass riots broke out across the Netherlands with Turks looting, burning, rioting and destroying property.

Now the latest threats of President Erdogan relate to unleashing 15,000 refugees a month across Europe in order to collapse Europe and “blow Europe’s mind”. This threat was added to by Turkey’s Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu warning Europe that “Holy Wars will commence across Europe very soon”.

Now, is there any doubt as to what mass migration and the canard of “refugees” is designed to do?

Is there any doubt what Turkey would command its Turkish nationals living in Canada to do were the Canadian government not bow to the will of President Erdogan?

Is there any doubt as to what the true intent of Muslims is when they engage in the promotion of Sharia Law?, when they wear Hijabs and Burqas?, when they pray in public?, when they demand prayer rooms in schools?, when they demand Halal food?, when they push Islamophobia Motions to criminalize criticism of Islam and Muslims?, when they demand separate high school graduation ceremonies?, when they demand no liquor stores allowed within 500 meters of a mosque?, when they demand separate swimming pools?, when they demand changes to Canadian culture and traditions?, when they engage in violence, aggression or intimidation to secure the end goals of their activism?, when they demand special or preferential treatment?, or when they drive tens of thousands of panicked persons into boats and call them “refugees?

Is there any doubt now?

The Crucible of Vigilantism.

A civilized and peaceful society maintains that civility and peace, in part, through a commonality relevant to the acceptance of the rule of common law and through what I call the judicial trident; law enforcement, the judiciary and the penal system. It is through that judicial trident, the integrity, the impartiality and the efficacy of the same, when combined with the confident participation of the people, that a line is drawn and held between civilized discourse and debate and lawless, chaotic anarchy and madness.

This said, it is when the judicial trident becomes corrupt, when it becomes ineffective, when it is regarded with scorn by some, when it loses its impartiality, when it becomes the weapon of a single, strident and totalitarian political party, exclusive of all others, when it loses substantial public confidence and as a consequence of that erosion of public confidence, when it loses the participation of large portions of the society, that that line holding chaos and anarchy at bay begins to fade. That line is fading and fading quickly in Canada.

Witness the trivialization or complete ignorance of the objections of decent, law abiding and peaceful Canadians relevant to the advances of militant Muslims and their respective Islamic political organizations. Acts of murder, acts of terrorism and acts of Muslim aggression are being casually dismissed as cultural diversity. Convicted murdering terrorists are given fawning celebrity by Canadian media, judiciary and politicians. Acts of Muslim terrorism and plots to do Canada grievous harm are rewarded with Canadian citizenship. The ingratitude of Muslims for the generosity and hospitality Canadians have extended to them has been added as injury to the insult of the constant attacks the Muslim makes on virtually every facet of Canadian culture and traditions. All of this is now compounded by the judicial activism of our courts in favour of the Muslim and by all levels of Canadian governance and law enforcement in what is little more than grovelling deference to Muslim demands. At every turn Canadians with legitimate concerns and complaints relevant to the Islamization of Canada are being ignored, they are being silenced, they are being mocked, they are being casually dismissed, they are being persecuted, they are being prosecuted, they are being harassed and they are being backed into a corner.

This, is the crucible of vigilantism.

I do not support violence but I am warning you now that serious violence is on the horizon in Canada.

Canadians are not a stupid people. Canadians have had a chance to examine the ebb and flow of Islam over the past 1400 years. Canadians have had the opportunity to witness the acts of torture, rape, murder, war, terrorism, oppression, aggression, sexual perversion and mindless hostility that have made Islam the barbaric, savage and miserable failure it is now and has been for centuries. Further, Canadians have had the opportunity to witness the disastrous effects of catering to every Muslim demand, to capitulating to every Muslim desire and for failing to confront Islamic political activism, we have had that opportunity as we have watched, and watch, Europe as it now burns and implodes under the weight of Islamic demands and desires.

And in the shadow of those European flames, as the cradle of Western civilization burns, we see patriots arm themselves and prepare to defend what is left of their countries, what is left of their cultures.

Vigilantism, patriot citizen soldiers, this is the currency that must be traded in to wrest a nation from the grip of the treacherous and the barbaric.

So too in Canada, this currency is now being traded in public. Witness the recent march in Quebec as hundreds of citizens rallied to oppose the treasonous conduct of Iqra Khalid. Witness the citizens groups who are organizing in Canada and arming themselves, who are identifying the Muslim in their midst and who are identifying traitors within our government and our law enforcement agencies. This is the logical conclusion, this is the inevitable conclusion, to the campaign of aggression and domination conducted by the Muslim and the collaborative response of our government and law enforcement agencies to the same. This is the logical conclusion, this is the inevitable conclusion, of the suppression of legitimate complaint, of peaceful public discourse and peaceful public criticism of a violent, barbaric, supremacist, Theo-political ideology, Islam, that seeks, using any mechanism at its disposal, unquestioned and absolute global dominance.

This, is the crucible of vigilantism.

Worthy of note, unlike Europe which has been disarmed by its Marxist political leaders decades ago and as a consequence, Europeans, steeped in regret and lamenting their blind relegation of their defence of family and homes to the state, are now scrambling to find the materiel and munitions to defend themselves against both the Islamists and the Marxists, Canadians and Americans have not been disarmed. In fact Canadians have access to well over 11 million firearms in Canada, tens of millions more weapons south of our American Canadian border and enough ammunition to fight WW3.

Add to this extensive logistical resource the significant demographic and cultural differences between North Americans and Europeans and you have the potential for serious conflict in the face of Islamic aggression and Marxist treason. Unlike Europeans, in North America we have vast rural areas that are populated with millions of what Hillary Clinton sneeringly referred to as the “Deplorables”. These Deplorables are farmers, ranchers, truck drivers, factory workers, welders, oilfield workers, loggers, in short, the hard working, independent, conservative, blue-collar, backbone of North America. These Deplorables are families and communities that rest on a foundation of Judaeo-Christianity. Many of these Deplorables are ex-military men and women with an acute sense of patriotism and overt love of country. Many of the Deplorables are avid hunters and fishermen with a love of the outdoors. Add to all these qualities and depth of character, a healthy and justified distrust of government, and you have millions of Deplorables who will pose serious and formidable opposition to, howsoever and by whomever, those who engage in the decimation of their culture, traditions and country.

This, is the crucible of vigilantism.

Immediate actions to be taken to protect Canada’s national security and sovereignty.

Immediate Action 1)

Demand answers from the Trudeau government in the form of an Order Paper that requires the Trudeau government to describe, in minute detail, the entire vetting process of all refugees and immigrants who have been admitted to Canada in the last 3 years from the Middle East and Africa. This would include a description of all intelligence and law enforcement mechanisms used by the RCMP and CSIS as well as a complete list of all the law enforcement and intelligence agencies the RCMP and CSIS interacted with. The production of this information would be provided by the Commissioner of the RCMP and the Director of CSIS under sworn oath in order to make available the punitive mechanisms for the perjury that the RCMP and CSIS are notorious for. All reports to be broadcast, uncensored, on CTV, CBC and Global News.

Immediate Action 2)

Demand answers from the Trudeau government in the form of an Order Paper that requires the Trudeau government to provide a penny by penny accounting of all costs, howsoever occasioned, of each and every one of the Syrian 38,000 refugees/migrants admitted to Canada since October 2015. This would include a quantification of all costs incurred by any level of government in Canada as well as monies paid to organizations like Legal-Aid. All reports to be produced in the form of a sworn affidavit. All reports to be broadcast, uncensored, on CTV, CBC and Global News.

Immediate Action 3)

Demand answers from the Trudeau government in the form of an Order Paper that requires the Trudeau government to produce the personal information files of each one of the “Syrian” 38,000 refugees/migrants that entered Canada since October 2015. This would include all background checks done, criminal record checks, bio-metric checks, medical checks and health assessments performed, international or domestic political affiliations and the copies of all identification relevant to each person.

Immediate Action 4)

Immediately halt all immigration and refugees from Syria, Somalia, Sudan, Iraq, Afghanistan and all other hostile or unstable Muslim countries. Engage in full cooperation with the United States in order to secure all North American borders.

Immediate Action 5)

While it may be an exercise in incompetence and futility, formally request that the RCMP and CSIS commence a comprehensive investigation of the following Canadian members of Parliament; Omar Alghabra (Mississauga Centre, Ont.), Iqra Khalid (Mississauga-Erin Mills, Ont.), Salma Zahid (Scarborough Centre, Ont.), Arif Virani (Parkdale-High Park, Ont.), Majid Jowhari (Richmond Hill, Ont.), Ali Ehsassi (Willowdale, Ont.), Yasmin Ratansi (Don Valley East, Ont.), Ahmed Hussen (York South-Weston, Ont.), Maryam Monsef (Peterborough-Kawartha, Ont.), Ziad Aboultaif (Edmonton Manning, Alta) and Marwan Tabbara (Kitchener South-Hespeler, Ont.). This investigation would also include the Canadian Senators, Sen. Mobina Jaffer and Sen. Salma Ataullahjan. These investigations would include comprehensive personal interviews and background checks of the person as well as the entirety of their immediate and extended family infrastructure. The investigation would include close examination of all recent travel and business connections

Immediate Action 6)

As the RCMP and CSIS have very clearly, on numerous occasions, shown themselves to be fully in support of, and collaborative with, many of the militant Muslim activist groups in Canada, they cannot be trusted As such, inform international intelligence and law enforcement agencies of the Islamic background of the persons mentioned in Immediate Action #4, and formally request that the agencies commence investigations into these persons. In the case of intelligence and law enforcement agencies in the United States, inform the Department of Homeland Security, FBI, CIA, NSA, ICE, and the ATF that the persons listed in Immediate Action #4 may pose a clear and present threat to the citizens and government of the United States of America. Request that the American law enforcement and intelligence agencies pay particular attention to the persons and immediate and extended families of Omar Alghabra, Amargeet Sohi, Maryam Monsef and Iqra Khalid. Request that any of the persons listed in Immediate Action #4 and any members of their immediate and extended families, if found crossing international borders, be stopped and detained and that opportunity be used to conduct intensive interrogations of these persons with the subsequent addition of these persons to No-Fly lists.

Immediate Action 7)

The RCMP and CSIS have repeatedly proven themselves to be grossly incompetent and negligent in a wide range of disciplines relevant to national security and domestic law enforcement, hence they are a threat to the lives and safety of Canadians. As they have also overtly and proudly displayed, on numerous occasions, their support for the advancement and the implementation of Islamic culture and Sharia Law to replace, in its entirety, Canadian foundational culture, traditions and our parliamentary and common-law system, they cannot be trusted. As they are a threat to the lives and safety of Canadians, they too are also a threat to the lives and safety of our American neighbors as well. Immediate steps must be taken to inform all international intelligence agencies as well as the law enforcement infrastructure of the individual American states, of the duplicitous, corrupt and negligent condition of the RCMP and CSIS. As such, all relations with, and intelligence gathered from, the RCMP and CSIS, is to be, quite reasonably, considered dangerously corrupt and unreliable.

Immediate Action 8)

Stop releasing criminal border-jumpers into Canada’s general population while they wait for their hearing. All criminal border-jumpers and or deportees will be held in a secure correctional facility where they will be employed a minimum of 8 hours a day (revenue from the labor to pay the costs of their incarceration) All persons who have entered into Canada and have a verifiable criminal record or who are facing criminal charges in a foreign country either of their origin or otherwise, should be immediately deported to that country. All other criminal border-jumpers are not to be provided with any form of government subsidized legal assistance. If a province or a municipality chooses to provide legal assistance to criminal border-jumpers they should have the equal amount of their subsidy to the border-jumper deducted from federal transfer payments. All legal fees to be paid by private persons supporting the border-jumpers or though the pro-bono work of lawyers.

Immediate Action 9)

Summon to Parliament Hill, Turkey’s ambassador to Canada for the purposes of interrogation relative to Turkey’s President, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu and their threats to “blow Europe’s mind and unleash 15,000 refugee per month from Turkey into Europe”. Further interrogate the Turkish ambassador to Canada on the comments of Turkey’s Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu relevant to the commencement of a “Holy War” in Europe. All of these threats should be taken extremely seriously as Turkey was the nation of animals that mutilated, raped, murdered, tortured and starved to death over one million Armenians in an infamous act of genocide that the Turks still vehemently deny to this day. These threats of war against Europe should also provide the catalyst to evict Turkey from NATO.

Immediate Action 10)

Immediately suspend a large portion of the federal governments’ funding of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation pending an extensive review and analysis of its internal programming policies. The CBC has acted as a law unto itself, unfettered with serious oversight by those governments that provide it with over 1.5 billion dollars in funding. The CBC has engaged in an overt campaign of propaganda, censorship and the destruction or perversion of fact and reality against any person, politician, political party, organization or business that it doesn’t approve of. The CBC constantly presents an extremely hard Left, Marxist view of the world. This cannot be allowed to continue. While we cannot control CTV and Global owing to their private ownership we can and must control the CBC and reduce its funding proportional as a percentage of the population of Canada and in relation to the number of voters who voted for the Liberals and the NDP.


We are living in difficult times to be sure. As a nation we are facing very serious threats to our national security and sovereignty and our culture and traditions at the hands of both a corrupt, incompetent Marxist federal government and a large number of Muslim activists who seek to destabilize and dominate Canada’s political, law enforcement and judicial infrastructure through the advancement of the specious and ridiculous weapon of Islamophobia and Sharia Law. This Muslim campaign and the useful idiocy of our federal government will result in the destruction of Canada as we know it.

As Canadians, as the greatest success story in the history of Mankind, we have poured sweat, we have spilled blood, we have come too far, we have worked too hard, we have contributed too much to the advancement of humanity to allow that to happen. We have too much left to contribute to humanity to allow that to happen.

We will not allow that to happen.

Sincerely, Don Laird
Alberta, Canada


Greetings Don:
First, and as an aside, Kelly Leitch has no power to implement what you ask.

Second and to the point: You should write shorter letters. Time is our most precious resource. Even if I agreed – and there is much here that I agree with, and some I do not – I do not have the time to wade through, whether because I am interested in your proposals or because I want to remove libellous or needlessly provocative commentary.

Better yet, be so kind as to get your own website. Blogging Tories is in need of new blogs, and nothing prevents something from Don Laird, whether writing under your own name or under a pseudonym. All it costs is a domain name, and you will never have to deal with adverse comment, such as this.
This is not an adverse comment on your political views, although it could be, but I do not have the rime to put it through even a rough analysis. It is, however, a negative comment on your verbosity. And as I have editorial control over the comments section, my word is, in respect of this blog, something you should heed. In cyberspace, code is law.
Thanks you for commenting. Hence forward, keep your comments shorter.

Thank you for your consideration of this matter.

Supreme Dictator (who is short of time)
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