George Friedman says something fundamental

George Friedman is the head of Stratfor, a strategic foreign policy thinker and writer. If you have not read his many books, you ought to. In this video, he speaks in a different way. He speaks first of the experience of his father as a Hungarian Jew, who survived a Hungarian labour battalion in the German-allied Hungarian army at Stalingrad, escaped, got back to Budapest, then escaped the Nazi round up of Jews in 1945, and then escaped the round up of Social Democrats by the Communists in 1947, got to Israel, and then to the United States.

Clearly his father was a man who was happy that there was no gunfire aimed at him on any particular day.

This is a clearly important testimony to what Europe is, and what it ever could be. As he says, any civilization that could invent a Mozart, he is ready to extent some slack to. But he says, as many have, that the Europeans destroyed themselves from 1914 to 1945, with over 100 million dead. He is persuaded they will do something catastrophic again.

This was published on February 12, 2015. It is still highly relevant, and a moving personal testament. “Who will die to save the European Union?” No one. The guns we hear in the Ukraine, he says, are the precursor to a larger split.



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