Why now?


This frenzy of denunciation is no accident. The current stream of denunciations of males for actions they have committed towards women, some of them thirty years or more ago, is not a sudden explosion of moral rectitude. It is a deliberate campaign, and has been in the works for some time, possibly predating the Trump election. Later in this article I will expose the flimsy evidence for why I think the purge has been planned for some time.

It needs to be clear that the likes of Harvey Weinstein are odious. But people have observed that Weinstein got away with bad behaviour for decades. Why now? Some have speculated that, with the failure of the Clinton campaign, the cover of the Clintons has been withdrawn. The Enabler in Chief and her oversexed husband are no longer able to help Weinstein or anyone else. Their pay-for-play foreign policy gig is now over. The details are coming out, and will not stop, about how US foreign policy was simply bought by donations to the Clinton Foundation. 90% of the $2 billion raised by the Foundation has not been spent on charitable objects.

Even so, despite the rich targets the Clintons present, I do not see this sudden sexual Inquisition, this wave of denunciations of nearly every male celebrity, as being part of a Deep State plot or something concocted by Trump to get even with the Clintons. I have no doubt that the Clintons’ collective record present any journalist with a target-rich environment.
As always, the material has been evident to any reasonably diligent investigator. But it is my contention that though the Clintons may at last be caught in public odium, this frenzy of exposure of male misbehaviour has other motives.

Is this a sudden moral awakening? Is this like Harriet Beecher Stowe and her anti-slavery Uncle Tom’s Cabin? Abraham Lincoln, when introduced to Stowe, said to her: “So here’s the little lady who started the civil war”. Maybe. Moral awakenings cannot ever be ruled out.

I am suspicious of this explanation, and not for the usual cynicism of age and experience. A couple of years ago, a Washington insider lawyer was advising a board of directors I used to sit on that there would soon be a stepping up of vigilance in relation to male-female behaviour. He said, in effect, that touching of any kind, fraternization, compliments, even gentlemanly behaviour as it has been understood, would come under suspicion. At the time I wondered where he was getting this message, because he was talking as if he knew something that we did not. It turns out that he did.

At the risk of adding two and two and getting five, I have had enough experience with this particular lawyer and with life in general to trust my inference that this purge was premeditated. If it was aimed at Trump, it is clearly failing. If it was aimed at the Clintons, possibly by dissident Democrats who feel that they must be removed from influence, it will probably result in their disgrace. (About time!)

If occult powers were aiming to put men even more on their guard than they have been, this campaign will succeed for a while. I do not doubt that proper behaviour between men and women is desirable, and that sex should be consensual. All well and true, but we seem to have abandoned the social arrangements that were used to constrain sex to marriage and courtship. The social arrangements that prevailed before the Pill are not coming back without conversions to illiberal patriarchal religions, or changes of that magnitude. Male relatives will have to be recognized as having an interest in the reproductive activities of their daughters and sisters for this to come about. The feminists and most women would oppose this reversion.

Here is another truth we do not tell the kids: the inescapable fact is that sexual activity, by nature and definition, is improper, messy, biological, and lust-driven, and that consent is nuanced and situational. Men get stiff and women get wet; women desire sex in the right circumstances, and men try to persuade women that the circumstances are right.

I feel that some forces in society seem to think sex itself is a problem that can be solved with more militant social policing and shaming. I will be accused of an obtuse misunderstanding of the issue, of conflating sexual harassment with normal courtship and wooing. Yet, given the current propensity to carry everything to extremes (ref. the campaign against Jordan Peterson) this is the direction we will go in.

Who stands to gain from making sexual relations between people even more fraught and neurotic than they are?


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Gabby in QC

I think Tammy Bruce in this FOX segment titled “Democratic Party plagued by scandals” (starting at the 6:56 mark) gives a plausible explanation of “why now?”, with some Democrats seemingly even turning on the Clintons.

Arran Gold

US goes through this kind mass hysteria on a regular basis. Recall a mid-term election during the Reagan era when Repubs were waving urine bottles as part of drug test. The best line was delivered by a Dem who said “I will take a drug test when he [his opponent] takes a IQ test”.

Then in 2008 everybody had to confess their racist sins because some mulatto was running for the job of POTUS.

So far the theory that this orchestrated by an exasperated Democratic party as the only means to extirpate the Clintons makes sense but they still have a lot of fossils to clear out. That party needs fresh blood, fresh ideas and a fresh start. Anybody who thinks that $100k of Facebook ads by the Russians was enough to counteract $1.8bn spent in the campaign is an idiot but then lot of people in that party, along with their useful idiots, are willing to believe that.

Don Laird


This email/letter to Dr. Deborah MacLatchy is an “Open Letter”, please give it that same special attention and treatment that so many 3rd rate rock stars and coke freaks did to Margaret Trudeau’s legs………spread it as wide as possible and as often as possible.

On an informational note, Margaret Trudeau was last seen, still in search of her panties, in orbit around Saturn aboard the good ship USS Prozac, in the soothing and capable hands of Commander Zoloft and Captain Adderall.

November 19, 2017

Dr. Deborah MacLatchy
President, Vice Chancellor
Wilfred Laurier University
75 University Ave W,
Waterloo, Ontario
Canada, N2L 3C5


Please listen to the audio tape.


Dear Ms. MacLatchy

For what follows, accept my deepest apologies and please excuse my sarcasm, my criminal abuse of descriptive adjectives and the abundance of howling, hot winded, hysterical hyperbole reflected in my assessment of your contribution to Canadian academia, restraint has never been my strong suit.

Let’s begin……….

Ms. MacLatchy, are you proud of yourself?

Are you proud of the professorial thuggery that passes for academic discourse and debate at Wilfred Laurier University?

Are you proud of the atmosphere of open harassment of those who oppose cultural Marxism, open harassment that you have diligently cultivated at Wilfred Laurier University?

Are you proud of the obese and opinionated assistant professor Nathan Rambukkana as he waddles from classroom to classroom with his pair of half-wit thuggish side kicks Pimlott and Joel, hunting down “phobias” and hateful-hate crimes?

Are you proud of yourself Dr. MacLatchy, standing back and admiring your handiwork as you dance down the hallways of Wilfred Laurier University gleefully smearing the ideological excrement of Pol Pot, Mao, Stalin, Lenin, Marx and Adolf Hitler on the walls of a supposed sanctuary of civilized free thought, debate and discourse?

Dr. MacLatchy, your love and celebration of Karl Marx echoes the dying screams of well over 150 million wretched souls whose butchered corpses filled mass graves from the Ukraine to the Katyn Forest.

Dr. MacLatchy, as an academic, as the president of a university, your cowardice and historical amnesia reminds me of yet another Canadian academic whose love of murderous totalitarian ideology found her on her knees bathing the filthy arses and boots of Islamic fundamentalists at the Huron College of the University of Western Ontario with her tongue as she accepted millions of blood soaked Saudi petro-dollars for the creation of an Islamic academic chair at the Huron College.

Oh yes, the irony is thick on that one isn’t it Dr. MacLatchy? The acceptance of millions of dollars from Islamic bearded thugs and blowhards whose hatred of clitorises, women and free speech has been legendary for over 1400 years.

In fact, so ironic, so sickening was the cowardice and hypocrisy of Trish Fulton, that I sat down and put pen to paper……….

………..I find quite remarkable the willingness of sneering academia, these lovers of Middle Eastern psychopathy, these enlightened educators of our children, to sit in campus coffee shops engaged in self-important tete’a’tete, wrapped in shemaghs: the preferred couture of terrorists. To wear with pride the fashion affectations of those who whisper a murderous lie into the ears of the lonely, the unloved, the dull witted and the easily impressed… to celebrate those who turn wombs into arms factories…. the same monsters who wrap explosives around children and set them alight in marketplaces…the batterers of women who assure the bruised and bloodied their agony satisfies and maintains the delicate balance of Islamic sensibility…. the very same ones who lurk in doorways watching their handiwork from a distance as, in the twinkling of an eye, in a blinding flash of light, peace and quiet become chaos and death, the slaughtered borne away on rivers of blood…..oh how immersed in culture they must feel, how empowered and enriched, these academics who admire murderers.

It is easy to be brave when privilege, comfort and ease are your constant companions. How far away from the killing fields the enlightened and educated are, how far away from the stench of burning hair, human skin and fat. How removed they are from the agony of tens of thousands who perish to satisfy political agenda. How tolerant they are to turn a blind eye to mass murder and genocide, how we marvel at the colors their cowardice and complicit delusions weave into the coat of multiculturalism. What diversity they bring to institutions of higher learning with their ignorance of a murderous political ideology that comes wrapped in the robes of religious propriety.

Were it my choice, the next mass grave of “the cleansed” that was discovered, and only God knows how many of those are waiting to be discovered, I would empty faculty lounges across North America, hand them all shovels, and let them wade through a sea of miserable putrefied flesh. I would let them catalogue little girls whose last moments on this earth were an agony of rape, the same girls who, throats cut, lay rotting beside their mothers. Then let them catalogue the mothers. The mothers whose agony, in being forced to witness the manner of the daughters’ departure, screams horrified volumes. The mothers, in whose ears rang the mocking laughter of their children’s killers as they too suffered rape, torture and murder.

I would force these professors, so enamored with all things fanatical, to pour the mortal coil of butchered men and boys into bags and buckets….I would let them wretch and choke and vomit as, clinging to their last vestiges of sanity, they begged to be turned away from these places of horror and madness. Then let them return to the quiet sanctuary of democratic Western civilization, let them return to the manicured sprawl upon which sit their hallowed halls of enlightenment and education. Let them return to campus coffee shops where, over fancy cups of coffee, they can tell me to my face of the depth of their new understanding of the words, “tolerance and diversity”……….


– OF DOCTORATES AND DUPLICITY ,“The University of Western Ontario receives its 30 pieces of silver”.
-Don Laird, Alberta, Canada

Personally, I am immensely proud of Ms. Lindsay Shepherd, she stared into the abyss cultural Marxism and didn’t flinch, she clenched her fists, she grit her teeth and unlike the sneering hypocrites that infest the faculty lounges of Wilfred Laurier University, Ms. Lindsay Shepherd stood her ground with the courage of her convictions.

Bravo Ms. Shepherd………..bravo !!!

Sincerely, Don Laird
Alberta, Canada

Post Script

Dear Dr. MacLatchy, as a footnote, I realize that you bear a significant burden in life, owing to the fact that the simple act of getting out of bed and having breakfast sees you enduring wave upon wave of hate-crimes, grievous injury and a wide range of “isms” in everything from breakfast cereal to the bathroom wallpaper. Certainly the intolerance and multitude of hateful hate-crimes and rabid right-wing conservative extremist phobias reflected in my assessment of your gut-wrenching cowardly hypocrisy will have you reaching for the Canadian Human Rights Commission via your direct speed-dial rat-line to Chief Commissioner Marie Claude “Ferret Face” Landry and her band of crotch sniffing weasels. However, just in case your rat-line is on the fritz Dr. MacLatchy, here below is the contact information for that festering sore of thin-skin and Liberal sensibility.

Squealer Central Dispatch – 1-888-214-1090

Canadian Human Rights Commission
344 Slater Street,8th Floor
Ottawa, Ontario
Canada, K1A 1E1

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