Madame speaks about Harvey Weinstein


“Did it ever occur to you how you look to them?”

My wife had an insightful comment about Harvey Weinstein and men in general. She said that it often does not occur to men that a woman might not want to have sex, then, there, at that time of day, over the back of a chair, or on the desk, on the spur of the moment, while she is dressed, under lights, in an office, on the floor, just then. Just because a man is randy doesn’t make her equally turned on. Women are so choosy, choosy.

And it occurred to me from recollecting my earlier life that some situations were best explained by the idea that women often are not in the mood. I do not know why, but they are frequently not in the mood. Go figure. Whereas I was in the mood from the age of 16 onward. And pulling out a hard dick does not constitute foreplay, but frequently might be seen as an unwelcome advance. I do not understand why women are like this, but they are.

Failure to adjust to these realities can get heterosexual men into an awful scrape.

Harvey ought to have known better.

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Nicola Timmerman

Well of course these type of men know the women don’t want it but they use their power to get what they want. Weinstein for sure knew it as he is a old ugly fat man.


Nicola: Nice to hear from you again. I am not sure that a Weinstein actually cared what the ladies think, so maybe we agree. But he was ready to believe they were happy to receive his attentions.


The reverse is true as well. Sometimes women are desirous of sex and the man may not be. But it will take about 30 seconds to change his mind.

Women not quite so quick to move from no to yes.

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