Why Russia is anti-communist


No people suffered as much from Communism as the Russians, though the Poles might come close. Hence the Russians recognize what Communism is and reject it. They are not yet freed from authoritarian government, but they know and hate Communism.

Thus they have a well-developed sense that global warming catastrophism is merely the excuse for the re-imposition of an inefficient and dictatorial form of state planning, ecological ruin and impoverishment, all of which is justified by the idea that it is “good for you”.

Read Christopher Monckton’s notes on his recent attendance at a conference in Moscow on “alternative energy”.

One has become so inured to the relentless indoctrination of young people in our own schools and universities that it was a glorious delight to discover that in former Communist countries such as Russia that dismal species of totalitarianism, even when artfully dressed up in environmentalist fig-leaves, no longer holds the slightest attraction for young people. What they want, whether the UN likes it or not (and it doesn’t), is a climate of freedom. And, if the speeches of the Academicians are anything to go by, they’re going to get it. Climate Communism? Ex-Communist Russia just isn’t buying.


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Back in the day, in our small town, the local hardware owner was a “communist”. Was also Jewish. Also grew a lot of garlic: rather think he sold his crop to the Italians down the valley. Then he and his wife traveled back “home” to Russia. Mr Wise did a fast 180 – communism as a principle vs communism on the ground were two different puppies, and he didn’t like what he saw.

He was a great man, was Mr Wise, and his wife was equally great. After he died and she moved to be nearer hr family, we exchanged annual cards: I sent her a “Happy Hannukah” card, and she sent me a “Merry Christmas” one. Those were the days.

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