Root cause of Trump Win

Simple summary of why Trump won and it wasn’t the Russians.

For all its vacuity, however, the hysteria is certainly understandable, because President Trump has defied all expectations by actually trying to do what he promised that he would try to do. But another reason is that the major cause of last November’s electoral outcome has remained mostly unexplored, even un­discovered. That is not due to intellectual laziness, but rather reflects the refusal of almost all commentators to contend with the political economy that determined the outcome of the election. Long-term processes of income redistribution from working people to everyone else, non-working welfare recipients as well as the very rich, had been evident for at least two decades. (I explored the phenomenon in my book The Endangered American Dream, 1993.) Those changes called for a painful party realignment (which would have cost the Democrats their ample Wall Street funding) that never happened – not even when Bernie Sanders arrived to be its instrument. The Democratic Party officials and leading lights of the media elite who helped to deny the nomination to Sanders, and thus very likely the White House, understandably have a guilty conscience, because they truly did everything possible to stop him, including ever so discreet anti-Semitic messaging very precisely aimed at black voters wavering in their pre-ordained fealty to Hillary Clinton.

As it was, of course, the victory of the Democratic establishment merely ensured the victory of the only Sanders counterpart on the Repub­lican side with whom Sanders differed sharply on almost everything – except for the only thing that really mattered to both: the urgent need to mobilize government policies to increase American jobs and wages, in firm opposition to all the competing international and planetary priorities continuously proffered by elite Americans and their core institutions, along with Pope Francis and other leading figures.

The key point is that the concerns of the ordinary people were ignored. When Obama went to deliver a campaign speech at the Brandenburg Gate in 2008, it was obvious that his interests were aligned somewhere else and when Hillary Clinton stated the following in a prepared speech in May 2013, it was a case of deja vu.

“My dream is a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders, sometime in the future with energy that’s as green and sustainable as we can get it, powering growth and opportunity for every person in the hemisphere,” Clinton reportedly said to investors in a paid speech she gave to Brazilian Banco Itau in 2013.

For the record Clinton’s response to the above was as follows. Notice the outright deception in her response where she implies that open borders are for energy and not immigration?

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Arran Gold, you beat me to it. Edward Luttwak’s commentary, cited above, should be emblazoned on the minds of every Democrat seeking to understand why they lost. Luttwak’s argument is that buying a new car is becoming unaffordable to half of Americans, and that the only candidates who had a chance of winning were Trump and Saunders. But the geniuses of the American Democratic Party, especially Donna Brazile and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, managed to be persuaded by the Amazon of money flowing through the Hillary campaign, that She would win.
Citing the car affordability study, Luttwak observed:

“What made these seemingly obscure numbers nothing less than momentous was that the cheapest new car on sale in the United States in 2016 was the Nissan Versa sedan at $12,825, twice the level that average households could afford in Detroit or Cleveland, and more than average households could afford in cities ranging from Philadelphia, Orlando, Milwaukee, Memphis, Providence, New Orleans, Miami and Buffalo, as well as, a fortiori, in a very great number of smaller localities across the United States, even in high-income states such as California and Oregon, as well much more commonly in the lower-income Southern and rust-belt states.”
“The mass exclusion of Americans from new car ownership is the result of two converging phenomena, only one of which was recognized by Hillary Clinton, though scarcely emphasized in her identity-focused campaign: wage stag­nation. Sanders and Trump did not hesitate to blame that relative impoverishment on the exposure of the least agile of Americans to international competition, with the resulting de-industrialization that translated millions of Americans from $20-to-40-an-hour factory jobs to miserably paid service jobs. Beholden to the sanctity of free trade, the Clinton crowd even more than the candidate herself blamed the lethargy of the TV-watching, beer-drinking, gun-owning, church-going, and cigarette-smoking “deplorables”, who unaccountably failed to avail themselves of the wonderful opportunity to leave boring assembly-line jobs or downright dangerous coal-face or oil drilling jobs to become fashion designers, foreign-exchange traders, software engineers, or even political campaign operatives.

It was the other phenomenon, the other blade of the scissors that cut off the possibility of new car ownership for more and more Americans that Trump squarely attacked as Sanders did not and could not: the regulatory regime that has been relentlessly forcing up new car prices from the 1977 average of $4,317, equivalent to $17,544 in 2016, to an actual average price today that exceeds $30,000. Those regulations prescribe that American cars must be very, very safe, and steadily more demanding safety requirements have been forcing up manufacturing costs…”
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BILL Elder

A very insightful analogy Dalwhinnie. The Shrinking American working class revolted ahainst their presumed moral and intellectual superior economic engineers and voted for a return to American industrial might. Also that debate clip is a reminder where the “Russuans stole y election” narrative came from which has now whipped into an unhinged treasonous coup.

as stated by Mr. Gold and yourself – the Washington elite in the DNC, deep state and Rhino factions always confuse their interests with those of Americans. Thus it is with the current talk of Coups – this is not being done for democracy or Americans but for the entrenched parasitic bureaucracy which has been draining the blood of America (its working class) to enrich themselves and their cronies – Trump is the working class hero America voted for – all the fraudulent Russian narratives will nor get Joe lunch pail his new car…only better pay and jobs will – and he knows it. The Vocal hate trump fomenters better be careful this POTUS is left to do his work – or they will face the wrath of the forgotten worker.

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