Can’t Buy Me Love…

Handel Trumps Ossoff.  Even Californistan couldn’t ship enough money to Georgia to buy a Congressional seat. Congrats to Karen Handel (methinks her campaign tune should be Zadok the Priest) despite being outspent by seven to one. They gave Ossoff the Kissoff—well done.

The Democrat Party has become the Party of Hate, with the full approval of their drones in the Fake News Media. It doesn’t seem to be resonating with normal folks.

The Georgia 6th district race was the most expensive in history with a total of $55 million spent. The Federal Elections Commission tells us that the Ossoff campaign spent $22,532,609 as of the end of May while the Handel campaign spent $3,158,847 over the same period.(here)


That says it all really.

Rebel Yell

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gerry from gta

The campaign funding graphics is extremely misleading — the campaign funding was fairly balanced when one adds in super-PACs from the GOP. Also Handel distanced herself from Trump like the bubonic plague and focused in on herself — she vigorously avoided having Trump campaigning on her behalf. She understood that Trump was bad news in her district. I don’t think any sane person thought that a democratic win was anything less than a super long hail mary pass. Dems were putting too much hope but the margins differential screams a worrying trend. Remember Trump & GOP are still supposed to be in a “honeymoon period” — one that was lost not because of the MsM but self-inflicted wounds from a president who ignores the best advice of his experienced staff and has no basic understanding on how government works — he really needs a civics 101 basic level course.

The logical analysis of the election was a rock solid GOP riding went from an average of 20%+ win to only a 5% win. If that could happen in a riding like this — what happens in ridings where the margin is much tighter and do not have a history of being 40+ years GOP? That must have some GOP strategists losing some sleep. If they are not worried, then they do not understand what just happened.

Arran Gold

re: ….. the campaign funding was fairly balanced when one adds in super-PACs from the GOP.

From NYT

Total raised by the campaigns
Jon Ossoff $23.6 million
Karen Handel $4.5 million

Spending by independent groups for each candidate
Jon Ossoff $7.6 million
Karen Handel $18.2 million

Jon Ossoff $31.2 million
Karen Handel $22.7 million

I guess the meaning of the phrase “fairly balanced” must have changed.

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