UK election factoid


…. And if only 50 people across just four seats had voted Conservative, instead of voting for the winning candidate, the Tories would have effectively won a majority.

Yes, you read that right. If 50 people in four decisive constituencies, a crowd that would fit easily on a school bus, had voted for Theresa May’s party, she would have suffered a reputational hit by falling back, but still have been able to operate in parliament without help from other parties (because the seven Sinn Fein MPs won’t take up their seats 322 is an effective majority).

At the next level, she would have reached an absolute majority of 326 if the Conservatives had achieved a grand total of 794 extra votes in the right places. Yes, our politics changed overnight, but if only a tiny number of votes had gone the other way, the outcome would have been so different….

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old white guy

Plantguy, the old saw about not having the right to complain if you don’t vote does not fly with me. Many times over my fairly long life I have been presented with choices that did not reflect my moral or fiscal values, and voting for the lesser of two evils in never an option. The excessive taxes I have paid in my life give me more than a right to complain it gives me an obligation , vote or no vote. Put forth liars and you will get a no vote from me.

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