The Left-Wing Hate Factory

Every day you hear calls for resistance, smash this, destroy that, punch a Nazi. Of course, everyone who is not a screaming banshee of the left is a Nazi. Every day, the Fake News Media churn out more lies, smears and innuendo about President Trump and Republicans. Every day, brainwashed idiots on university campuses across the US scream violence against the constitutional government—and that’s just the faculty, the ‘students’ are even worse. Even former Attorney General, Lynch, called for ‘blood and ’violence’. That such an appalling woman ever rose to that position is a blot on America. But she is one of many.

The chickens are coming home to roost. The recent shooting of a Republican Congressman and others have brought matters to a head. Note well that the poisonous atmosphere in American politics is almost exclusively due to the Deep State plot to bring down the president with anti-Russian hysteria, lies and innuendo, dressed up as an investigation. The media whores of CNN, NBC, the NY Times etc. are complicit in the whole disgusting affair.

The American people can see their political class destroy their constitutional government right before their eyes, live on TV.

Pat Buchanan recently asked ‘How close are we to civil war?’ Good question Pat. If the left thinks it can get away with killing people, it will. Left-wing revolutions in all countries have always generated massive killing. The hatred that permeates what little political discourse remains is clear to everyone. It comes from the left. The Democrats are aiding and abetting it. Congressional Republicans are weak.

Where, America, is that spirit of the Alamo? Where is the ‘I shall return’ of General Douglas MacArthur? The globalist/Deep State gang intend to take over the government entirely and reduce American democracy to a sham. Trump offers the people’s voice, that is, the voice of ordinary folks, working stiffs, housewives, all the normal people that make the country operate. They have saved America in the past and will do so again, despite the attempted coup by all the parasites of the left and their cheering squads in the media.

The current witch hunt has all the attributes of a communist-style purge—the Party (in this case the Democrats) and its factions in the bureaucracy, the secret police, and the media whores all united in an attempt to destroy the president. It is a battle.

Whoever wins, and I’m with Conrad Black this, Trump has already accomplished the nigh-impossible—bringing the Deep State out into the open, exposing the media as utterly dishonest and corrupt, and demonstrating to the American people that he is going to fight it!

Way to go, Donald. There are many with him, the silent majority must remain silent no longer.

Rebel Yell

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Gabby in QC

On the Russian thing … I have some simple (or maybe simplistic) questions:
• What did the Russians stand to gain by interfering in the 2016 election?
• Would a Clinton victory have been considered a setback for the Russians? If yes, why?
• Likewise, what has Russia gained from a Trump victory, other than the ineffective push & pull of the Democrat vs Republican vs Trump factions? Putin appears to be getting a few chuckles out of mighty America’s fall from grace … but what concretely has Russia gained?
• Finally, by Comey’s and the NSA’s director Admiral Michael Rogers’ admission, the 2016 election was not the first time the Russians attempted to interfere in a US election.
From the full transcript of the House Intelligence Committee hearing on Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. election:
By Washington Post Staff March 20
“WENSTRUP: Thank you, Mr. Chairman.
Thank you gentlemen for being here, I appreciate your endurance in this effort today. One question, how long has Russia or the Soviet Union been interfering or attempting to interfere with our election process?
ROGERS: In the report we’ve feebly (ph) [sic] talked about, we have seen this kind of behavior to some degree attempting to influence outcomes for decades.
WENSTRUP: Going back to — going back the Soviet Union…
ROGERS: Right. Not to the same level necessary, but the basic trend has been there.”

So if the Russians’ interference goes back to Soviet Union days, why ring alarm bells now? And why hasn’t US intelligence been able to counter cyber attacks? Apparently Obama was thinking of firing Admiral Rogers:
“Obama’s defense and intelligence chiefs had recommended firing Rogers due to the belief that Rogers was not working fast enough on a critical reorganization to address the cyberthreat, but Rogers survived and remained in his role as the director of the NSA and head of US Cyber Command under Trump.”

What a tangled web!

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