Jews in UK start to see the reality

Better late than never.

“There were massive swings to Labour recorded across North London,” Mendoza said. “That is, except for Harrow East, Chipping Barnet, Finchley and Golders Green, and Hendon.”

In all these constituencies, Mendoza observed, Labour came close to winning, only to fall at the final hurdle. The strong opposition toward Corbyn among Jewish voters – a May 30 poll conducted by the Jewish Chronicle put support for the Conservatives in the community at 77 percent – played a major part in “stopping a clean Labour sweep across the north part of London,” Mendoza said.

The battle in Finchley and Golders Green pitted the serving Conservative MP Mike Freer against Jeremy Newmark, a high profile Jewish community figure who is currently the chair of the Labour Party-affiliated Jewish Labour Movement. After a nail-biting contest, Freer won by a wafer thin 1,500 votes.

“Clearly Labour’s problem with antisemitism would have weighed heavily on (Jewish people’s) minds,” Freer told the Jewish Chronicle afterwards. “In terms of what we’re feeling the Jewish community have stuck with me and got us over the line.”

In nearby Hend0n, the defeated Labour candidate Mike Katz, who is Jewish, told the Jewish News that “it would be a folly” to ignore the fact that Jewish anxieties about Labour’s antisemitism assisted in his defeat….

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Miles Lunn

Interesting the numbers on how the Jews in Britain voted as that is the exact opposite of the US as it was 75% Clinton to 24% Trump. Canada seems to be a mix but in 2006 it was 54% Liberals to 25% Conservatives while in 2011 it was those numbers flipped around. That being said I don’t think the Jewish vote likely had that big an impact on the results. I think the big ones were stronger youth turnout is why Labour did better than expected at the same time Tory gains in Scotland as well as the biggest lead ever amongst seniors (they remember old Labour unlike younger voters) is what saved the Conservatives from an outright loss and means they can have a workable government with the DUP. I heard amongst other religions in the UK, the Tories did well and possibly won the Hindu vote, while Sikhs and Muslims both heavily favoured Labour which seems similar to Canada as Tories have been competitive amongst Hindus, but amongst Sikhs and Muslims it is an NDP-Liberal battle with Tories in a distant third. That being said age seemed to the biggest driving factor in how one voted as opposed to class (unlike past elections) with the tipping point being around 45 and millennials going massively Labour and seniors massively Tory. Otherwise if someone is over 75 there is a high probability they voted Conservative and if under 30 there is a high probability they voted Labour.

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