Trump is the anti-Christ, says Warren Kinsella

When you cannot distinguish a tough, vulgar, self-promoting New York liberal property developer from the Anti-Christ, I would say you have poor judgment. When the Wahabist menace to civilization escapes serious scrutiny, but slight departures from political correctness, and a reorientation of American foreign policy, elicit volcanic upheavals of hatred, fear and derision, I would say that some have reached terminal fatuity. Warren Kinsella is not alone in this; he is merely a convenient representative of Trump Derangement Syndrome. It appears to me that many otherwise sensible people have lost their minds; and I exclude Warren Kinsella from the category of “otherwise sensible people”.

Donald Trump is the Anti-Christ

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Miles Lunn

To be fair I’ve found Warren Kinsella is reasonably fair in his commentary on Canadian Conservatives. Unlike other Liberals he didn’t go after Harper hard, mind you I suspect he saw Harper as useful in taking out Paul Martin who he absolutely despised. He also has been quite critical of Wynne too who is mostly surrounded by Martinites. And in the most recent BC election he did support the centre-right BC Liberals over the NDP (note BC doesn’t have a Conservative party so the BC Liberals are a centre-right anti-NDP coalition). Now yes he despises Trump, but I would venture to guess even many moderate conservatives in Canada dislike him. Heck some in his own party like John McCain and Lindsay Graham have been quite critical of Trump. As a moderate Conservative I despise Trump and do think he is a dangerous demagogue in the likes of Putin, Erdogan, and Duterte and I think his pandering to bigotry is disgusting so I do share Kinsella’s views to some degree. And note I don’t hate all Republicans, I was actually hoping John Kasich would win the GOP nomination and the presidential election as I thought he was the best of all the choices in both parties.

Bubba Brown

I don’t think Trump is anything other than what he is, just another flawed human being.
A far better choice than nasty crooked Hilary and her lecherous husband.
That Trump beat both the reigning Republicans and their buddies the top Republicans was amazing and a victory for severely ordinary Americans.
He is up against a legion of MSM idiots and an entrenched bureaucracy of Obamites good luck Donald.

Observant BCer

Interestingly, the antichrist will come out of nowhere. Trump does not fit this bill. He’s been all over the media for years, especially in reality television. You know who did come out of nowhere? Barack Obama. Went from an unknown professor to an unremarkable state legislator to an equally unremarkable senator. Who else? Emmanuel Macron. Where did he come from? He was a banker that came out of nowhere. That’s only one criteria, but it excludes Trump.


It’s one thing to dislike someone, or even despise them.

It’s quite another for a middle-aged Canadian man to spend the past few months figuratively shrieking obscenities at a sitting US President, red-faced, spittle flying from their lips, fingers trembling with fury. He’s not even mature even to be embarrassed by his compulsive, obsessive behavior. Teen aged girls demonstrate more common sense, decorum and adult behavior than Warren Kinsella.


Trump is doing a great job, he just isn’t doing what the ultra corrupt media and the ultra crazy left want him to do.

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