Is global warming warming real?



Are we causing it?

Almost certainly human activity is likely to be causing some of it. We are pushing a lot of CO2 into the atmosphere and atmospheric CO2 is rising , but so what?

Do I care about it?

Not enough to turn my economy into a North Korea for a one degree centigrade increase in a century.

Read the evidence from a global warming believer. Read it carefully. Read it again. After you get through the arguments of the nature of “97% of Renaissance cardinals believe in Ptolemy”, there is a modicum of fact to be absorbed. Mainly that the global temperature – whatever that means – has been increasing at about one degree centigrade in the last century.  For my part I hope it continues.

Is there anything we can do?

I take the the position of Bjorn Lomborg: if we had one hundred problems, anthropogenic global warming would be number 100 on the list of things to worry about.

The part of the world I live in is too cold for too much of the year, and I suspect that most of the AGW fluff and botheration is futile policy being pushed by anti-capitalists and control freaks, and governments seeking fresh sources of taxation.

In the meantime:



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old white guy

until the geological history of the planet is put before computer models I refuse to believe that man can do anything but dirty up his environment and that CO2 will never damage the planet. Some day the earth will be a cold, dead, dry rock much like mars, how many millions of years that will take is also something that does not concern me. The sun could go boom and we are all gone immediately or it could just gradually burn out. our average life spans are not sufficient to cause me to worry.

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