A marvel of condensed argument

I have followed the anthropogenic global warming issue for over a decade. I cannot recall an exposition of the argument at once so devastating and so concise as this week’s Dilbert. Hats off and a deep bow to Scott Adams.

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Bill Elder

When the prevailing narrative is challenged by facts, jail the deniers – the flat earth inquisition is back.

BTW- the bombshell that explodes AG warming is in a peer reviewed paper by Monckton and other scientists who discovered a gross mathematical mistake in the algorithm used to compute CO2-IR feedback in the models, proving (mathematically) the models over estimated the effect of CO2 by a factor of 2.4. Essentially we can more than double the amount of Co2 and still be within historic norms – essentially there is not enough CO2 for a healthy biosphere.


Also observed temp data shows no warming but actual cooling the last 17 years – that is undeniable

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