American political hysteria

People I know and like, and people I hardly know, are going out of their minds with Trumpophobia. I have been approached recently on several occasions by people overwrought with fury and consternation about Donald Trump. One fellow even was boasting of a German passport he had recently obtained, saying that he could consider emigrating to the centre of the free world, Frau Merkel’s Germany. I am not making this up. I look forward to his discovering how actually free Germany is, with its tumultuous Muslim problem, its anti-free speech codes, and its thought policing. And as he is probably a Jew, I also look forward to his discovering how well his religion and ethnicity goes over in militantly anti-jewish Muslim circles and with German greenies. But of course he was only posturing; if he acted on his mistaken principles I might actually have respect for his mistaken position.

Other, less virtue-signalling Americans are droning on relentlessly of Trump’s supposed subordination to Vladimir Putin, the fixed election, the calumny, the stupidity, the venality, the awfulness of Trump.

This summer I confidently expect to have to endure the Democrats whining constantly during their summer migration and stay in the village where I have my country place.

I have some advice:

Shut up!

You are being tedious beyond any reasonable limit!

I am fed up with your whining. I am not interested. Go away! If you persist in this,  Trump will drive you into chemotherapy, catatonia, or dementia.

To quote the Master, Oscar Wilde,

-in matters of society, it is not a question of being right or wrong, but of being charming or tedious.-

And you are all being tedious in the extreme. Get over yourselves. Talk by 60 year old seriously privileged white people about -resistance- to Trump is more fatuous than you can imagine.

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Nicola Timmerman

Even CFRA somewhat conservative Ottawa radio station has obligatory Trump jokes hour on the hour except Brian Lillie at night. CJAD radio in Montreal is unlistenable most of the time especially anything about entertainment. Everyone thinks he will be impeached. Meanwhile illegal immigration is way down and consumer confidence way up. Haven’t heard a peep out of North Korea for a while. Trump gets no credit and is painted as a narcissist while Obama is a saint.

Bill Elder

Dal, these people are victims of fake news derangement syndrome. – seriously, anyone who considers the center of the EU as a free nation is too delusional to be let out without a keeper – OTOH – one could make the argument that leaving these self-lobotomized zombies to their own self-actuated fate could be the Darwinian thing to do in ridding the gene pool of weapons-grade stupid.


I agree with Bill Elder that these people rely solely on the MSM for their news, information and talking points and for whatever reason never question it. I have found the same thing with people I know and like around my area. They are actually very conservative in their views but have swollen hook, line and sinker the fake news. An example was yesterday evening when we had two couples over. I asked them where they had heard or read what they were saying about Trump (things he was supposed to have done or said) and it was the CBC, CTV or Global. I told them they need to check out the facts and proceeded to give verifiable examples of what was reported and what is true. It has become in Canada chic to jump on the Trump Derangement bandwagon, as those it proves they are up on everything and with the crowd. Anyway those who are interested in facts and are not too lazy to fact check their information can be saved, but for the others I have found it a hopeless case.

old white guy

Canadians who babble about Trump need to get a perspective, because the idiots elected a silver spoon socialist, part time drama teacher as PM. How’s that for stupid.


Thank you all for your responses. I find myself in the position of being the reasonable, relatively open-minded person in a number of recent conversations. I am not saying Trump is great, nor evil. He could stand a little more consistency of behaviour, perhaps, more consultation and planning with his party in Congress. Yet that is not the interpretation that resonates with most fanatics. They tend to see everything in terms of Manichaean opposition of absolute good with absolute evil. I am beginning to be afraid for this society, in a serious way. I shall have more to say soon about this mass mental unbalancing.


One does not have to go to unconfirmed reports to be alarmed at the sheer mendacity of the current tenant at the White House. Worse still are the motivations for so many of his acts. He appears to be immune from learning, lacks self-discipline, and is too self-enamoured to understand how fragile his standing truly is. Yes, he drives many people of reason to irrationally- but then he does revel in it himself. If you do not believe he is crazy like a fox, merely crazy, it can make a sane man made. The only thing we know for certain, slightly more than a hundred days in, is that he intends to use his incumbency to enrich himself and his family. No other policy seems to motor his approach to governing.


As I was saying… Many have formed a strong negative image of Trump, and they believe all evidence confirms their views, and it is driving the sane to madness.

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