Jews, Hindus and Anglicans

Explanations are sought. They can be racial, cultural, or selective on any basis whatever, such as recent immigration policy in the US.


I got an immediate response from Arran Gold, from his mountain fortress.

His explanation for the rankings are:

1. Subterfuge

2. Affirmative action

3. White privilege

Tobermory responded:

Hilarious, Arran! And yet, Episcopalians are privileged beyond whiteness (like most “old money” in the US, the Bushes attend that church). For those who have had the pleasure of a visit to Maui and taken the 10,000-ft drive up to the top of dormant volcano Haleakala, you may have noticed that at sea level are store-front evangelical churches attended by native Hawaiians, at 1000 ft are Baptist churches, at 1500 foot elevation are Presbyterian, and at a balmy, eternal-spring 2500 ft are Episcopalian churches, surrounded by large Tudor-style homes with rose gardens, i.e. exactly mirroring their ranking in the chart 🙂


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Could it also be that Jews, Hindus, and Episcopalians also tend to have a serious work ethic and push their children to obtain advanced credentials in marketable areas? I speak as a Canadian member of the latter group (also known as Anglicans), and know how we encouraged our children to obtain marketable diplomas after high school while also encouraging them to pursue their interests.


My theory is this, and I offer it for what little value it has. Anglicans have a bookish and intellectual religion and self select for achievement. The Hindus we have here have been selected and self-selected for intelligence by immigration policy. And Jews have been self selecting for rational intelligence for the past thousand years. Until you go to a Catholic church, you will not understand that it is the default Christian denomination for both sides of the bell curve. A Jesuit can be preaching in the pulpit but there is bingo in the basement. You cannot have higher than average outcomes when you have to take everyone in.

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