CBC and the Trump travel ban

Anybody recall this headline from CBC about an aggrieved party affected by the Trump travel ban?

Trump travel ban has Iranian scientists looking for new places to do research

Today WaPo shared some facts.

The biggest beneficiary of the system, by far, is India, which produces a steady pipeline of workers trained in math, engineering and science. Seventy one percent of H-1B visa recipients came from India in 2015, according to a 2016 report by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. China comes in second, accounting for nearly 10 percent of H-1B visa recipients.

Notice that these stats are from 2015, i.e. before Darth Trump manifested himself, and that Iranians are not even in the top-10.

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“…Iranians are not even in the top-10.”
Actually for 2014 the detailed table(from the link) shows zero applicants for Iran. Perhaps some sort of work ban in that year explains the number. But…in 2014 the Obama administration would have been in charge. I think CBC or someone should dig a little deeper into these work application numbers; they don’t seem to support the headline.

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