Bill Nye—the Pseudo-Science Guy

Tucker Carlson on Fox interviewed Bill Nye, the pseudo-science guy, recently, and absolutely skewered him. Nye tries the old “the science is settled” routine whereupon Carlson asks him how much global warming is due to humans, given that the climate has changed hugely for millions of years without human intervention.

Nye tries the appeal-to-authority argument and tries looking down his nose at Carlson. But Carlson will have none of it. Well, if the science is settled, then you must know what you’re talking about. But, obviously, Nye doesn’t.

To establish a hypothesis, or even give it some credibility, competing hypotheses must be ruled out. It’s no good claiming that the man-made global warming appears to be right (it doesn’t even do that), the others must be shown to be wrong.

Nye doesn’t understand the basics of the scientific approach because he is just a political robot. At the end, his mind just snaps and he starts rambling on about “political leaks etc.”

Scott Adams has analyzed this superbly and says that this is the best example of cognitive dissonance that he’s ever seen. Check them both out here.

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Bill Nye, when cornered, finally said that, were it not for man’s interference, the climate would still be like that in 1750. Which, if I recall my history, was rather coldish, and it was difficult for people to grow enough food to winter over comfortably. Do remember, back in the day – and before they got all excited about anthropomorphic climate change – that Quirks and Quarks interviewed an author to correlated nasty weather with unsettled times (the French Revolution was one such event cited).

Mr Nye also went on about being able to grow grapes in England. The Romans first introduced grapes to England way back when, but gradually the temperatures cooled and the vines died. Now they’re back – just as they used to be long before the industrial age.


As to ‘settled science’, there is a true story about how, in the Hitler period, the German Association of Physicists, at least a hundred of them, denounced Einstein for “Jewish science”. To which Einstein replied, “If I had been wrong, only one of them would have sufficed.”

As to growing grapes in Roman Britain, the western Roman Empire collapsed shortly after 425AD, when the Roman warm period ended. What we call “Mediterranean” crops – grapes and olive trees, grew as far north as the current Belgian border. They now grow south of a line through France’s Massif Central, several hundred miles further south.

Tucker Carlson asked precisely the right question. “How much of observed global warming is caused by man”. My guess is about 1-2%. Bill Nye’s guess is 100%. But that is ‘settled science’.


He’s a Mechanical Enginer and an entertainer. Most of his career has been spent doing goofy experiments for children’s shows. Yet another rent seeker in the global warming fraud.


In Nye’s bio, he claims to have invented a component for the 747 while working at Boeing. At Boeing, when someone invents something, the company has them file a patent with Boeing as the assignee. The inventor gets the credit, but not the rights, as he was an employee at the time of the invention. I just did a patent search and guess what? No patents by Bill Nye the pseudo science guy

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