Fighting the ctrl-left in Canada

From Rebel Media.

Last night, approximately 750 Canadians from all walks of life came to the Rebel’s Freedom Rally to protest M103, the Liberal motion to oppose “Islamophobia” — that is, the criticism of Islam.

Speakers included Faith Goldy, Pierre Lemieux, Chris Alexander, Kellie Leitch, Brad Trost, Charles McVety, and Rebel Commander Ezra Levant.

Some of those at the event had been born in the Middle East and were distressed to see de facto blasphemy laws on the verge of coming to their adopted country.

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old white guy

the idiots can pass any law they want but unless I can be charged with libel or slander I will criticize anyone I wish. If the government wants to shut me up they will have to kill me. Is the Canadian government prepared to kill people who tell the truth about islam?

Gabby in QC

Those who object to motion M-103 — it’s NOT a bill or proposed legislation — are doing their cause a disservice if they use insults and threats towards their opponents, who will crow “You see? that’s why we need to condemn such behaviour”. There may be no way of knowing if all the hate emails received by the Liberal MPs who spoke in support of the motion are actually from opponents of the motion. It could conceivably be people trying to stir up trouble, hoping to draw support to the motion. Those in the video speaking out against the motion are far more persuasive than the idiots who are using insults and threats to voice their opposition to the motion. Freedom of expression need not sink to using abusive language.

A question that should be put to Liberal MPs who support the motion: “Do you think Tarek Fatah, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Raheel Raza and all the other Muslims listed here are guilty of Islamophobia?” I think that would be more effective than throwing insults and abusive language at proponents of the motion.

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