Why are Ontario’s provincial conservatives so stupid?


It is a reasonable question. They have failed to put forward a contender for power for three or four elections now, and as a result the bad management of the Ontario economy continues. Proceeding directly from a belief in climate catastrophism, Ontario’s Liberal government has been pricing Ontario’s industry out of competition and driving it to resettle in bordering states. Ontario’s energy policy is the kind that produces energy shortages in a land of former abundance. It is to Ontarian industry as Soviet policy was to Soviet agriculture.

And what does the Ontario Conservative leader do when handed this blessing? He resolutely supports carbon taxes.


As Joe Oliver writes in the Financial Post:

Wynne’s approval rating is in the mid-teens. Two-thirds of Torontonians want her to resign. But there are no guarantees in politics, as the past three provincial elections dramatically demonstrated. She isn’t yet a dead premier walking.

But when a substantial portion of the province is deeply concerned about something their government is doing, the Opposition party should want to be on the side of the discontented. However, Ontario PC leader Patrick Brown supports a price on carbon, depriving his party of the opportunity to attack the Liberals on an issue of growing vulnerability.

The Leader of the Opposition in Ontario has been handed an opportunity to get out of a policy bind he has created for himself. He could cite the change in US policy on AGW, he could even say he has thought better of his previous support for carbon taxes. Politicians are expected to change policies with changed circumstances, especially as this change will lead with near certainty to electoral victory. As Joe Oliver points out, PC Leader Patrick Brown could offer tax reductions that would prove highly attractive to the stretched Ontario taxpayer.

In times previous, in far-ago decades, I was a riding association president with Ontario PCs and a volunteer. There was something about the sort of people attracted to the Ontario PCs that gave me cause for doubts, not as to their policies, but as to their capacities. To be unfair to many good people of whom I approve, a lot of them seemed dumber than they should be. I have not seen much occasion since then to revise my opinion upward. I hope they can find the talents needed to wrest power from the Liberals. I fear that they will not be able to do so.

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old white guy

the majority of ontario citizens are socialists. if there was any such animal as a real conservative he/she wouldn’t stand a chance in the gimmie, gimmie province.


Blame the members. Christine Elliot would win in a cakewalk, with or without policies. She is smart, experienced and compassionate. Brown outhustled her in signing up members but hustle alone will not work against Wynne. Ontarians want a viable, non-scary alternative (hard to imagine anything can be more scary than 4 more years of Wynne, but I fear that is the typical mindset of a GTA voter).

Bill Elder

Ontario’s PC are not “stupid” they are liberals. I have rubbed elbows with many at federal events and my take on it is the Ontario liberal party is so far left any true liberals in it relocated to PC HQ – as typical Liberals they couldn’t divine the correct side of an issue to be on if their life depended on it – and it show – Pat Brown a conservative???? Bwaaaa hahahaha


Unless they replace Patrick Brown I can see the NDP being a lot peoples choice to get the Wynne government out of there…. Brown is a blue liberal and his tactics to get the people he wants around him is despicable he has already shown us that he lies…do we really want someone who before become Premier has started with lies and tricks … I am a Concervative but I CAN NOT vote this man in!

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