Craft Whisky

Now that every young hip urban metrosexual is drinking “craft beer” made by a “hobbyist” with distinctly anti-Trump views in a “microbrewery”, you don’t have to be left behind if you are older and wiser. Beckon the rise of “craft whisky”! In particular, Balcones from Texas.

After a tumultuous two years between the founders and the money, their new operation in Waco is up to speed producing great whisky and a bourbon with Texas corn. The old single malt that won all the awards, is what is being shipped now and it was made under the railroad trestle at the old location. The new production, in their historic warehouse property, will start shipping sometime in the summer.
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Bill Elder

Been brewing and Drinking “craft beer” for decades, hasn’t turned me into a metrosexual yet.

I welcome the advent of these small batch spirit makers – just that a naturally matured barreld spirit is a decade in the making and small batch makers will either have a long no income high production period or they will abominate by blending.

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