That’s Queer!

We’re all used to the lapdog media portraying any gay or lesbian as some lefty, pinko or Democrat (but I repeat myself) weirdo, leading us to believe that the entire LGBTQ community is simply an appendage of the political class and the university and college soviets that control all thought.

Well, surprise, surprise, LGBTQ Nation ran a poll recently for 2016 Person of the Year and guess who won? Not some oily Democrat apparatchik or some clammy-handed pajama boy selling Obamacare, but, none other than MILO (formerly Milo Yiannopoulos), senior Breitbart editor and Internet Super Villain famed for his fanatical support for Donald “Daddy” Trump (who will make America FABULOUS Again!) and the “Dangerous Faggot Tour” of American Re-Education camps formerly known as universities. He pulled in 70% of all the votes.

Even more surprising was the runner-up with 20% of the votes—none other than conservative Republican Vice President-Elect Mike Pence! No-one else came close. Go figure. Next time some pinko tries to tell you that the LGBTQ community is so prog, point them to this.
Rebel Yell

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Bill Elder

The jury is out on exactly how deep conservative reason runs in the rainbow community but my observasion is it is a pretty small minority. Milo – jury is still out on him as well – is this a fame and fortune gig by dissing PC snowflakes or has he truly found his refuge in conservative ideology – I have my doubts he is ideologically linear with conservative ideals when he openly brags about having a mandingo fetish.

I rack this one up to the Sun Tzu axiom of when your enemy is destroying himself, don’t interrupt. I will keep my opinions to myself about Milo and gay alt-right until they betray the cause.

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