The fall of the Dark Tower, the Barad Dur, or the Impending Collapse of the Global Warming Hysteria:



The most significant and predictable impact of the Trump Presidency will be the collapse of the global warming hysteria that has gripped policy makers for the last ten years, or longer.

To repeat, the world’s climate is constantly changing. The issue is whether the effect of all the CO2 we are putting into the air is causing some or all of the observed, and rather small, amount of global warming.

Three facts are observed.

  • Atmospheric CO2 is climbing past 400 parts per million, and it is not conceivable that the increase of CO2 has some other origin than human.
  • Atmospheric temperatures show significantly less increase than the computers models of the IPCC have predicted. [This alone ought to be enough to dismiss the alarm, if AGW were a scientific proposition.]
  • Politicians and civil servants have created and sustained the global warming hysteria, for various reasons: increased tax revenues, the appearance of doing something about a world-threatening problem, and the greater control over the economy which  anthropogenic global warming (AGW) justifies.

In an excellent essay in The Manhattan Contrarian, the author points to Trumps cabinet appointments in energy and the environment, and draws the following conclusions.

Now the backers of the global warming alarm will not only be called upon to debate, but will face the likelihood of being called before a highly skeptical if not hostile EPA to answer all of the hard questions that they have avoided answering for the last eight years.  Questions like:  Why are recorded temperatures, particularly from satellites and weather balloons, so much lower than the alarmist models had predicted?  How do you explain an almost-20-year “pause” in increasing temperatures even as CO2 emissions have accelerated?  What are the details of the adjustments to the surface temperature record that have somehow reduced recorded temperatures from the 1930s and 40s, and thereby enabled continued claims of “warmest year ever” when raw temperature data show warmer years 70 and 80 years ago?  Suddenly, the usual hand-waving (“the science is settled”) is not going to be good enough any more.  What now?

As the Contrarian writes, of the $28 billion the US Department of Energy spends annually, roughly half of it went to global warming research and energy investment predicated on the replacement of fossil fuels. These projects will all disappear once the spigot of government funding is turned off. The AGW fanatics will have to find useful jobs, and the corrupted scientists can go back to measuring things without recourse to false doctrines.

Like Sauron’s tower, the Barad-Dür,  AGW will collapse when the Ring of Green Power is melted, and Trump is about to toss the Ring of Green Power into the cleansing fire of rational skepticism. What an unlikely Frodo! What an inconceivable Gollum!





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NOT deplorable

The reason why temperatures have no risen for 20 years is because of the action being taken to combat climate change!!!!111

Bill Elder

Bwwwwaaa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha heh – at the Xmas eggnog too early!

Climate has not warmed in 15 years because global warming is an international fraud concocted by the club of Rome (a 1% elite policy cabal) in the early 70s

Anthropogenic “climate change”, and the control of carbon dioxide (energy), has deep roots in a radical, yet gravely inimical campaign to reduce the world’s population.

A misanthropic, Malthusian agenda engineered by global elites through the environmental movement in the mid 1970’s, who realised that doing something about “global warming” would play to quite a number of its social agendas (Read some of Maurice Strong’s misanthropic musings on the matter).

The goal was advanced, most notably, by The Club Of Rome (Environmental clients to the UN) – a group of mainly European aristocrats, bankers, and financiers aligned with sycophant scientists and academics, who used faulty computer modelling to warn that the world would run out of finite resources if population growth were left unchecked.

“In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that .. the threat of global warming.. would fit the bill.. the real enemy, then, is humanity itself….” – Club Of Rome

Climate Change alarmism was born out of the theory or cult-like belief that human-produced carbon dioxide will fry the planet, melt the ice caps, and destroy all life on earth. The idea being to sow enough fear of man-made climate change to force global cutbacks in competitive industrial activity, facilitate energy resource marketing monopoly and halt Third World development.

The agenda driven, and in more recent times, big money driven fear-mongering appered to largely be succeeding, as western governments fall prey to the globalist eco-agenda of climate fear – enacting draconian climate/energy policy and enriching green energy racketeering that is curtailing western growth and stifling development in the third world.

Recent media headlines list a few of the latest examples of empirical and hard scientific data of why catastrophic human-induced climate change is the biggest scientific scandal ever foisted on humanity, and why we shouldn’t be so alarmed!

**Climate Flip-Flop: ‘Global Warming’ Will Now Cause LESS Disease
** An Inconvenient Truth: Few Signs Of Global Warming In Antarctica
**Bombshell: New study confirms ‘solar activity has a direct impact on Earth’s cloud cover’ important to climate change
** Climate experts at war over prediction of ice-free Arctic
** British Antarctic Survey: Antarctic Peninsula has been cooling since 1998
** EPA whistleblower Alan Carlin: ‘CAGW Is a Failed Hypothesis since It Does Not Satisfy the Scientific Method’

At the very least, the “science” definitely ain’t “settled”… A bew scientific paper currently passed peer review and will be published in a major scientific journal in 2017 which will fully debunk, once and for all, the fraud of global warming – It will unequivocally mathematically prove the climate feedback algorithm used in the climate models was wrong (math error) resulting in an error by the factor of 3-4 in predicted temps. It shows mathematically WHY the models are wrong and have been 3-4 degrees out in their predictions by observed temperatures.

It also proves the impact CO2 has on warming was significantly over estimated – it really is no problem and the more the better for global greening, which increases CO2 consumption

So as we sup on our roast Turkey and cranberry sauce under a 2 foot blanket of Canadian snow in the midst of an early winter, we can put warming fears behind us and if anything worry about the onset of another Maunder minimum as sun spot activity wanes.


Against what are you measuring, ND? By some imputed computer model’s notion of what it would have risen but for man’s actions, and that supposition rests on the accuracy of computer modelling. Yet it is observed that the temperature has gone up by far less than the IPCC’s computer models of global warming have predicted. So AGW is simultaneously much less than predicted by the IPCC, and still much less than it otherwise might have been but for man’s abatement of global warming. The thrust of the AGW concern is that we are heating ourselves in ecological disaster, but, according to you, and no one else I have ever heard of, we are not heating ourselves into ecological disaster because of the abatement measures we have already taken. If AGW is so trivially solved, then we have nothing to worry about, and the alarmists are wrong. So for different reasons, we find a common ground of agreement, Mr. Not Deplorable. You say AGW is in process of being solved, and I say it is not possible to solve, and it isn’t having much effect in any case.
But we are both agreed it is not much of a problem.

Bill Elder

DAL, don’t waste reason on someone who is in a cult-like trance – look at his moniker, he starts out by condemning you as “deplorable” for having a different perspective – he’s accusing you of a thought crime by innuendo – you cannot reason with this cultic insanity.

Global warming has not occurred at any level outside natural norms, and we are now in a cooling cycle, if these AGW cultists wish to put unsupportable “beliefs” ahead of scienece and observed reality, you can’t help them, they are lost to reason.

“Hell is a place where there is no reason” – cicero

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