Aspiring Tyrants at the European Union

As you know, communism is dead in Russia. But its vampiric influence is growing in the European Union. The EU is becoming more like the old Soviet Union every day. For years, Vladimir Bukovsky, a Soviet dissident expelled from the Soviet Union, warned Europeans of the insidious slide of the EU towards something resembling the USSR.  Recently, the EU Parliament, an institution as phony as any old Soviet Praesidium, passed a resolution based on a report ‘EU strategic communication to counteract propaganda against it by third parties’, that alleges that Moscow aims to:
“distort the truth, provoke doubt, divide the EU and its North American partners, paralyze the decision-making process, discredit the EU institutions and incite fear and uncertainty among EU citizens.”

Shock and horror. That sounds like something straight out of…that’s right, the Soviet Union!

Apparently, the EU commissars cannot stomach the fact that other countries, Russia one among many, have their own news agencies, their own political views, and their own criticisms of the overbearing, foundering, tottering monolith known as the EU. So this criticism, and news about the shady, dishonest dealings of that rotten and decrepit institution, must now be ‘countered’.
How? By suppressing access to Russia Today News? By suppressing access to any country’s news service if it invokes the displeasure of the bloated degenerates in Brussels?

After Brexit, they seem to be running scared, not of Russia or Iran or China, but their own citizens, who are rising up against liars of the international, and anti-national, political class. The Internet means their days of censorship and thought control are over. They belong in the trash can of history. The collapse of the EU will be a great day for Europe and freedom for the nations under its suffocating, reactionary control.

Rebel Yell

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Bill Elder

The parallels between the failed soviet system and the EU are undeniable, as are the trademark coercive mono-culture and repression of dissent.

It is interesting to not the EU, which started out as a trade block, took on the dimensions and authority of a soviet super state just after the collapse of the old soviet union and the Berlin wall – it is more than coincidence.

If you consider that the USSR and all its soviet satellite nations were absolutely top heavy with communist bureaucratic infrastructure, your next logical question is where did all these dogmatic soviet communists go when their protected sinecure collapsed in the estern block and USSR?

According to viscount Christopher Monckton, who (as a Thatcher government attaché) interfaced with many of these politburo poohbahs, they went west seeking sinecure in western bureaucratic enclaves – all the while remaining active or ideological loyal members of the communist internationalle.

Here we have an archetype communist bureaucrat ( about to ascend the throne of global governance as the UN SG) describing this recent swing to democratic populism, nationalism and citizen-run governance as a “virus”

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