Yes, Rebel Yell, Trump is the President-elect!




Rebel Yell and I repaired to the Fortress of Solitude yesterday, ostensibly to split some firewood. The evening’s discussion turned to the significance of Trump’s election. These were our thoughts.

  • All media were wrong, massively, and in two ways, as predictors, and as participants in what became the electorate’s massive repudiation of the Democratic candidate.
  • Trump is a temporary window  that allows for push-back against the rising tide of cultural bolshevism and related evils.
  • Clinton promised the continuation and intensification of every current negative tendency: anti-white racialism, gender confusion, global warming catastrophism, war mongering against Russia, pandering to Islam, and so forth.

Changes to be expected include:


  1. A decline in the influence of political correctness, when American society’s leader has so radically broken with it.
  2. A toughening of attitudes towards Islam. (It was related to me this week by a Pakistani Muslim of sound judgment that all of political Pakistan was aware that Hillary diverted her plane during a trip to India in order to lecture the Pakistani military leader on his treatment of an ousted Pakistani civilian prime minister, after a donation on the latter’s behalf had been made to the Clinton Foundation. People from more corrupt cultures are quicker to understand the deep corruption of the Clintons. They have seen how it works for ever. We are just learning the art of bought politicians.)
  3. A toughening of attitudes all around, towards whingers, social justice warriors, and the undeserving, and increased social authorization to speak out against evil.
  4. The consistent media-transmitted disrespect for ordinary people’s concerns, particularly white people’s concerns, will be diminish.

Climate catastrophism

  1. Anthropocentric global warming as a basis of energy policy is toast. Trump correctly sees it as the pretense for a massive takeover of every portion of the economy by organs of state planning, and nothing more. Windmills,  carbon capture, “green” energy, and measures against using fossil fuels will suffer the lingering death they deserve. The parasites who have benefited by income transfers from users  to the producers of subsidized of energy will, alas, not be executed.

Market ideology

  1. There will be a more realistic attitude towards the benefits of markets, and their negative consequences. The idolatry of markets has been repudiated,
  2. It will be realized that, for there to be conservatism, there must be conservatives living to experience it. Thus immigration policy in the United States will be toughened, and its borders defended.

Foreign Policy

  1. The agitation for war against Russia will cease. US involvement in Syria will be coordinated in some measure with Russia’s.
  2. Turkey may become the target of animosity.
  3. Iran will be punched out if it steps out of line.
  4. The US will cease to be anti-British and anti-Brexit.

Health Care

  1. Obamacare will be overturned and a better (somewhat socialized) medical scheme will be installed in its stead. The American insurance market for health is not organized nationally, but on the basis of fifty state-sized mini and micro-markets. Trump may use his majority to assert national jurisdiction over health insurance, and get the necessary economies of scale and levels of competition into health insurance delivery. (The effects of health insurance price rises on the voters has yet to be sufficiently appreciated).

Policing and American blacks

  1. The Ferguson effect will be dissolved. Police will be encouraged once again to enforce the law on black criminality. Trump will not find pseudo-kinship with violent blacks who have been shot by police or citizens. It will be possible to state in public that vastly more American blacks are shot by their fellow blacks than by police, and not be fired for it.

At the end of our discussion, Rebel Yell banged the table, and asked: “Tell me, is Trump, President-elect?” Yes, Rebel Yell, he is.


Then came news of the death of Leonard Cohen. We put on his CD “Live in London” and listened to the perfection, and thought about mortality and Cohen’s greatness.

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Great article my thoughts precisely. America will be great again, now can we make Canada great again…yes! Next election 2019 Conservative take a page from the Trump book….the true working people have spoken get the government out of our lives….get our human rights back….freedom of speech and so on!!

Bill Elder

These are all wonderful aspirations Dal, but I fear they are just wishful thinking if Trump and the collective alt-right do not take this momentous transition of power to literally break the back of domestic bolshevism.

Thump MUST jail the Clintons as a bare minimum (Holder and Lynch would be a bonus) – he MUST neuter Soros and he must reform Fed law and security institutions and turn them lose on street and institutional Bolshies.

What America needs to keep its continuity of freedom and liberty is to implement a sustainable, institutional, intelligent, constitutionally sound and effective purge of Anti-American Bolshevism which McCarthy so badly flubbed – In retrospect McCarthy was a gifted visionary with ineffective methods, and I state that as a life long Libertarian – Cultural Marxism is poison to a free society. – we have history and a majority of America on our side, what we don’t have is time – Trump has 4 to 8 years to correct 40 years of Frankfurt school demoralization.

Trump can no doubt clean up congress and the party system, but it is up to us to organize and shut down this insidious poison of neo-bolshevism – I think we must target the University system and break it by defunding any “courses” which are Marxist indoctrination in disguise.Next the media and Hollywood must be made irrelevant through boycotts and investment in Alt media.

Political correctness must be purged, race politics must be purged to guarantee long term liberty and prosperity.


I think in terms of impact here, # 1 is most important. US will soon pursue a climate policy 180 degrees different than that of Canada. The Paris accord is definitely dead in the WH and the Senate.
It will be even more foolish for Canada and Ont to try to promote carbon taxes and other schemes to reduce CO2 output, while the US moves oppositely, not that they will not try. The tax schemes are simply about raising revenue, nothing to do with climate.
A US withdrawal will also be noted by China and others who will simply ignore Paris. That alone is worth electing Donald Trump.

Jan Scheit

Yes, but Trudeau and Wynne and Notely are ideologues. We can’t expect rationality. They will demand all hands be on deck virtue signaling as the ship of Canada lists and eventually capsizes in a world that has moved on.

Jan Scheit

I think I would have chosen Johnny Winter’s cover of Rick Derringer’s “Still Alive and Well” from his album of the same name because I am not deep. But it does remind me that Americans, unlike Canadians, do have ideals other than wretchedness that perpetuate their greatness and resilience.

Caol Islay

Trump’s priority should creating jobs, not putting Clinton in prison. Let the criminal justice system run it’s course with out the kind political interference for which the Obama administration is rightly condemned.

Trump’s first priority should not be getting even, but creating jobs. He must not break faith with the millions of average Americans who made him President because he said he would remove the chains from the free markets and create jobs. Approve Keystone XL, mine, burn and export coal, let American companies like Carrier and Ford know that he will penalize them if they shut factories in the US to build their products off shore, get out of the fraudulent Climate Change treaty, approve more fracking and drilling; as a start. Get the good guys back to work.

A major benefit of Trump’s election is that the mainstream media have not only been exposed as biased manipulators of the news, and know nothing about politics or polls or average people. The worst part of the Trump victory for the media is that they torqued the news every way they could to elect Clinton. They suppressed anything critical of her. When wikileaks of some other source made revelations that could not be ignored they were all downplayed, yet they gave inordinate amounts of time to any critic of Trump who surfaced, no matter how lacking in credibility. They did broke every rule of journalistic professionalism and destroyed their credibility in the process. They totally pimped themselves out to Clinton. And still she lost.

The only logical conclusion we can draw from this is that despite the media’s shilling for Clinton she lost, because the public have determined the media have no credibility left and will no longer listen to them. In the process of doing everything in their power to destroy Trump the mainstream media have destroyed their own credibility and their own influence. They have destroyed themselves.


After reading through a second time just now the contract Trump made with the American people for his first 100 days in office, it is really a no-brainer why working and normal Americans would vote for him. That contract is awesome, and if he is able to honour it in spite of all the efforts to sabotage it, it will indeed make the country great again and be a much better place for the people. If only we had someone like that in Canada, but so far not a single person.

Bill Elder

Caol Isley – Trump only needs to open the door to the FBI ans Justce Dept, which had been turned off where Clinton crimes were concerned – he needn’t dance a jig on CNN over their misfortune – It isn’t “revenge” it’s justice that was denied taking its course – and it is neccessary to Trump’s effectiveness – to publicly air out the skeletons of the corrupt Obama-Clinton era thus exposing their unwortiness of support and solidifying Trump’s honorable agendas in a positive public light.

Secondly, as long as the Clintons, their ill gotten fortune and political terrorism network and Soros foundations are free, anti- Trump insurrection, street violence will escalate. Smear campaigns will be well funded. That money has to be frozen by the courts – effectively killing corrupt establishment revolt.

Trump certainly needs to fulfill the promises that got him elected, but he has to watch his back and NEVER under estimate Clinton/Dem perfidy and vindictiveness. Squashing that is job one to accomplish all the rest. The election result did not end te attacks and destabilization of Trump’s movement.

Caol Islay

Bill Elder, I am confident that is someone like Rudolf Guiliani is appointed Attorney General that there will be no more political interference by that department into an investigation by the FBI into the crimes committed by the Clintons and their cronies. If we let justice take it’s course then justice will prevail and the Clintons will be called to account for their crimes. Unless Obama pardons them.

If we make this a political issue it will be treated as such by the public. In order for any investigation into the Clintons to be successful it cannot be seen as motivated by politics, but the criminal justice system simply doing it’s job and investigating crime.

In the meantime President Trump can re-start the economy, end involvement in the climate change fraud, enforce America’s immigration laws, undo the Iran deal and treat veterans with the support and respect they have earned.

Bill Elder

Caol – I’m in partial agreement with you – it has to be done discreatly and in a non partisan political manner – Rudy was on board with Trump since the beginning when the GOP shunned him – I’m certain Rudy is Trumps designated “special prosecutor” for the Clintons.

In a larger sense, I think th,at this play nice kissy-face “Healing” should only be superficial and only encompass partisan division in the narratives – but capitulating with the mortal enemies of the US constitutional system has to end, chucking out to the enemies of liberty is what brought the nation to the brink in the first place.


A pardon for HC is certainly under discussion now, but this would relate more to her e-mail server crimes. The Clinton Foundation could be pursued in methodical fashion and any crimes uncovered there could be pursued outside of any pardon provision. That might be a path the new administration will explore.

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