Comment on Peter Thiel’s comments

Peter Thiel is a Libertarian and has been for a long time. His opinions are not a surprise, but what is surprising is his comment on government efficacy, with a nod to Manhattan and Apollo project. With that he inoculates himself from the “crazy-libertarian” charge. His venture capital background gives him a rational thought process which he displays in his speech. He also touches on the fact that we have moved from a military-industrial complex to a government-industrial complex. Hence the disparities he alludes to, i.e. either you are a player, or you are being played.



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Bill Elder

Peter Thiel has always been an enigma to the Libertarian movement – is he or isn’t he – IMHO he is libertarian when it is convenient. He’s passed through the admission gateway to the power/super class and he is a Bilderberg insider – he’s a player OK – he plays both sides of the game.


Greetngs Bill:

People are not aligned one way or another in a simple fashion. Take me for instance. I have three university degrees, I summer at a place where the vast majority of US citizens present are Democrats, I come from a long line of Liberals, and despite or because of all this, I am a conservative, vote Conservative, am hugely against PC, and think Trump, however flawed, will do better than Hillary. I am not playing both sides of the street so far as I can tell. By analogous reasoning, I think Peter Thiel is completely sincere in his views, and in particular I like his line that “however strange you think this election has been, it is not as strange as the situation of this country” or words to that effect. Gay people are not inherently leftist. Straight white males are not inherently conservative. And so forth. We are all complex amalgams of attitudes, beliefs, and inclinations.
Thank you as always for your participation in the blog.

Bill Elder

My pleasure Dal, I like coming here for the honest dialogue and unfettered free thinking I see.

AS for ideological labeling, yes no one fits the rigid ideological templates set out by dogmatic purists – myself, I have been Libertarian most of my adult life, since college, yet (out of necessity) must vote Conservative because liberal parties have abandoned liberalism for varying forms of statist socialist authoritarianism.

As a long term libertarian, I stll think Thiel is a flake – primarily because he was one of the forst dot com giants to jump on the anti-second amendment corporate activism. He had Pay pal refuse to take licenced firearms buinesses as clients – hardly a libertarian viewpoint.

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