America’s Moment of Truth

Interest is heating up around the world as Election Day approaches. Britain’s famed iconoclast Pat Condell chimes in with his pitch for the Donald. Don’t miss it…

Rebel Yell

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old white guy

getting smacked upside the head with the truth by a brit would bother someone who actually had a thought process that was not rooted in a dogmatic ideology.

Jan Scheit

Indeed. One only needs to read “The Black Book of Communism” or watch “Russia’s War: Blood Upon the Snow” to realize that some people value ideology above human life and human suffering. Kathleen Wynne, Rachel Notely, Gerald Butts and Justin Trudeau are less savage but still modern examples of this attitude. The amount of misery that this cabal will inflict in the name of their ideologies is senseless brutality. Thanks to Wynne it’s getting harder and harder to afford bacon!

Bill Elder

The FBI and a grand Jury may decide the outcome of this election – that is how fat the rot has gone. Prey for Trump – Prey he can actually reform something this corrupt.

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