Trump for American Freedom

Win or lose, Trump has done a great service for America. He has exposed the naked oligarchy composed of the top echelons of both political parties, the lapdog media, particularly the dead-tree press, and a corrupted civil service where the Department of Justice has been bought and paid for by the Clinton Mafia, and the FBI cowed into excusing criminal wrongdoing. This oligarchy will stop at nothing to maintain its power.

The lapdog media, long a supporter of the Democratic Party, no longer shows any pretense of news coverage, but acts openly as a foghorn for the Democrats. The manufacture of lies and phoney stories (the Russians are interfering with our election!?) reaches fever pitch as the Clinton shills seek to bully every American voter. Julian Assange’s internet has been shut down by the US to try to stop the flood of emails exposing the crook Clinton. I wonder why the New York Slimes is not rooting for Assange as they did for Ellsberg? Inquiring minds want to know.

Universities in the US are turning from kindergartens for subnormal IQs into fully fledged psychiatric institutions with the patients in charge. Now, every dissenting opinion is “hate”, determined by your local commissar and/or university president to be any opinion not approved by the left.

America needs to dial down its international bully boy tactics by not seeking to overthrow every foreign government it doesn’t like. Talk to Russia and stop threatening war with Russia over their actions in Syria. Cooperate with them to fight Islamic terrorism.

Domestically, stop encouraging mob violence, Black Lives Matter and all the other leftist rabble, and realize that law and order comes before any rational redress of grievances.

Enforce the laws of the land. “Sanctuary cities”, those cities that will not enforce federal immigration laws, are acting in precisely the same way as states that refused to enforce federal laws prior to the Civil War. Undermining the rule of law, almost the Clinton Mafia family motto, is the beginning of the end of civil society.

Who will listen to the average American in the swathes of the country where industry has been annihilated? Or where their health care has disappeared? Or where their schools are factories of ignorance and chaos? Or where their representatives are not wholly owned subsidiaries of the Wall Street banks?

There are no guarantees, but Donald Trump offers, at least, a chance for the nation to start draining the swamp and to let some oxygen into the suffocating PC miasma of Washington politics and to shine some light on the dark empire of Clintonian super-crookdom.

Go, Donald!

Rebel Yell

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Fred from BC

Agreed. Best case scenario for me at this point, though, is that Trump steps down and Mike Pence wins in a landslide, since Trump himself seems determined to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. I have no idea why he won’t listen to any of his advisers (re: his debate performances) but it’s almost as if Michael Moore is correct and he really just doesn’t want to win…

Ontario Girl

Trump won the second debate..and the first one he had a bum mike and Lester Holt(in Clintons pocket)against him…Look at his rally’s…15,000-20,000 and people turned away….and 35,000 viewing on the internet. Clinton ‘s rally’s are students bused in and she is lucky to get 1,500. Trump has to campaign against the Clinton machine, the media and a bunch of other rigged events. She has to take off almost a week to prepare for a debate….the only time you hear of her is when she is having a Hollywood FUND RAISING EVENT. It’s all about the money. Read “CLINTON CASH”.

Ontario Girl

Don’t forget Rupert Murdock, who now owns Fox news where Chris Wallace works…the moderator for tonights debate. The only guy Corrupt Hillary ever did an interview for was Chris Wallace at Fox news. Rupert Murdock donates to the Clinton foundation.Check it out on the internet. Does anyone think Murdock hasn’t passed along the questions in this debate to the Clintons? It wouldn’t be the first time she got the questions(Donna Brazil from the Clinton team) and had a child actress in the audience whose father worked for the Clinton campaign ask her a convenient question about Trump and calling women pigs bla bla bla and Hillary acted all surprised at the question. On and on…check out the Hillary corruption on wikileaks…..the media have a black out on it. Hillary Clinton is a lier and a sociapath. The only accomplishment she has, is getting away with her email scandals, thanks to having the media, FBI(James Comey and DOJ Loretta Lynch(the one Bill Clinton met on the airport tarmack before the FBI conclusion to her Email fate). Yeah and smashing phones with a HAMMER and using bleach bit to delete emails and two MISSING boxes of emails…even Obama was emailing her on an unsafe email after him saying…”I just heard of the emails when the media did. Time for Trump to drain the Obama/ Clinton SWAMP!!!

Bill Elder

Populism and nationalism is rising globally – globalism and its puppet ruling cabals and control mechanism are on the wane. Too many people have “taken the red pill” and there is no going back to the illusion constructed by the MSM to steal our birthright.

Rasmussen this AM has Trump at +3 – I believe the real numbers are suppressed – I also believe that the natural extension of the unprecedented collusive MSM coup d’état against Trump is , he will also see unprecedented massive ballot fraud. The reaction to both media betrayal and globalist election rigging, will be an even more motivated and dug-in populist revolt against establishment corruption. Populism will grow, nationalism will re-bloom – it will not be denied – Hillary’s worst nightmare is to win the election because her life will be a hell storm of repressing every new scanda and doing damage control on the old ones.

She is unfit to lead America, we know it, the media knows it, the DNC knows it and most of all Russia and China know it . We can only prey to devine forces that the evil unleashed by a corrupt globalist-media complex can be foiled by popular will.

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