America’s Lying Media

How have the mighty fallen? Far, far. America, during the 20th century, was a beacon of freedom and a light to all the nations who had to suffer under communism and other assorted tyrannies.
As the hysteria of the election reaches fever pitch, insults and innuendo fly with abandon. The War against Trump, and ordinary Americans, fueled by the leadership of both parties, the Washington Beltway parasites and their army of wormtongues in the media, will stop at nothing to see that their candidate, the Crook Clinton, slithers into the White House.

Racist, xenophobe, Islamophobe, deplorable,…ad nauseam, flow from the media everyday in their attempts to defeat Trump. Rational debate with the political class is now impossible. Any questioning of the status quo is met with this same temper tantrum in the media. Late-night TV talk shows, with their unfunny comedians, have degenerated into frat-boy humor, without the charm. The major newspapers, as they call themselves, the New York Slimes, Washington Pravda etc. have become the open mouthpieces of the propaganda arm of the Democratic Party; they no longer pretend to be reporting the news.

One remark made by Trump in a private conversation ten years ago, recorded without consent, seems to be more important than Clinton’s disastrous record in government. Apparently, the destruction of Libya and the murder of Gaddafi followed by the Benghazi Affair and Clinton’s copious lies about it, are chalked up as “experience in foreign affairs” by her media lackeys.

The years of Bill Clinton’s rape-fest and assaults on women were consistently covered up by the media, and then excused when found out. Hillary’s protection of him belies her prattle of defending women’s rights. Remember the “bimbo eruptions”?

The recent email scandal demonstrated the corruption of the Department of Justice and the FBI. Betraying the country’s secrets and then lying about it (sorry, I don’t recall) and getting away with it has been grist for the Trump mill, but the media wormtongues have done their best to try to obfuscate at all times.

The Clinton Foundation, an enormous slush fund, receives millions of dollars from those bastions of women’s rights like Saudi Arabia and Qatar. No problem here as the Clinton’s have never been concerned about common decency.

The media have always claimed that they “speak the truth to power”. Now, they are the power. We know what they are—the toadies of the Washington establishment and its neocon fanatics. In unison, they repeat the propaganda. After one Trump speech, all the media lambasted it as “dark” and “divisive”; TV, newspapers, all repeating, word-for-word, what their masters ordered. The same is true with many of the fatuous fake “polls” we hear so much about. “Polls say Clinton leads by…” When you dig out the information, it’s a poll conducted by a Clinton propaganda PAC of a few hundred people, mostly Democrats, of no consequence at all, but repeated endlessly in every news-rag from Washington to Blown Skull.

Need I continue? A nation that has protection of the freedom of the press as the first amendment to its constitution is now thinking of trying to suppress the Russian news networks and deny access by Americans to them over the cable networks and the Internet (here). I doubt that this will ever work, but let me say candidly, Russia Today is, quite simply, a better news organization than pretty much anything in the US media. It may reflect the Russian government’s position on many things, but the American media do the same. Furthermore, RT has more interesting politicians, interviews and reporting from actual reporters on the ground than anything in the US. The BBC in Britain is standard left-wing propaganda all the time; and it is financed by a poll tax (called a “licence fee”). The same is true of the news media of many other nations.

I’ll make up my own mind, as will you, and not be lectured by any state commissar as to which news I will read and watch. The Internet is the greatest force for freedom since the printing press, ergo, expect the war against freedom to be carried out there.

This election campaign has been the most bitter for a long time because so much is at stake. In a word, freedom. It is a sad commentary on America, with its guarantees of protected freedoms, that its media are now subservient to its ruling class.
As for the election, expect the Establishment media to be spitting poison against Trump every day until election day.

Rebel Yell

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Arran Gold

Why is that the case in US? Why are things so contentious?
Well, in other countries right-of-center has given up the ghost. In US they still fight.


The media outlets cited are all American and quite naturally they focus 24/7 on the election; it is their election.
But what exactly causes Canadian media to do pretty well the same thing? We are not involved, cannot vote (legally at least), and must deal with the Administration that is elected, whatever its stripe. Naturally the CBC is beside itself with hysteria that Trump might just prevail, but what of the National Post? Today they had at least 4 feature articles subscribed from the US sources mentioned above, all totally slanted against Trump; even their columnists are anti-Trump across the board. The shrillness of the Canadian media is in indirect proportion to the influence they wield among American voters. They really need to calm down and yet Americans decide their own government.

Sean M

I thankfully gave up my subscription to the NP after they campaigned for the half-wit frisbee coach Justine during the last election. Going to their web site these days just confirms that I made the right decision. The so called Canadian Media had no problem campaigning on behalf of an unaccomplished nit-wit, a part time drama teacher/snowboard instructor to the highest office of the land, but their utterly hysterical at the thought of a successful business man becoming President of the USA, bizarre behaviour that reeks of institutional corruption. Canada’s corporate State sanctioned Media is entirely corrupt and has been since the days of the first Turdo. As for the American Media, they have been infected, they are diseased vile propagandists of the globalist leftist cause. Clinton’s “fairness act” of 1996 has allowed for the American Media to be bought and owned by 6 corporations, many of whom donate to the Clinton Foundation. This consolidation of Media into a few powerful elitist hands has assured corruption of the Media. The American Media’s collective behaviour is of a fascist nature, lies, lies and more lies about Trump while ignoring the well known criminality of their chosen candidate the Beast of the Clinton Gang. The system has been corrupted by a very few to the detriment of the many. Trump said it best when he said the American Media are now a political arm of the globalists and the Clintons, as political as any lobbyist with a special interest and a political agenda… the well has been truly poisoned. Lets hope Americans aren’t as stupid superficial and shallow as Canadians and see through wall of corruption and lies.

Bill Elder

The MSM has devolved to being merely a programming/control tool for the zombie hordes – if it tells them to commit cultural suicide and hate themselves – that what they do. The MSM is an appendage of the globalist control system. However those who have taken the red pill and remain outside the control of media memorization are a distinct threat to the globalist cbal running the legacy media. We (truth) survives on the internet bandwidth pulse.

The internet has broken their monopoly of information control – but that will soon be be shut down for all practical purposes. When our right to free thought is repressed the lines will have been drawn.

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