I am a Deplorable




The British Army of 1914 was called “a contemptible little army” by the German Kaiser, and so they called themselves “the Old Contemptibles”. “Quaker”, “Protestant”, and “hippie” were all originally terms of derision that stuck, and were neutralized with the passage of time. I think Trump supporters should embrace being called “deplorable” especially when you see what the liberal media call deplorable.

  • 79% of Clinton supporters thought treatment of racial minorities in the US was a “very important” issue. Only 42% of Trump supporters felt that way.
  • 47% of US voters appear to think the Donald is a racist. 42% do not. (nothing about the Deplorables’ values here)
  • 60% of US voters believe the Donald is biased against women and minorities. (ditto)
  • Are you bothered when you come into contact with immigrants who speak little or no English? 50% of Americans in general are bothered. 77% of Trump supporters are.
  • Is Islam at odds with American values? All American voters: 57% Deplorable Trumpians: 83%

So, as to the values held by Trumpians, they significantly are less concerned with American racial (read black grievance) obsessions, and are somewhat more concerned with Islamic aggression against the values of a liberal society than the already intolerant 57%. And I would  certainly be bothered when I come across an immigrant who speaks neither English nor French, but I never come across them, so sheltered am I.

So I am definitely a Deplorable. You probably are too, with your two university degrees if you are reading this website. Imagine what all those coal-mining hillbillies feel like. Deplorable, indeed.

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Bill Elder

Putting up with my “deplorable” attitude is the price the idle political class must pay for picking my pockets for an existence.

Proving once again the the virtue-posing elite create nothing tangible, create no wealth and produce no essential commodities of life – quite the opposite – the stilted elite would be an impoverished dissolute 1% where it not for our willingness to allow the normalization of their looting of the productive plebeian class as a ” social virtue”.


I am a woman. I am a single mother, daughter, sister, girlfriend, and friend. I am a hard working American. I pay my dues. I work tirelessly in this once great nation to give all I can to my daughter. My wages are low, so i am forced to work a bit harder. I give to the poor. I support meaningful causes. I pay my taxes. I am not a homophobe, hater, racist, or bigot. I am a Trump supporter, and I am proud to be deplorable!
Trump/Pence 2016! Join me fellow deplorables. Let’s take our country back.

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