The Appalling Clinton

As the lame stream media every day go on a Donald Trump bashing mission, it’s worth pausing to reflect on what an appalling creature Mrs Bill Clinton really is. For without Bill Clinton, she would still be an ambulance-chasing lawyer in partnership Rat, Shark & Bottom-Feeder Inc, in Putridville, Arkansas (provided she hadn’t been disbarred by now). Her position in American politics resembles that of Elena Ceausescu, past deputy vozhd of communist Romania, also a woman of sub-mediocre intellect, but possessed of a demonic lust for power that almost overshadowed that of her tyrannical husband, Nicolae.

Through the decades when Bill was assaulting and raping his way through the American heartland, there was the faithful Hillary calling his victims ‘trash’, ‘bimbo eruptions’ and a multitude of other names, all the while affirming her support for sexual assault victims saying that all should be believed. She learned all this from her first position in Washington on the Watergate Commission, where she was fired for lying, thereby setting a trend that would be her best known professional characteristic.

Now that she is being offered by the oligarchy as a potential president, her escapades as Secretary of State in the Hussein Administration illustrated well her main talents in lying and incompetence. After the destruction of Libya and the murder of Gaddafi, she could only manage the words, “…we came, we saw, he died” as her analysis of the situation. Such is the depth of her intellect. Apparently, her view of foreign policy is to subject any uncooperative nation to aerial bombardment, destroy its infrastructure and see its leader murdered and then walk away, leaving the rest of the population to the tender mercies of ISIS terrorists, the likes of which have not been seen since the Dark Ages (of communist China). Now that benighted country is a failed state, submerged in a continuous tribal war between various terrorist factions.

During that debacle, which constitutes her foreign policy ‘experience’, as her toadies in the media would say, American diplomats were murdered in Benghazi by terrorists and she stood by and let it happen, despite being warned by intelligence sources about what was really going on. No, invent a new scenario, some minor video made by some hapless fellow, and blame them for the criminal negligence of the State Department whose major focus was molding its own subservience to the Islamic agenda of the White House, where ‘Islamic terrorism’ does not exist. Even though she knew what was going on, that was no obstacle to lying to families of the dead.

The latest treat, almost a cadenza of duplicity, has been her reaction to the emails she so ‘carelessly’ kept on an insecure server while in the position of Secretary of State. As is well known, the US Government is a stickler for security issues. Remember how General Patraeus, a man who has given his considerable talents to his country during the Iraq war, was prosecuted for a tiny infraction with someone who also had significant security clearance. Even after that, the Hussein White House moved to try to have his rank reduced to add insult to injury. But Hillary is a different matter. Even though she compromised all the highest level communications of the State Department because she did not want her communications be on the Government record, as they all should be, the Clinton Mafia flexed its muscle and showed that Lynch, the Attorney General, courtesy of a short meeting at an airport, found that no prosecutor would be ‘rational’ if they brought a case against her. Or rather, she instructed the FBI to say that, thereby contaminating the FBI and the Justice Department in one fell swoop. Perhaps they were thinking of the horse’s head in the bed?

To further her desire to be seen as pro-Muslim, the Taliban-supporting father of the Islamic terrorist who recently murdered 49 people in a gay nightclub, was, just by chance you understand, seated right behind Clinton at a rally. Imagine, if you will, that a white supremacist has just murdered 49 blacks and his (or her) father, also a white supremacist, were seated behind Donald Trump at a rally. Every media head would explode in a blood-soaked shower of indignation. But this is exactly what happened in the Clinton case and the media whores cover for her at every turn.

The ’presstitutes’, as Paul Craig Roberts calls them, are totally, fully and irredeemably in the tank for the Democrats and Clinton. Journalism has ceased to exist in the lame stream media, all that remains is the squealing reptilian horde, swarming around her feet, each one eager and striving to be picked as the most loyal and servile Wormtongue in her Empire of Lies. They vomit forth a stifling miasma of adulatory platitudes around her, insulating her from the world and from ordinary people. ‘How wonderful are you today?’ — ‘Do you feel more historic than God?… constitute their penetrating and questioning analysis as they quiver at her feet in anticipation of being thrown a morsel of carrion.

As the chosen candidate of the corrupt oligarchy, she must not fail, else thousands of careers and reputations, the entire leftist agenda to destroy America and turn it into a Third-World hell hole may be lost. Hence, the daily assaults on Donald Trump from the Washington Pravda, the New York Slimes, the Clinton News Network, and the shower of lesser nonentities polluting the cable TV networks.

Even her most subservient orcs in the media have trouble explaining away the endless lying. But she is always expanding the Clinton lexicon which includes an ever-growing list of words that mean lying. ‘Short-circuited’ is the most recent addition to the Dictionary of Dishonesty. I ‘short-circuited’ when I talked to the FBI. ‘Exonerated’ in Clinton Newspeak has the same meaning as ‘I lied, made the Attorney General an offer she couldn’t refuse, and got the FBI to lie to the American people for me.’ Winston Smith, call your office.

Ignorant, stupid and malevolent are the words that best describe her experience for office. Perhaps these are positives for the Democratic Party, features, not bugs, of their political vaporware. The semi-sentient biomass of journalists, reporters and assorted lickspittles, even at maximum grovel, will eventually realize that even they are all expendable.

Donald Trump, the brash New Yorker, the loud mouth, the American patriot, is a welcome alternative to the androids of the oligarchy. The more they insult him, the better he looks.
America, awake! You have nothing to lose but your Clintons.

Rebel Yell

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Bill Elder

It’s hard to add anything to that historic assessment of Hillary Reb, but there is one aspect we need to ponder as we watch her pathetic clawing and scraping in her vanity pursuit of the presidency. Aside from the fact she is too old, sick and morally and mentally handicapped – there is the fact that if you hire Hillary you get Bill as well – forget who she chose for VP it will be Bill and the Dixie mafia running the Oval office – with some financial help from klepto-Globalist Soros.

Roger Stone’s expose book “The Clinton’s War on Women” makes the facts in the Clinton MO perfectly clear – The Clintons are a criminal tag team with Bill abusing women, drugs and public trust and Hillary abusing Bill’s victims when they speak out. These days Hillary Clinton says women on college campuses who are sexually assaulted deserve to be believed. But what of those women like Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey and Paula Jones as well as many others who have accused Bill Clinton of sexual assault and rape ? When confronted about this by media during Bill’s diddling trials, Hillary gave us a clue as to how she intends to handle troublesome women, media and opponents – defame them and send private detectives/security operatives to blackmail or intimidate them into silence – she’s about as feminist as Imelda Marcos or Elena Ceaușescu .

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