Issues with Globalization

In the article Globalization and its New Discontents, Joseph Stilglitz addresses some of the issues that have led to discontent with Globalization and free trade. He notes the following.

“Among the big winners were the global 1%, the world’s plutocrats, but also the middle class in newly emerging economies. Among the big losers – those who gained little or nothing – were those at the bottom and the middle and working classes in the advanced countries.”

This is time for people to rethink their ideological beliefs.

Globalization has led it equalization of wages, i.e. decrease in wages in developed word and increase in wages in the developing world. That is not a surprise and was suppose to happen. What is a surprise is that the significant economic growth was expected to offset this. For those who believe in free trade, this has been a tough fact to digest.

Why didn’t we get the significant economic growth that was expected? Why will Obama, the smartest president ever we were told, end his term without a single year of 3% GDP growth? Well, in contemporary history the two most successful presidents were Reagan (right of center) and Clinton (left of center). Both had one thing in common during their presidency, technological innovation. Former, personal computer and latter, internet, i.e. presidential policies have very little to do with economic growth despite what leftist believe. You can only dig so many holes and then cover them up.

With people looking after their own interest, is it any surprise that the global elite are in favour of free movement of people? One reason you see Facebook’s Zuckerberg urge for increase in immigration is so people like him can have access to cheap labour. This unfettered supply of labour is contrary to the interests of the working class and it is no wonder that Trump has found a ready forum.

As for Trump, affirmative action has given us a half-black and half-woman on the Democrat side. Clowns are people too so one has to give Trump a chance. If you look at the RCP average of polls it is amazing how he closes in on his wife, err opponent, and then he falls back. There is still a lot of ambivalence about him. He is doing it right lately by sticking to the script, or as Obama fans were fond of saying about him in 2008 “staying on the message”, so he might come out ahead.

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Bill Elder

I cannot concur with Mr. Stiglitz entirely because his theories are a sort of misdirecting apology for a good system gone wrong instead of a condemnation of collusive tampering with sovereign trade control and free merit based markets to install a form of global command economics model – undermining national economic sovereignty for the benefit of the few is never a “good policy” ( there’s the Adam Smith coming out on me) – that said. I would rather contend with the old robber barons of the early part of this attempt at global corporatization rather than the transnational left globalists running it now – because the robber barons international corporate raiders of the 60s=70s would be happy with profits and leave the business of social change to the electorate and their governments. But somewhere along the way this prehensile global corporatism was hijacked by neo-left transnational social engineers and the results have been the spread of kleptocratic power structures and the disempowerment of individual and nation-state sovereignty – as you see the real loser has been an affluent middle class – the class which governments feared and catered to – in its place is a new austerity of buying power impoverishment and demand economics.

It is the middle class who have been turned into a working poor, unable to save any real wealth security with any real buying power sapped by inflation from expanded fiat monetization and crushing tax regimes which effect even the smallest aspects of living and inter-personal commerce. Add to to this the top down condescending narratives which brand working class concerns as to be dismissed as racist, homophobic , islamophobic and you see a great deal of working class angst being denied a political voice, let alone a place in public policy making.

Globalization is now a process of wealth and power concentration in a effete economic/political cabal by global integration of people, cultures companies, and governments of former sovereign nations – a process driven by international insider finance and aided by crony capitalism and global regulating bodies. It is essentially the marriage of corporatism to totalist governing fuctions and spread through a reworking of fascist/communist ideologies in de-nationalization into a global autocratic state.This process has effects on nation-state sovereignty, on culture, on political systems, economic class, on economic development and prosperity, and on human physical well-being as societies around the world are infected and sold out to a transnational cartel of capital monopoly and a powerful social engineering class.

Globalization is not new, though. For thousands of years, tyrants and despots killed millions to concentrate the wealth of the globe in one man or a small ruling cabal—and, later, corporations—have been buying and selling nations to each other through the credit and debt instruments of centralized credit control, such as through the famed Silk Road across Central Asia that connected China and Europe during the Middle Ages and the tradng companies that exploits other nations in the European mercantile era. Likewise, for centuries, people and corporations have invested in enterprises in other countries. In fact, many of the features of the current wave of globalization are similar to those trade and capitalization alliances prevailing before the outbreak of the First World War in 1914.

Globalization id just a new attempt at an old dream of monopoly.

Bill Elder

Dalwhinnie – FYI : Trump’s new campaign slogan:

“Americanism, not Globalism”

Thought that might make your day 😉

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