The imperturbable smugness




The sad decline of the National Post from a conservative newspaper into the Canadian voice of Wall Street continues. I take some comfort that the first rate minds, such as Conrad Black’s and Rex Murphy’s, continue to see that the impetus behind Trump is the conclusion that things have gone seriously wrong in the United States and in the world more generally. Whether they support Trump, as Conrad does, or sympathize with the reasons why others do, as Rex Murphy does, they are at least talking about the world that we see before us.

To highlight the bad news and the nonsense:

  • incomes have stagnated since 2007, and there has been no robust recovery from the looting of the economy by Wall Street;
  • factories have closed to foreign competition and those jobs are not coming back;
  • the elites seem more concerned with non-existent global warming and the benign effects of more CO2 in the atmosphere than they are with Islamic terrorism and jihad;
  • consequent to the global warming fixation, our energy polices are needlessly raising prices of home heating and lighting as massive amounts of money are transferred from ratepayers to agencies favoured by the political class;
  • American black males are killing each other in large numbers, but this has become unmentionable; it is all the white man’s fault, especially the cops’, hence the doublespeak coming out of Obama’s mouth on the subject of violence directed at American  policemen;
  • worst, the moral inversion of the ruling classes has reached such a point that right has become wrong, so for example, citing a statistic about anything contrary to the “Narrative” is a firing offence. The Narrative has become the agreed set of lies, and the agreement lasts for but a  moment. The Narrative changes, weekly if necessary, to the interests of the ruling classes, which happen to be ‘liberal’ in the American sense of the word and Democratic.
  • hence, in the Narrative, white people, particularly Christian white people, are the epicentre of the world’s evil, and they are to be held to account for the criminality, laziness, and uselessness of large portions of America’s black population, and much else besides.
  • Other people are in general, accounted to be Victims, and Victims are sacred to the leftist mind. Hence the sacralization of American blacks proceeds, despite all evidence of  disproportionate criminality and uselessness of a large portion of the African American tribe. The criminality is only the expression of resistance to white hegemony.

Today’s Post carries a clever article by Michael den Tandt, which praises Donald Trump as the ultimate scaremonger.

Quite the contrary; the United States I know is a land of peace, plenty and generosity, populated by people who are with very few exceptions friendly, courteous, law-abiding and kind to strangers.

The northeastern economy has been hit hard by factory closings, no question, and income inequality has spiked since 2008. But even so the U.S. remains the world’s most vibrant democracy and largest economy, possessed of the world’s most powerful military, by far. It has no enemy, foreign or domestic, that comes close to posing a threat to its existence.

Yet you, through the alchemy of your rage and the echo chamber of social media, have managed to persuade millions of your fellow citizens that the opposite is true. You are the first American politician to tap into the millennialism that has infused Western culture for the past 25 years. And you may just turn the world upside down as a result. Bravo sir. Bravo.

It is not what the United States is or remains, it is the perceived direction, Mr. den Tandt. It may seem to you, from the deck of whatever club you drink at in summer, that all is well in the best of all possible worlds. Maybe after a drink or two you might be compelled to admit that the Muslim Thing is worrying, or maybe not. Maybe you could be induced to admit that family incomes have been stagnant or declining in real terms for a decade. Maybe the cop assassinations in the United States would concern you.  Perhaps the energy policies being pursued to save us all from what is, to you and your kind, scientifically proven global warming might seem expensive or even foolish. Yet nothing that happens seems to penetrate the imperturbable smugness.

I have arrived at a deeper mystery than the depressing fatuity of most of the National Post. I have arrived at the core  of the question that disturbs me about politics in this time. Why, despite everything happening: stagnation, jihadist killings in Europe, uncontrolled immigration in the United States, to name the principal causative factors, why is the governing class so smug? Why?

Is my trigger level extraordinarily low? Do I perceive threats earlier than others? Is a conservative in my sense a person who smells the smoke before others, who hears the footfalls of the intruder before his sleeping wife? That could well be true. I do not deny my alarms are always ready to go off, that I am, in Mrs. Dalwhinnie’s phrase, ‘the canary in the coal mine’.

But I do not think it takes some special degree of perspicacity to be alarmed at massive Muslim immigration into Europe, or the fact that, because of Islamic immigration,  everywhere is becoming like Israel. I do not think it takes special insight to see that our children are having a tougher time than we did to establish themselves economically. I do not see how one can fail to perceive that “white people need not apply” has become unremarkable.

The left wing thing, whatever it is – and I do not really understand it – seems to think that we can invert the moral hierarchy of Victorian England: male, white, Christian, protestant, and somehow reach the egalitarian Utopia they claim to love. On the contrary, the newly inverted moral order that proclaims the female, the coloured, the pagan or the Islamic as the highest expression of humanity has merely inverted the moral order without changing it. Equality for everyone except white males, who have a special penance to perform for having invented the modern world.

The further effrontery of the Left is that we are all supposed to celebrate the end of “white privilege” that is to say, the liberal market democratic order we have built for the last two hundred years, and join in the slide into anarchy, poverty, racialism, and Venezuelan politics that Trump is fighting against.

Perhaps, when Mr. den Tandt considers politics from this perspective, he might agree with me that Trump is at least talking to some broadly shared concerns that do not derive from scaremongering by Trump, but from objective conditions in the political sphere.

But then he would not be so imperturbably smug.




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I believe that den Tandt used up so much political capital in his relentless criticism of PM Stepen Harper, that he risks being taken seriously in any small complaint of the Liberal government. It has dawned on him and several of his fellows that he has 4 maybe 8 years of a Trudeau administration and he needs something to critique for his column; sadly few take him seriously and dismiss him simply as a liberal apologist. He no doubt would bristle at any such suggestion and insist he is an objective, critical commentator. Rereading some of his commentary, objective analysis would suggest otherwise.


Thank you both for your comments. I am at a loss to understand why he is a leading commentator. He combines a second rate mind with an obdurate conviction of his own merits. Sort of like that Martin fellow at the Globe, and too many others to name.


With a handful of corn you can teach a chicken to peck at a button to turn a light on.
I’m not sure what it takes to train monkeys like den Tandt to parrot DNC talking points.
Probably more than one handful of corn since the chicken outranks him by a few IQ points.


Sean M

Another excellent post… My feeling is that Den Taint needs a new enemy now that the evil PM Harper has been “stopped”…. mission accomplished… Den Taint is still masturbating in public over his man love for the globalist half-wit he campaigned for, Trudeautard… still incapable of seeing anything wrong with the globalist dipshit and praises the mindless turd and his elitist agenda at every opportunity. Now Taint needs to attack someone who doesn’t believe in the New World Order, enter Trump. Den Taint is simply a paid shill for all things leftist, all things globalist, he’s also very very stupid and offers little of any insight into politics in Canada, and even less in America. The leftist soldiers encrusted within the corrupted globalist Media like Den Taint offer nothing but hate and desperation. For globalist Media types like Den Taint Trump is the enemy and so are the citizens that believe in what Trump says. Den Taint and his paid for leftist “opinion” on Donald Trump and American politics amount to a whole lot of nothing just like Den Taints advocacy for a globalist scrotum like Trudeautard, utterly meaningless… Den Taint is paid to spew leftist dog whistle hyperbole and that is what he does, and he would most likely do it even if he wasn’t getting paid, he;s that big a whore for the globalist cause.

Caol Islay

I am sure other readers have picked up on this before I did, but have you noticed how many leading articles that appear in the National Post originate in the New York Times.

No wonder so many find it is becoming so liberal.

Bill Elder

Dalwhinnie – I don’t think the political class and their crony capitalist clients on Wall street are “smug” so much as in paranoid denial – like whistling at night walking past the grave yard or fidgeting with the deck chairs as the Titanic hits ice.

They see the disaster of economics and social polemic their Keynesianism and transnational socialism has begat. They live in a sense of “borrowed time” – ever since Quantative easing the economy into permanent stag-flation and selling the “too big to fail” collusion of private capital and state – followed by “too big to jail” superclass absolution from law (as Hillary has displayed). The smugness is a foil – they are crapping their pants waiting for the inevitable collapse – the super class have escape plans but the grey men and media cheerleaders will be dealt with by the angry mob.

In a larger scope, the entire agenda of post modern western oligarchy is to culturally gaslight us into a paralysis of self-loathing and guilt, at which point the nation is pillaged and sold out to the globalist interests who will make us a full fledged member of 2nd/3rd world austerity and autocracy – just like the other 95% of UN members.


Greetings Bill Elder: Your analysis is too dark for my current sunny mood. I did not say it was wrong, only too dark. That they may be shitting in their pants from fear strikes me, nevertheless, as something they could only do if they understood what was going on, and I do not think they do, yet. ask me six months from now.

Bill Elder

Dalwhinnie – “Greetings Bill Elder: Your analysis is too dark for my current sunny mood.”

That’s what they said on Monday October 24, 1929 – Tuesday was too late to “hop on the next bubble” coming up.

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