So it was not spontaneous after all



The Nice attack that killed over 80 people had been planned for over a year. So much for any idea that it was spontaneous. Says Yahoo news:

Paris (AFP) – Five suspects have been formally charged over the truck attack in the French Riveria city of Nice that killed 84 people, the Paris prosecutor said,

Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, who mowed down crowds of people enjoying a Bastille Day fireworks display, had long plotted the carnage, prosecutor Francois Molins said….

More than 400 investigators have been poring over evidence since the grisly attack last Thursday, the third in France in 18 months, and it was analyses of Bouhlel’s telephone records that led them to the five suspects.

While the Islamic State group claimed the attack, describing Bouhlel as a “soldier”, investigators have not found direct proof of his allegiance to the jihadists.

Many people interviewed by investigators described the Tunisian father of three as “someone who did not practise the Muslim religion, ate pork, drank alcohol, took drugs and had an unbridled sexual activity”, Molins said earlier this week.

However initial details of the investigation revealed Bouhlel had been fascinated with jihad for a while.

Maybe someday not too long from now nominal Christians will start exploring what it would be like to be a crusader. But by then the  coming religious war will only be a few a few years off. Then the apologists will say that “crusader” atrocities had nothing to do with the Christian religion, but Muslims might be entitled to worry. As it would seem we are not so entitled.

The amount of wilful self deception on the Islamic/jihadist connection is bewildering to me.

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old white guy

“The amount of willful deception”……….that is how stupid people react, live, exist, I am at a loss for words.


Dear James, I think you are being remarkably self-restrained when you describe the hard left and Islamists as “almost as if” their goals were aligned. They both hate western civilization and seek to destroy it. Of this I am sure. Their particular idea of paradise may differ, but their methods are to scrape civilization’s rubble down to an evened field of rubble and start again.

Bill Elder

It will come to a head in a civil clash, if our politicians keep accommodating malicious Islam and cultural Marxists.

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