Newspeak for Everyone

Deep in the bowels of the Ministry of Truth, Winston Smith toiled away editing the past to bring it up to date with the current Party line. The Party sees all and knows all. Any deviant thought will be expunged from society and, along with it, the deviant thinker. Newspeak, the language designed by the Inner Party, was constructed to render all thoughtcrime impossible by steadily reducing the number of words in the language and declaring arbitrary meanings for any words it chose. Thereby, thoughtcrime, that is, all independent thought, even consciousness itself, would be rendered impossible.
Beginning to sound familiar? That’s right, it’s the behavior of the PC crowd, the cadres of the Thought Police, who today form the body of the Party and attempt to force, cajole, intimidate, threaten and browbeat all and sundry who actually believe there is an objective reality and words do not have arbitrary meanings.
Not only is this carried on by the political arm of the Establishment Party, but its malign influence has poisoned our educational system and made most of our universities organs of PC propaganda, particularly in the joke departments such as sociology and most of the “liberal arts” as it used to be known. For those of you who feel that you are failing to keep up and particularly for young students desperate not to transgress the Party line and not compromise their cultural Marxist integrity, I present a modest example of some Oldspeak translations of common words of our evolving Newspeak:
1. Nuance. As in “a more nuanced foreign policy” from Swift Boat Kerry, the current Secretary of State. It used to mean a fine distinction or shade of meaning, but now it means “I don’t have to explain anything as you rubes are too dumb to understand it.” The results of this type of foreign policy are usually military defeats or political disasters.
2. Misspoke. As when Mrs Bill Clinton “misspoke” when she said that she wanted to see all coal miners lose their jobs. And then denied it. In Oldspeak, this is “lie”. Remember this next time she gives one of her “misspeeches”. The word is frequently used by talking heads on NBC, ABC, the Clinton News Network and other Party organs to signify obeisance to the Party by protecting the reputation of Comradess Clinton.
3. Media analyst. Talking heads on TV political shows who take remarks by any conservative politician out of context to imply that the opposite meaning was intended.
4. Narrative. As in “the President’s message was consistent with his current narrative on the crime issue”. An example of a narrative might be “Islam is a religion of peace” or “the racial disparities in law enforcement” or a generally accepted and promulgated lie amplified by the media analysts and other toadies of the Party line. Almost always something in direct contradiction to the facts.
5. Divisive. As in “Donald Trump’s speech was divisive”. That is, he drew attention to some relevant facts that the Party would prefer to be undiscussed and kept hidden, such as real crime statistics, Mrs Bill Clinton’s aversion to truth, Islamic terrorist violence etc. Also, a difference of opinion between free citizens.
More to come, but I have to leave for a weekend in the country with powerful guns and glorious patriotic singing. Stay tuned.

Rebel Yell

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Bill Elder

Back in the day when I was a little codger I recall my dad watching the aftermath of 60s Wheatherman terror and attacks on police and the leftist riots at the DNC – he said something I have never forgetten (at the time I just shrugged it off as so much square stuff parents are always saying) but it seems almost prophetic in these times of social/civil polarization.

While watching the student riots on some US university campus he said: ” god damn communists in our own country, if we don’t do something about them now, we’ll certainly be facing them across a battle field later.”

Being a war vet, I doubt he envisioned anything other than a formal rural battlefield with defined lines, uniforms and declared hostilities. I often wonder what he would say now that we are headed into an urban battle field in a struggle for our culture and national sovereignty? What he would say about the fact we were put there by our own leaders who are the very radicals he watch throwing rocks at cops and burning flags.

Caol Islay

About the time mankind (if I may still use that word ) crawled out of the caves we developed language as a way of communicating specific facts in order to help us survive the harsh conditions. Words have specific meanings and only those meanings, until recently. In times past someone would say ” Looks like we are facing a harsh winter, or an aggressive enemy; so we had better lay in a plentiful supply of food”. Today if someone made the same comment they would receive a lot of criticism for being a fearmonger, insensitive to the feelings of others, or displaying a negative attitude. Once the harsh winter or aggressive enemy showed up and insufficient resources were gathered those same people would lament their hardship and demand a bigger government to ensure this never happens again.

Today we know we may not even mention black on black violence, all of the causes of violence against missing aboriginal women, or the fact that almost all of the acts of terrorism in the world today are committed in the name of Islam. If we are unwilling to even admit that these problems exist how can we ever solve them ? But our betters have decided that all of these issues are icky, and it is more comfortable just to pretend they do not exist at all.

Today we are so precious, so fragile, so special, that we cannot even hear of any unpleasantness at all without demanding trigger warnings, safe spaces and government guarantees that we will never suffer want, or even uncertainty, ever again. This is the legacy of the left wing politically correct language police who now rule the media and public affairs.

Words used to mean something. Now we may not use them at all for fear we may offend some poor little sensitive soul who cannot bear to be reminded of any unpleasantness of any kind. Too fragile to bear the truth, too precious to be subjected to objective facts. and far too special to ever have to hear anything other than bromides and platitudes that they know are not true, but are comforting nonetheless. Only seventy years from The Greatest Generation to these timorous weaklings. How pathetic.

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