Nothing to do with Islam

No sirree! The man who killed 84 people in a 2 kilometer-long rampage in a  truck in Nice, France was insane! That’s what his family said. That’s what the police say:

A police source has told The Telegraph that Bouhel might have been motivated more by a desire to commit suicide than by an Islamist ideology. The source who is close to the investigation said that the 31 year old attacker may have been “a suicide case who decided to make his suicide look like an Islamist attack. Investigators are being cautious about definitively ascribing a motive for the time being.”

The Guardian reports his father as saying:

On Friday night his father told Agence France-Presse that his son had suffered from depression.

“From 2002 to 2004, he had problems that caused a nervous breakdown. He would become angry and he shouted … he would break anything he saw in front of him,” Mohamed Mondher Lahouaiej-Bouhlel said outside his home in M’saken. He said he was prescribed medication to treat his depression.

He said they had heard nothing from him after he left for France. He also agreed that he had little to do with religion. “He didn’t pray, he didn’t fast, he drank alcohol and even used drugs,” he told AFP.

nothing to do with Islam

I would like to have a little chat with you about culture. Maybe it is also about religion. Why, when a non-Muslim, say some Christian cracker,  goes insane, does he rob a bank, get drunk or commit suicide by cop? Why does an American black thug shoot up a fellow male black thug in a park? Why does a Muslim, when he goes insane, strap a bomb to his chest and blow himself up in a supermarket filled with shoppers? Or drive for two miles along a famous boulevard killing scores -literally scores – of people. That is a lot of thumping bodies into the bumper, a lot of bouncing around in the cab as the truck wheels crunch bodies. It was not one or six people killed at once in a bunch outside a cafe, it was two kilometers worth of people. Slaloming down the road to kill as many as possible, that was our depressed Morroccan.

I do not care particularly if Mohamed was depressed. Why not commit suicide, then, quietly by overdoes of drugs?

He may have been suffering from depression. He might have been a failure. But what we know for certain is that jihadist organizations appeal to, and can find, such marginal types and get them to kill huge numbers of non-Muslims.

I would say that he was suffering from Islam, not depression. And, to a certain degree, so are we all.

A Muslim writing in the Telegraph has the same idea as me.

You can’t disrupt a network that was barely a network to begin with and you can’t break up a conspiracy of one. There will never be enough police to stop every runaway truck or every gunman in an airport, or nightclub, or stadium.

You can stop the flow of recruits, perhaps, or you can engage in more drastic action, like kicking them out of our countries. I suggest that both will be tried within the next twenty years.

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Bill Elder

According to all the “authoritative” media news outlets, the “truck” did it – it was a “Truck Attack” for a full news cycle until compounding leaked details on the internet made that narrative invalid – then the narrative changed to the Islamist perpetrator ( who eye witnesses claim was screaming Allah Akbar” as he fired into the crows) was not a “real” Muslim because he drank and ate pork. He was not of the religion of peace – his brother-in-law sez so doncha know.

When your media cannot come to grips with the reality that the consistent situation on the ground is a total contradiction of their narratives and utopian dogmas, there is little chance the problem will be fixed. The first step to solving a problem is admitting you have one, and the political/media establishment are not even at this stage yet.


Amazing how many times people must see this movie before they understand the plot. Some evidence suggests that France, at least Pres Hollande does get it. He has referred to a war on terror being waged, obvious but not so to commentators who still hide behind the myth that various terrorists are disturbed, mentally unbalanced etc.
In Canada the animal who murdered Cpl Nathan Cirillo and headed for Parliament for some easy shooting, was thus described. This is a gross insult to thousands of people genuinely suffering from mental disorders. They don’t routinely decide to murder as many innocents as possible because they are depressed or off their meds.
One cult, religion, or group associated with radical Islam is the common factor in all these recent mass terrorist attacks.
Western democracies should have learned this lesson in Sept 2001, but 15 years later they still have difficulty accepting the reality they are in a war with radical jihadists. To combat this menace, or have any ideas to deal with it, the enemy must be identified and engaged. Very few political leaders are prepared to do this.


Thank you for your comments. I agree with you all. Once upon a time, I asked myself what it would take to get western civilization out of its current dogmatic insistence that all cultures are equal, that all people are equal, that all religions are equal. And that to say anything contrary made one a fascist, or a racist, or whatever the disapproved of category is this decade. I reckoned then that it would take many years of Islamic terrorism to begin, not end, but begin the process of getting people to understand that these self evident truths are not true at all, not in the way that left wingers think them to be true. Qualities endure, differences are real, and matter. Islam is a doctrine of evil. It is that simple. Just as a circle is not a square. But try to tell that to the equivocating purveyors of humbug- well, they think global warming is the relevant issue.

Bill Elder

Just a follow up on my post where I cite the politically correct establishment as being in denial of the facts on the ground (and the increasing height of bodies piled up by the agents of the religion of peace) – a friend of mine who pays attention to these things, e-mailed me a report from France where the media is puzzled by the the 300% plus increase in gun club memberships ( In France belonging to a gun club is a condition of your firearms possession licence).

I see this as a popular ballot, that the people have lost faith in the political/media establishment – they perceive its narratives as spacious and they do not trust it with their personal or national security – so the citizens are arming to do the job the government has failed to do – police as always are caught right between the forces of order and chaos. Of course now it’s political popular to shoot police – and the blue line thins as police retire or quit.

We live in epic times – some would say biblical times

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