An Offer He Couldn’t Refuse…

So…Hillary Clintonescu is not to be indicted. Well, I never would have guessed that. But then, it was all so clear.

The She Creature, finally caught abusing the offices of the Secretary of State, officiating over the debacle in Libya, excusing her husband’s myriad assaults and worse, vowing to destroy the ‘bimbos’ and ‘trash’ that spoke out, and, now, that her positions have ‘evolved’, every woman who claims rape should be ‘believed’……But you know the never-ending story of hypocrisy and lies that is the Clinton Saga.

Suddenly, the FBI, while investigating the manifest abuses of trust and power that were given to the Clintonescu, has found that all these activities do not warrant prosecution! And how did this happen? Well, just by chance, Mr Clintonescu just happened to be in his jet and just happened to be on the same piece of tarmac that the Attorney General (Ms L Lynch) happened to be with her jet. Lo and behold, they had a little meeting, just to discuss the grandkids and such like. Then, in a completely unrelated fashion, the female Clintonescu happened to mention that the aforementioned Ms Lynch might well stay on as Attorney General if she won the election in November. As Fate would have it, these coincidences are always so fascinating, the FBI Director, a Mr Comey, suddenly declared that despite colossal negligence, demonstrable perjury and stupidity, there was not a reasonable ground for prosecution.

Well, well. Heavens to Betsy, what next? Despite the fact that any part of these activities would have landed any ordinary American, civilian or military, in the clink for several eons, suddenly the presumptive, and presumptuous, Democratic nominee is excused.

The Clinton Mafia is in full control of the Democratic Party, supported by the cat box liners the Washington Pravda and the New York Slimes.

It was all in clear view. The Don had a meeting with the Judge. The Judge then had meeting with the FBI Director at which he heard about the offer he could not refuse. Whether this was a promise of money or death is not yet clear. The only thing we didn’t see was the horse’s head in the bed.

Rebel Yell

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Bill Elder

Personally I believe, given the Klintonesta MO of bribe-blackmail-convenient accidents, that Lynch was given a patronage plumb (she’s cheap to buy) but she was also given a list of FBI functionaries and AG prosecutors who they had some scandal info on – blackmail silenced the FBI and the prosecutors in much the same way Obama had GOP senators and reps bugged then used scandal extortion to keep them in line.

In any event it is an indication that the US executive political class are above and outside the law – November will not only be an election, it will be a pivotal point in US/world history, where the US either remains a free constitutional republic or continues to descend into the abyss of 3rd world banana republic lawlessness.

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