The Oligarchy Trembles…Part the First

In the West, democracy died quite some time ago. In Europe, the US, Canada and other nations of Western Civilization, the political structure is one of oligarchy.

We are led to believe that we are a democratic society, where the rulers rule with the consent of the governed. In fact, we live in an oligarchy, the rule by an entrenched political class which, in the modern world, is semi-hereditary, globalist, rich, anti-national, anti-democratic and vicious. It is active in all Western countries and is developing into a World Hydra with its tendrils extending into all parts of society.

The foundation of the Oligarchy is the Doctrine. The Doctrine is a commitment to globalization, the destruction of the middle classes in Western society by shipping material production and all manner of jobs to China and other non-Western, low-wage countries. The Doctrine also includes any and every measure to destroy the nation state, hitherto the bastion of our Western Civilization and the Christian values that built it. This is implemented, for example, by support for ever-expanding state power as in the EU and by the cancerous growth of the Federal Government in the US.

The Doctrine also includes massive immigration from more primitive societies, particularly Islamic societies, with a view to further weakening Western nations with a cultural and racial population that not only will not integrate into Western societies, but which is actively hostile to them.

Another necessary feature of the Doctrine is the suppression of free speech. In our current techno-centric world, this is done by Facebook (here) and Google censorship, workplace intimidation, “hate speech” codes in universities and companies, and the response to any objection to the Doctrine by insults and libel. The censorship and attacks on liberty require a political instrument, the Thought Police. The modern, 21st century Thought Police is not a secret organization as in Orwell’s 1984, but an open club that anyone can join. All you have to do is swear allegiance to multi-culturalism, multi-racialism, globalization and massive immigration, “hate speech” laws, promise to say that everything in Western Civilization is bad and Islam is a religion of peace, and you’re in. Then you have free licence to insult, intimidate, threaten, and lie about anyone who objects to the Doctrine.

The Thought Police are particularly active in academia and education generally, seeking out the youngest to instill fear in to make them more malleable as they grow up. Other branches include the open thug organizations like Black Lives Matter and Social Justice Warriors (pause for hollow laughter) who are free, even encouraged, to intimidate white and Asian students on campuses, and any rent-a-mob that wants to show up and throw bricks and bottles at Trump supporters.

The Oligarchy maintains itself in power by means of Potemkin political parties that represent slightly different facets of the Doctrine. In Britain we have the Labor, Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties; in Germany, the Social Democrats and the Christian Democrats; in the US, the Democrats and the Republicans etc. There is no real difference, only a little less immigration here, a little more state control there. The Potemkin parties are shock absorbers for the Oligarchy. An open tyranny might just expose the whole game, hence the need for the Potemkin parties to syphon off anger when the proles get uppity with hollow promises and meaningless platitudes. Even with that, the EU commissars are moving closer to the open version—witness the complete disregard for referenda results that do not support the Doctrine. When the voters begin to see the sham, and begin to show disagreement with any of the elements of the Doctrine, all the “mainstream” parties (i.e., tools of the Oligarchy) will speak up for the Oligarchy and pour streams of insults and threats on any dissenting movement. Usually, this is enough to silence any opposition.

The ground on which all this is built is beginning to shake and tremble. In Europe, the UK Independence Party, the Front National in France, the AfD party in Germany, the new Hungarian government, the Danish People’s Party, (all called “populist” or, in utterly misleading fashion, “far-right”) and much more, are gaining large fractions of the popular vote. They are now “mainstream”, a word that has been until now used by the propaganda organs of the Oligarchy to signify subservience to the Doctrine. And the Oligarchy is troubled.

The Times They Are A-Changin’…

The Brexit vote in Britain has just given the political class its first kick in the you-know-what and they’re hopping mad. Squealing about hate, neo-Nazis, ignorant masses, uneducated proles, and what’s wrong with democracy, all because they lost. Isn’t it amusing to see the political class with the mask off? This is what they really think about freedom of choice: it’s good only as long as the great unwashed deliver the result approved of by their betters. Enjoy the full-bore exposure of their hypocrisy, spite and venom. But beware the attempts of the globalists and the Establishment to undermine the vote and pervert democracy. They are utterly without scruple or decency and should never be trusted.

But for now, Britain has spoken for national freedom and liberty. Again, she leads the world, and, more importantly, the West, where it really matters.

The Euro-Soviet behemoth totters….

Rebel Yell

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Sean M

Absolutely agree, great post. I’ve been saying pretty much the same thing for years now. Living in Canada one has to be terminally stupid to not see that we live under an Oligarchical system, quite distressing actually. Its interesting that in Canada the Oligarchs rule through the imposition of the warped Trudeau Charter, calling the Trudeau charter a document of “rights and freedoms” was truly genius and sociopathically perverse, but it does work like a charm. What better way to impose “progressive” social policy, “progressive” economic policy, and “progressive” energy policy than through the unelected, unaccountable Courts. While a nit-witted head of hair prances around the country pandering to one “special’ group after another the Oligarchs quietly rule from behind the bench with every decree they conjur or “interpret” described as “law”. Citizens of course are rendered helpless against the rule of the appointed Oligarchs of the Supreme Court and the lower Courts who impose their political and ideological decrees while having the perverse and absurd ability to describe their tyrannical reign as a “protection of rights and freedoms”… They should’ve called the Trudeau Charter the Magna Carta killer or a return to Oligarchical rule. Sadly, nothing will change this imposed system of Oligarchical rule in Canada, its corrosive influence and inherent corruption of our democratic institutions is I’m afraid terminal. Although, Britain, the USA and other historically democratic nations still have a chance at reclaiming their freedoms from the Oligarchical cess pool.

old white guy

as I have said many times, the conservatives are the liberals, are the NDP, are the greens, are the communists.

Bill Elder

A lucid sit-rep of the global political landscape and control systems – Bravo. But you are preaching to the converted with me Rebel Yell, I denounced party politics and the charade of democratic theater over 20 yrs ago when the Canadian Reform party/movement was hollowed out from within by the agents of the very political oligarchy of which you speak. Reform was an organic movement to rest control of government from the oligarchs with their tweedle dee/tweedle dum party-media control system and give it back to the people through populist reforms in Parliament, senate and the party system (elected senate, end of whipped votes, recall of MPs, balanced budget and property rights entrenched in the Charter and referenda on contentious issues) – since the demise of this last Canadian gasp at populist representative democracy, Canada has descended back into the morass of globalist pillaging and public austerity.

I won’t bore you with the sordid particulars of Reforms demise, even though I was in the front lines of resisting party assimilation into status quo Ottawa limited democracy, just suffice to say I have watched Nigel Farage and the UKIP for any years reviving populist democracy in EU-oppressed Britain, with my experience in mind and a glimmer of hope for his success. When I told you I was overjoyed with the Brexit vote and its results, I was genuinely jubilant for Brits – it was a massive blow to the globalist oligarch hegemony, – I wish Canadians could deliver such a sucker punch to smug self-serving Oligarchy some day. (I think we will have that chance as the North American Übermenschen have been pimping a political/economic/cultural north American union for some time and we are destined to relive Britain’s anguish as a Balkanized vassal state of a globalist consortium).

I believe the Brexit timing was impeccable, you cut the chains just before they really cut off Britain’s cultural and economic life blood. I am hopeful for both Canada and the US in making the needed correction back to accountable inclusive democracy. We Prols in North America have a political advantage Brits do not – Americans have the 2nd amendment and because Canada shares a border and economy with them, we by default have retained our traditional civil liberty. Let no one tell you any different, but the reason the US still maintains a modicum of civil liberty and are not yet a globalist Junta dystopia is because of their capability to launch an effective civil resistance to overt tyranny. Wiser globalists in these power structures still fear this capability and are cautious about traditionalist public optics in “boiling the frog” agendas.


I can add nothing to what Sean M and Bill Elder have stated, other than how perfectly you described what I have known for years but was unable to articulate it so well. Thank you for what I consider the best post yet on this topic.


The problem with your analysis, Rebel Yell, is that it may actually be true in the sense in which you mean it: capitalized Oligarchy, capitalized Doctrine. For my part I have been inclined to think in terms of blobs: blobs of opinion, blobs of opinion holders, where the participants are not hard and fast members (with party cards as it were) so much as normal people drifting in and out of statistically defined aggregates of class, opinion, or belief.
I have always assumed there is a kind of agreed set of beliefs that make government possible in a democracy. This set of beliefs is inculcated, as values must be. Societies without sufficient common beliefs start to come apart. In our case (Canada) it is multiculturalism, and the tolerance that ‘multiculti’ requires. We enjoy a rather generous welfare state which rests on some quite energetic capitalism. The governments of Canada do not as a rule intrude harshly into our lives. We have an agreeable society, by and large.
What I observe lately is that the elites have become severely out of touch with the opinions of ordinary people. This has occurred for many reasons, but the main reason preventing the elites from hearing other people has been the iron masks of political correctness that hinder direct speech in almost any social circumstance where you have not known people a good long time. There is too much fear of being labelled a bigot for drawing attention to what is before our noses. An obvious example is the gap between how ordinary people talk and how we are allowed to talk about Islam. You could add climate change (so-called) to the list of topics where the slightest demur draws haughty condescension.
I think our public discourse is going through a necessary and rapid change. Those blobs of opinion seem to harden into boulders when the rate of change is too fast for them to accommodate. What you call the Oligarchy I see merely as another of these blobs: there is no structure, no secret memberships, no party discipline. It is just the blob of people holding PC thoughts. They are being challenged and they do not like it one bit.
I confess I might need to harden my attitudes to approach yours, Bill Elder’s, Alain’s, Old White Guy’s and Sean M’s. But I am having a right royal time watching the elites react like slugs who have had salt poured on them.

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