Thank God Almighty, free at last: 52% vote to leave

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“There were two referendums on Thursday. The first was on membership of the EU. The second was on the British establishment. Leave won both, and the world will never be the same again.”

Tim Stanley in the Telegraph



I do not know what factor would have failed to drive me to vote for UK independence: uncontrolled migration from within the EU, uncontrolled immigration of Muslims, the supremacism of the European High Court, or the basic fact that the European super-government is not responsible to the European Parliament. Imagine, if you can, a Canadian Parliament where the government answers questions in the House of Commons, but does not depend on the support of any party in the House: a permanent, irremovable executive. Now imagine that it has been governing you for thirty-five to fifty years. Now imagine that every critique of it is met by denunciations from the elite to the effect that you are a reactionary yobbo for daring to dissent, and to being sternly lectured by foreign government heads for even thinking of breaking out.

In the end, is it any wonder that the people revolted?

Imagine a Supreme Court composed of the most activist leftie judges overturning every social arrangement, all of whom are appointed to reign over your judicial system. We have a bad enough time with an out of control left-wing Court that is appointed by an elected Prime Minister, but the European Court of Justice has been particularly aggressive in knocking down national law.

Yes there will be uncertainty, but yes, there needs to be more fear in Brussels, so the rulers know they can be removed.

As far as I am concerned, Brexit means Trump, and for the parallel reasons. Periodically the upper classes need to get the boot. Not for a whim, but for persistent failure to care for the well-being of their electors, and a persistent deafness to their cries for understanding. Electorates  have experienced way too much condescension and contempt from their elites: whether of the left, right and centre. A purge is needed. It will come.

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Bill Elder

I haven’t felt this jubilant for some time, I’m so overjoyed for Brits who slipped off the yoke of happy-face tyranny. It gives one hope in the inherent common sense of the common man. What started out as a trade deal and ended up as an anti-democratic governing bock has taken a deep blow – all their fear mongering to stay failed. They haven’t fully zombified Brits – yet.

The Brexit vote has 2 huge underlying benefits (aside from stemming Islamification and socialist feudalism):

First is the economic benefits will be felt immediately when Britain keeps the 1 million dollars a day they send to Brussels in tax to pay for a redundant unelected 4th layer of government – that money now stays at home and hopefully back into the pockets of the people who will start rebuilding the UKs plundered economy with it..

Second, the UK exit is a major brick out of the dam holding back wide spread public enmity of the plundering autocratic EU oligarchy – others will follow – as I type there is word that the Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark are discussing an EU exit vote – ALL the increasingly popular nationalist parties in Germany, France and elsewhere are pushing for an EU exit vote.

The sun seems to be rising on the UK anfter a long night.


quite interesting that not one single newcast I’ve seen has even mentioned why people would vote to leave, wonder why that is?, course one shouldn’t be surprised considering these are the same people that are Justin and Obama cheerleaders

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