Indomitable: Cherokee Guns

Admiral Yamamoto, he who designed the Pearl harbor attack, had been a Japanese naval attaché in Washington before World War 2. He travelled extensively in the United States and learned English. He warned his army colleagues that America was unconquerable. He said that, from coast to coast every American home was filled with weapons and that  the people were adept at using them. The Japanese Army paid him no attention. See where it got them. See below.


cherokee guns

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Bill Elder

The sign shown tells so much about the health of that nation. Although Americas health is failing, attacked from a disease within its own soul, there are small enclaves where the 2nd amendment protects the 1st amendment. The fact this sign can stand unmolested by malevolent government and sundry freelance nihilists tells me it is in a locale where America lives strong and free.

“enemies foreign and domestic”

It is a sad thing to watch this great nation hollowed out from within, much like Rome – where traitors opened the gates to the barbarian hordes.


I recommend Brian Fagan’s “The Long Summer: How Climate Changed Civilization” at pp 205 to 211 for a more complete picture of the fall of the Western Roman Empire.
It is quite likely that your ancestors and mine were part of those hordes, and they cross the Rhine as much to escape sudden worsening of climate – the end of the Roman warm period – as to seize land and hold it. The collapse of the Western Roman Empire around 425AD has not been explained sufficiently as a consequence of an agricultural collapse brought on by a sudden drop in global temperatures. A recommended book in any case, agree or not.

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