Anti-white racism

Watch this. A debater from some second tier university argues at Harvard that whites should kill themselves because of “white privilege”. There has been and continues a completely frank anti-white racism in Obama’s America, which is only growing. People are getting fed up with it. And no one seems to be linking the rise of Trump with the reaction of the white people in America to this devaluation wrought by the political left. Whom you would destroy you first denigrate. To me the link seems obvious.

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This looks like footage from a debate club practise session. I think its great these students get together and debate current issues openly and throw out any and all kinds of arguments. That’s a large part of what getting an education is all about – asking questions, challenging propositions, defending beliefs and ideas. Kudos to these kids and the institution they are studying at. Many institutions of higher education are limiting speech … its encouraging to see that is not the case in this clip.

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