The violence at Trump rallies

For years, in the Obama regime, naturally, blacks have been attacking whites and Asians in sudden but premeditated assaults, which came to be called “the knockout game”. You can read all about it here. Have you just heard about it? In that case you may have been dwelling on the planet of liberal media.

But one Trump supporter attacks a black agitator being removed from a Trump rally, and we have a national crisis of violence? No, what we have is a member of the white race punching a member of the liberal mascot victim group, American blacks. That is the crisis. Liberal victim groups are sacred! It is the only sacredness admitted by the Left to exist. And when whites, the most despised social group in Obama’s America, finally summon the courage to react to anti-white racism and discrimination, to the flooding of their country with uncontrolled immigration, to the decline of their living standards, and most important of all, to the endless attacks on their moral integrity for the crime of simply being white, well, folks, that is a a crisis of the most serious kind in the hegemony of leftist thought.

Here is a link to Ezra Klein’s heavy breathing on Trump’s “ideology of violence”. Klein writes:


The topic was protesters, and Trump’s frustration was clear. “They’re being politically correct the way they take them out,” he sighed. “Protesters, they realize there are no consequences to protesting anymore. There used to be consequences. There are none anymore.”

“Our country has to toughen up folks,” he continued. “We have to toughen up. These people are bringing us down. They are bringing us down. These people are so bad for our country, you have no idea.”

This is more than an aside; this is the core of Trump’s ideology. The protesters who interrupted his rally, the political correctness that kept the police from cracking their skulls, the press that takes the hippies’ side — this is why America has stopped being great. We were strong, and we were tough, and we didn’t take this kind of shit from anybody. And now we are weak, and we are scared, and we take this kind of shit from everybody.

I know intimately the tactics of the Left. They demonize, since rational opposition to their views is impossible. They never argue; they only seek one’s social exclusion. They incite the violence and then blame the victim of their violence for causing it. Trump had to shut down a rally in Chicago because of the threat of violence from a Left-wing organization, funded by Soros, yet that lickspittle National Post is blaming Trump.



This will continue and intensify until Trump wins the election. Make no mistake what this election is about: it is the reaction of the white race (and all other sensible people, but whites especially)  to its systematic denigration and exclusion from its place in the moral universe. The Left wants a racial fight? It has got one, and it is going to get more vicious, because it MUST be won, for the future of the American people. America will not long survive if its founding political culture is  destroyed by the destruction of the white race. Since the Left insists there is something particularly evil in being white, I am allowed, and Americans are allowed, to insist there is some particular virtue in the political order it upholds. Race-ism is a grievous moral distortion, but as a short-hand way of saying it, the political culture that made America great will not long survive the moral extinction planned for whites by the political Left. The attack on political correctness by Trump is an attack on everything that is wrong with America under Obama: of which the ideology of Saul Alinksy, Michael Moore, and Black Lives Matter are but exemplars.

You wanted this fight, you commie nihilists. You got one. Let liberals deplore all they want. This is a fight that must be allowed to play out.

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Eric Doll

Right you are, but will Trump double down and maybe even finger the legal establishment as the enablers of no-fault hooliganism? He has just laid down the opening shots in a war to win back a civil society (God, how I wish we had a Canadian leader-in-waiting with such huge bowls) but will he see it through?

Jack Kent

It’s pretty amusing to me unless there’s something going on I’m not seeing on TV. One cranky 78-year-old takes a sucker swing at an athletic-looking young guy who barely misses a beat and brushes it off as if it were a punch thrown by a 78-year-old guy. I’ve seen more violence at the average hockey or football game.


I don’t think this is a race issue at all. No doubt, for some, it is. But, personally, I think everyone needs to move past skin colour. From my point of view, the conflict is a cultural one. Being politically correct, diplomatic in one’s language, nuanced, etc, requires a certain amount of dedication and skill … and that skill set belongs almost exclusively to well educated professionals. Trump appeals to everyone in America who does not posses that skill set (or doesn’t care to, or doesn’t place high value on it). The people in America who DO posses that skill set are aghast that he is succeeding without it. His success challenges their right to hold and maintain the keys to the executive bathroom. He threatens their privileged position in society, and they are striking back by trying to show what an unsophisticated boob he is. HE strikes back by demonstrating his ability to lie, cheat, swindle, bargain, boast, hog the spotlight, etc as good as they can … if not better. The whole thing is a UGE mess, but, you know, “welcome to America”. What the USA really needs is one or two other viable political parties. A choice between just two is hardly a choice at all. Name one other legitimate democracy with only two parties – it cant be done. Maybe Trump’s victory will force someone to create a viable third party – maybe something ideologically inbetween the Dems and the Reps. If that is the outcome, it may have all been worthwhile.

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