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48 hours after you read it here first, Susan Delacourt picks up what you first read in our Trubama blog. Some might have written a headline that said “For two years, Obama’s friends worked to topple Stephen Harper” and wondered how much involvement a foreign president/government had taken in manipulating Canada’s internal affairs, but hey it’s the Star and this is Canada and when it comes to progressives conspiring to ensuring a sitting government’s defeat, it’s all good with our media – defenders of democracy that they are – right?

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As clear a case of foreign meddling in a sovereign democratic election as is possible to find.This from US pundit Mike Allen:
“Since 2013, Precision has helped the LPC and Team Trudeau map the path to victory in specific ridings (precincts) across the country — data work, paid digital ads, field, strategy”.
Most Canadians may be forgiven for thinking this is illegal, but it is only a grave problem if conservatives do it. But it is Liberals, not conservatives who routinely turn to American operatives for advice. Think of Gov Howard Dean addressing the LPC, or JFK hugely assisting Mike Pearson.
Where is the outrage among the media party of blatant interference in our election? Delacourt sees nothing wrong with it, a normal state of affairs. she maintains. A lot of Canadians would beg to differ.


I agree with you Martin. I don’t mind so much that it happens … but it drives me around the bend that its only ever a problem for the media when its done by, or benefits, Conservatives.


PS: Can you imagine the outrage if a Conservative PM had tweeted this: “My thanks to @POTUS Barack Obama for the warm welcome today. Sophie & I already feel at home.”? A Canadian PM feeling “at home” in the US? If Mulroney had said that to Reagan there would have been riots in the streets (well, actually, there’d only be riots in the news rooms of the country – everybody else would shrug). Sigh.

Jack Kent

There is little wrong with hiring foriegn expertise. There is something hugely wrong with hiring such expertise when it is so intimately linked to a sitting foreign president whose interests, particularly in energy, are clearly opposed to Canada’s. Imagine if it was revealed Potus’s friends were meddling in French, Russian or Mexican democracy? At least now we know why he didn’t approve the pipeline – to make Stephen Harper look bad and so he could place his puppet in Ottawa.

Blair Atholl

Clearly shocked by what she’s uncovered and vigorously defensive of her independence and the need to keep the public’s faith in her journalistic integrity, Delacourt posts on Facebook:

Susan M. Delacourt
1 hr ยท
Here’s the guest list for tonight’s state dinner and it includes lots of Facebook (and real) friends. (Katie Telford; Gerald Butts; Kate Purchase; Vicki Heyman; United States Ambassador to Canada Bruce Heyman; Navdeep Bains; Jeremy Broadhurst; Chrystia Freeland) Wishing you all a wonderful night; the time of your lives.

Gabby in QC

What, Ms. Delacourt didn’t tag along with the Canada 2020 contingent that went to Washington, which possibly included her husband, the “independent progressive think-tank’s” Senior Associate, Research & Engagement expert?


Cozy, tight-knit little club indeed. Looking at the directors on Canada 2020, one is left to ponder where the LPC, the Canadian Government and Network TV News begins and ends.
Is it really in Canada’s best interest to have a group so identified with the LPC hosting a bilateral meeting of government leaders? And how is it possible for those such as Susan Smith and others to report objectively on government policy and legislation, when they are so tied in with the ruling party? Does CBC even know what conflict of interest means?

Jack Kent

Dunno. Ask Evan Solomon. He misuses his position in the most scandalous way and weeks later he’s writing for Maclean’s and has a satellite radio gig. The bigger question is: does mainstream media even know what conflict of interest is (even though they accuse others of it all the time). They all just shrugged at the fact the PM’s brother is a lobbyist – didn’t even ask if the PM would recuse himself from any decisions on files which involved his brother’s lobbying.

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