All Trump,all the time,,, part(7)

Our soi-disant conservative National Post is gloating in several places today that Trump may be on his way out after coming in second in Iowa.

I will refer our social and intellectual superiors to the Reuters rolling poll of candidates. Trump consistently polls around 38%, Cruz 14-15%, Rubio 12%.

It will do Trump good to absorb a loss. A little modesty might suit you better, Donald.

As to the National Post, we can only regret the loss of insight into what makes North Americans tick since Conrad sold it. The Post reveals that it has bought into the Republican establishment view which, in my opinion, is why the latter have lost several recent Presidential elections. The Republican candidate lacked the vital connection that would attract the average American to his cause. The Donald does not.

But we shall see.

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Nicola Timmerman

Had to laugh at the Cbc piece about the mass hypnosis that Trump instilled being broken by this loss. How about the mass hypnosis that Trudeau has instilled if the latest poll numbers are to be believed.

old white guy

one question. how many liars and cheats are there in politics?. throw in how many stupid people are there and we have an infinite number of possibilities. the question that must be asked is how many intelligent people who want to be free from government interference in their lives, live anywhere on planet earth? not very many in Canada or the US these days.


I would happily subscribe to the Conrad Black version of the NP tomorrow. Other than a few token conservatives for show the NP is a progressive rag through and through. It can’t die soon enough for me.

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