Not backing off an inch

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Trump defies all norms, doesn’t he? Here is was, trying to spend all the millions he didn’t spend in 2015 — trying to play catch up on his budgeted ad dollars — and the network and cable ‘news’ companies have been promoting his first ad through their talking heads! And to top it off they’ve been focusing on its impact rather than its content! Looks like Trump may not be able to spend all that money after all.

Trump’s dilemma reminds me of an old Gregory Peck movie, “Million Pound Note” in which Peck’s flat broke character’s fortunes (and unbounded credit) are changed with the mere possession of a one million pound British sterling piece of paper. He’s unable to purchase anything because no creditor will allow a man of such prestige and wealth to pay for anything. The note owner’s prestige and his relationship is worth so much more to them. (The movie is on YouTube)


The moment Trump backs off is the exact moment when he loses the confidence and faith that so many people desperately want to place on someone. Can he stay in character? Will he get and heed good advice? I predict (with crossed fingers) that he will be a great POTUS, surpassing even St. Ronald.

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