Scott Adams on Trump

Periodically I can do you no better service than refer you to an article that makes better sense than anything I could write.

This is Don Surber, commenting on how only Scott Adams of Dilbert has captured how Trump is succeeding in blowing everyone’s brains out.

Here is Scott Adams talking about how we make political decisions. Observe this picture. Which tool reminds you of Trump?


As Scott Adams explains:

My hypothesis predicts that you laughed when you saw the huge drill next to the other tools because you instantly knew it was the Trump tool. No thinking required. But I’ll bet you started feeling your rational mind kick-in to identify Cruz and Rubio. And that’s my point.

Trump is operating on the reflex part of your brain, and intentionally. The other candidates are appealing to your reason. That’s the phenomenon I saw back in the summer, and why I predicted Trump will win in a landslide. He isn’t winning the game so much as playing an entirely different one.

You know Trump’s babbling, repetitive, content-free, happy-talk? Every bit of it is engineered persuasion. While the other candidates talk statistics and reason, Trump speaks to your emotions. He knows people will pick the strong, decisive, optimistic leader over the candidate that agrees with their own views. We are wired that way. Reagan didn’t win over so many Democrats because his arguments were strong. He won them by emotion. After the fact, people assumed his policies must have been brilliant too. (Cognitive Dissonance.)





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I respect Scott’s perspective on Trump, and I think he’s correct in saying that Trump plays to people’s emotions more than the other candidates. Part of their problem is opponents are insiders — and they’ve habituated themselves to politispeak. Voters only know politispeak as something they can’t stand to listen to. So not only is Trump talking to us like the guy at the hardware store on a Saturday afternoon, but the others are talking to us like the guys (and gals) who spin the bad news every day on cable and network ‘news’ programs. Gah! One thing I would add to Scott’s assessment, though, is that Trump is not all “happy talk”. No. He backs up what he says in policy statements (all neatly written out on his campaign website under “Policies”). There is more substance and for the record than any other candidate. The media knows this and so do his opponents and yet they continue to lie, saying he hasn’t any specific policies.

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