Trump is the good guy



Here I send you to Conrad Black’s piece for being the most insightful and historically informed piece on the significance of Donald Trump. A snippet to get you going:

The liberal media establishment is frenzied in its animosity to Donald Trump, and their hysteria is becoming more vociferous and desperate as he utters clangorous violations of the normal parameters of political discourse. The echo chamber explodes, the commentariat foams at the mouth, but he seems to pay no penalty in the polls. I think there are two explanations for this: Donald doesn’t really say such outrageous things as his opponents spinningly impute to him; and vast sections of the population are more bitterly disappointed and angry at the deterioration of their country and the misinformation of the mainstream media than the subjects of that resentment can imagine.

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I find it understandable why the leftist media are so hysterical. They had always succeeded in carrying out their agenda (soft coup) until they ran into Trump. They were successful with Abbot in Australia, Harper in Canada and every Republican candidate and/or politician until Trump came along.


I think if you look you will see many news outlets and commentators on the right who are not on board with Trump (Fox News, George Wills, Rush Limbaugh) as well as the Republican Party itself. This is not just a right vrs left situation, but a fight over who will represent the Republicans and what their policies will be.

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