Best briefing on global non-warming

The Telegraph contains an excellent briefing today by Christopher Booker on the range of issues gathered under the name of “anthropogenic global warming”. It demolishes one by one the myths and falsehoods behind this modern eruption of mass panic and the scientific equivalent of phlogiston.

On a lesser issue, I find in the Wikipedia article on the “Little Ice Age” the following:

Orbital cycles

Main article: Milankovich cycles

Orbital forcing due to cycles in the earth’s orbit around the sun has, for the past 2,000 years, caused a long-term northern hemisphere cooling trend that continued through the Medieval period and the Little Ice Age. The rate of Arctic cooling is roughly 0.02 degrees Celsius per century.[67] This trend could be extrapolated to continue into the future, possibly leading to a full ice age, but the twentieth-century instrumental temperature record shows a sudden reversal of this trend, with a rise in global temperatures attributed to greenhouse gas emissions.[67]

Those interested in the topic of global climate patterns are encouraged to read Brian Fagan’s “The Little Ice Age” and, on an even longer time frame, “The Long Summer”. You will be both educated and entertained. While Fagan is a mild warmist, he is too well learned in the subject matter to be fooled by all the panic.



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gerry from gta

It is a shame that most school systems have minimized science class requirements from the school system. People forget that CO2 is a requirement for Photosynthesis where the main waste product is O2 and the benefit is green plants which could be agricultural or just natural vegetation.

Nice link to the Milankovich Cycles — part of the problem of a science based on a few hundred years worth of data and a planet that is 4.5+ billion years old. Statistically insignificant.


Most do not understand that not only is this a scam, it is a pretext to destroy sovereignty of every Western nation in order to advance a one world government. A simple read of the the UN’s Agenda 21 should make that very clear. It is also why it was imperative to remove Abbot in Australia and Harper in Canada, as they were the only two Western leaders who could have derailed the Paris deal.

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