Bad news

The Globe reports this morning:


…a new poll suggests it’s not likely to be deeply controversial: Large majorities of Canadians believe climate change is a threat to the country’s economic future.

The Nanos Research Group poll of 1,000 Canadians – conducted for The Globe and Mail and CTV News – found that 73 per cent agree or somewhat agree that “climate change presents a significant threat to our economic future,” while only 16 per cent disagree or somewhat disagree. The telephone survey, conducted between Nov. 21 and 24, carries a margin of error of 3.1 percentage points, 19 times out of 20.

The poll finds a clear view among Canadians: 72 per cent think the science of climate change is irrefutable, 79 per cent believe Canada’s international reputation has been hurt by its previous efforts, and 63 per cent indicate they would pay more for certain products so Canada could meet its climate commitments.

It is hardly surprizing given the astonishing levels of propaganda aimed us that 73% agree that climate change represents a significant threat to our economic future. It is somewhat heartening that 16% still are able to disagree.

You may well imagine my sense that world has gone mad; but Canadians will eventually grow out of this delusion as policy-directed unemployment increases their poverty. Switching out of fossil fuels without a clear plan to go nuclear is way more important than switching to margarine from butter, as we did in the last pseudo-scientific scare.

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Nucking Futs

Of course climate change is a threat to the economy (and much more). Real or not, people who believe in it (especially politishits) will fook sheet up.

Blair Atholl

I am impressed that 27% remain unconvinced. There is no doubt, however, that belief in climate change is a threat to Canada’s economy. The evidence and consensuson that is incontrovertible.


I take this survey with a grain of salt; also the timing is very suspect.
A survey like this without background explanation of just how much in dollar terms consumers are willing to pay, to affect change.
The questions should be asked in stark terms, like how price increase to a litre of gasoline you will accept; or are you willing to see your electricity cut back or rationed when the wind isn’t blowing, are you prepared for increases to all food products and most consumer items?

Consumers and LIVs have been fed a steady diet of pseudo science over climate concerns, with the added belief that costs will be borne by someone else. They have not been told that heating costs, and transportation/shipping (including all food items) are the biggest contributors to carbon emissions. How many Canadians are willing to turn their thermostats back to 50; or forgo recreational driving? Not many, I suspect, but that is not what is being reported.


While we fall into the rhetoric by succumbing our nation into bankruptcy just to satisfy the idiocy of others. They(other) nations will take the opportunity to prosper while we fall.

Kill Canada’s economy just so other nations can reap and prosper.

Sean M

The Glb@Plop and CTV commissioned a poll for their gangster comrades in the “Liberal” party and got exactly the results they were looking for… what a surprise. The Media arm of the “Liberal” party can now claim that without a doubt Canadians are behind the latest “Liberal” shakedown. I wouldn’t believe anything that came from the Librano PR firms CTV or the Glob@Plop, they’re just selling the Librano “Green Shaft”, as to be expected. Although, any country that would elect a snowboard instructing trust fund jagoff as PM really isn’t much of a country, and certainly not a country worth caring about and deserves every punishment the Libranos can inflict. Best to simply enjoy the ferocious rush to national suicide and idiocracy.


Jack Kent has it right. What the Globe is reporting is a push-poll: a delightfully contrived poll designed to obtain an answer to a question, but to shape public opinion in the right direction. Oh, and to provide political cover for the trough-feeding Greens hope to foist upon us.

Jack Kent

Push polls are masterfull as public opinion is generally based on fashion. So people will adopt whatever belief makes them popular at parties. So, convince them they can only be one of the cool kids if they believe it’s important for Canada to destroy its economy and finances in order to be popular at cocktail parties in Paris, and bob’s yer uncle.

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