Trudeau’s ‘novel’ idea to fight ISIS

From the CBC, emphasis added.

“We made a clear commitment in the campaign to stop the bombing mission by Canadian jets and replace it with a role for Canada that is still a serious military role, but leaned more towards training of local troops to be able to bring the fight directly to ISIL,” he said, referring to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). “That’s the commitment we made very clearly throughout the campaign and we have a mandate to do that.”

Did he forget this news story from two-months ago?

A $500m effort to train Syrian forces against the Islamic State has resulted in only a handful of fighters actively battling the jihadi army, the top military commander overseeing the war has testified.

“We’re talking four or five,” General Lloyd Austin, commander of US Central Command, told a dissatisfied Senate armed services committee on Wednesday.

The training initiative is Barack Obama’s linchpin for retaking Syrian territory from Isis. The Pentagon anticipated in late 2014 that it would have trained 5,000 anti-Isis Syrian rebels by now.

US, with its global outreach and military infrastructure, was unable to do this and Canada is going to do down the same path? Good luck with that.

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Well Hairy Fairy said he wanted the change Canada’s name on the world stage. Just don’t think it will be what he envisaged.


With all due respect to our military, just what does the PM think they can teach the Kurds apart from bringing them up-to-date on new weapons? Which weapons we won’t be supplying them anyway.

Don Morris

Anyone who believes infidels can train Muslim soldiers to kill other Muslim soldiers is dreaming in technicolor. For how many years did the Yanks train those magnificent Iraqi soldiers, y’know,the guys who fled from ISIS even though they had far better weapons and superior numbers?

In the end, they have that religion to bring them together, we offer nothing but a vague description of this thing called “democracy”,and the chance at a better life if they work hard at it. “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” isn’t a very good recruiting tool when dealing with tribesmen.

Imams promise heaven and virgins in the after life, no sweat required.


Trudeau is making a huge assumption that there are people waiting and wanting to fight but not knowing how to. Perhaps they have the same motivation as his father’s war effort and are riding around on motorcycles wearing German war helmets expecting others to do the fighting for them.

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