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Some wag likened Stephen Harper to Sauron, whereupon a very clever friend of mine said that “it was foolish of him to face Frodo in a free election”.



It has also been observed that Harper took the heat for conservative policies but failed to execute them in private. For example, the former PM gave instructions to his staff to recruit only those who already been appointed to the Bench as future members of the Supreme Court, thus making sure that of his several appointments, only a couple were conservative judicially.

The Liberals appointed John Sopinka and Ian Binnie directly to the Supreme Court, without their having been on the bench before. Both were excellent appointments.

But it is strange that Harper took the heat for policies that he did not actually pursue. If one will be taken for the fascist that one is not, one might as well stage a few secret trials and mass shootings to really generate some fear in one’s enemies. More realistically, if you are going to take the heat, then actually deserve it.


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Harper pissed away all that economic action plan advertising money. It was a tricky campaign trick to run 7 successive deficits and then lecture Canadians that deficits were bad, Harper convinced people deficits were good and it was not much effort for Trudeau to pick up on what Harper said for 7 years. Harper argued against himself.

old white guy

Sad, it was most unfortunate that the libs and dippers were quite happy to support those deficits when the conservatives were a minority. Canadians have very poor memories, they just can’t seem to remember the support the conservatives were given while in minority.


Old guy, that’s the thing. I’m in Alberta and Conservatives, provincial and federal, embrace Keynesian economics. Harper obviously did because he says he stimulated the economy with 7 budget deficits. So to lecture Canadians about deficits seemed disingenuous like so much else about the narrative around Harper. With oil prices in the dumper it seems like a good time to stimulate the economy. Harper argued against himself on the deficit and against the perception that the economy was in recession. If he had visited Cslgary he would know we we hurting.

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